Bipartisan Buffoonery

This front page story at The Hare-Dispatch is packed with political idiocy from both Democrats and Republicans:

**RICO GOP Chair Susie Carpentier announced they are recruiting a candidate to run for state’s attorney against Jeff Terronez who is being investigated for—who knows? Of course, Susie made this same claim last election cycle when she swore the GOP would provide competition for all elected offices—it didn’t happen. All talk, no action.

**Concerning the allegations against Terronez, RICO Dem leadership was more than willing to toss him under the bus. County Democrat Chair Steve Ballard made this cryptic and incoherent statement:

“I think someday we will have to have a formal discussion with whomever about what ever. I see myself sitting down with someone in the next couple of months.”

Whomever about whatever with someone someday?

Where does the local Dem Party get these mental giants?

Oh yeah, I forgot—from the unions.

**RICO Circuit Clerk wanted us to know that she did not want Terronez’ cooties on her and her Kozy ‘Krat Korthouse Klub Kronies:

“Our offices and jobs are completely separate , , , I hope we would be judged on the jobs we do in our individual offices and not on other offices.”

**Lobbyist Denny Jacobs, who is constantly given a media platform by his press groupies to spout off on the issues of the day said this:

“If we Democrats don’t want to turn the entire Rock Island County over to the Republican Party, we better start looking at some primary opponents up and down (the ballot) . . . We better make sure our primary candidates don’t have to go out and spend tens of thousands of dollars that could be spent in better ways. We have to pick the candidates that are best for the job.”

I take this to mean that an open primary with multiple Democat candidates is out—that the “best candidates” will be chosen by the powerful in the typical Democrat dirty backroom deal.

Denny certainly knows about dirty backroom deals because that is how he got his boy into the senate. But in RICO, this is business as usual and how “the best candidates” are chosen—and you’d damned well better have some pretty strong connections to the Politburo in order to qualify.

I wonder how the Democrat rank and file feel about getting cut out of the process?

Most would probably just say Baaaaaaaaa.

But why are Democrats so frightened by democracy?

Or is it just contempt?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “Bipartisan Buffoonery”

  1. Exactly how many local Republicans have faced bruising primary fights and general election before winning office as did Democrat Mike Jacobs and Pat Verschoore? Cat got your tongue Examiner? Fact is, Republican elites handed Bob Schilling the throne without holding a contested Republican primary? What gives Exam?

  2. I’m a democrat and even I can admit that the reason Schilling didn’t have a primary was because no one wanted to run against an unbeatable Phil Hare.

    Don’t be too full of shit or no one will take our party seriously.

    Knock it off Derek.

  3. Gimme a freakin’ break GOPN—I’ve been railing for years about the feckless and impotent RICO GOP.

    I would love to hear what Carpentier and past GOP chairs have to say about why they never bothered to field ANY candidates for ANY county office for decades.

    Here’s a juicy quote from the link:

    “If the Republicans were to field a state’s attorney candidate it would be the first time in 50 years or more.”

    50 years the GOP sat on the sidelines with their collective thumbs up their collective keesters, keening “Golly, gee, that John Gianulis sure is awesome.”

    Check my archives if you don’t believe I have been bitching about this forever.

    If it was possible, I would SUE the RICO GOP for political malpractice.

  4. The reason Schilling won the general election is because Hare was a total idiot. Although Schilling was not much better, he does have a nice wife and family.

  5. I knew right away #4 was a faux dave Jacobs—the real one can be amusing, the faux one is boring and annoying.

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