Let’s Hope Illinois Democrats Never Find Out About This

“In August [Mission, Kansas] passed the so-called ‘driveway tax,’ a controversial charge, in addition to property taxes, for residents and businesses based on the number of times their driveway is used.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Hope Illinois Democrats Never Find Out About This”

  1. A church is suing since it is a “tax” for going to church, the mayor says no, it is a “fee”. They must pay prevailing wage … so look for increased taxes on everything rather than cut back on giveaways for friends.

  2. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if our wonderful Illinois Democrats came up with creative taxing like the driveway tax.

    Democrats are completely disinterested in making budget cuts—they throw a few trial balloons out there, then retreat. Their main strategy seems to be demanding the powerless GOP pick the cuts. Typical Dem “leadership”!

    Even with the recent massive 67% increase, they are still multi-billions in the hole. If this capital spending plan gets jettisoned by the Supreme Court, they could get desperate—we might have a driveway tax in our future! 🙂

  3. Governments are always looking at ways to take away the average Joe and Jane’s hard-earned nickles!

    Those proposed Driveway Tax charges for small business’ are unreal! And who pays for this tax? The consumer as business will be forced to pass on the burden to their customers!

  4. S, every time I read something like your link, I thank the gods I’m a country girl.

    We get all bitchy if we have to deal with parking meters, but those hapless buggers who live in big metro areas have a daily struggle with where and how to park their damned cars.

    This explains why urbanites are so overwhelming liberal—their world would fall into total chaos if not for the government and they are totally dependent on it for survival.

    Imagine what would happen in cities if the police, firefighters, garbage collectors, went on strike—Armageddon!

    It is totally foreign for us to imagine the freakin’ government deciding where and when we can park our cars—but such is the life of those oh so sophisticated urbanites.

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