Oops! He Did It Again

Illinois Review asks this burning question:

“Who would oppose a measure that would end cronyism, restore fairness in federal contracting, limit discrimination, increase competition, protect taxpayers, and result in more infrastructure improvements and construction industry job creation?”


Why, none other than our Congressman Bobby Schilling.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

36 thoughts on “Oops! He Did It Again”

  1. That really sucks … his vote would have made the difference. Schilling and Schock have some esplainin’ to do. Why the hell do they want to select only overpriced union companies to do construction?

    Maybe PLAs wouldn’t be broadly condemned by the construction industry if they didn’t prevent 86.9 percent of the U.S. private workforce[7] – those who do not belong to a labor union – from getting jobs on projects funded by their tax dollars, as PLAs require most or all employees working on a PLA jobsite to be unionized and pay union dues.

  2. I’ve already asked Schilling’s people for an explanation.

    I’ll let you know what they say—IF they say.



    Sorry for the bad link—it’s fixed now. I’m such a spazz!

  3. Maybe the Illinois 6 are wheeling dealing with Obama, Rahm, and Blago for an Illinois bailout. Or someone is being held hostage.

    Saving lucrative construction contracts for the unions is one of the most egregious pay to play “games”. If they can’t vote to end that, we’re gonna need new reps in two years.

    Redistricting might make that easier.

  4. In order to get an answer to my question I’ll have to call Schilling’s flack in DC—and I HATE talking to strange men—except for my commenters, of course! 🙂

  5. My eyebrows raise a little when people like Paul Ryan are called out for being fiscally irresponsible. Is Randy joking?

    Paul Ryan is as fiscally conservative as they come.

    Not only that but I be that there is more than meets the eye here. Whether it be compromising to appear more moderate, mutual back scratching or whatever.

    Not only that but this is NOT the issue to get divided on. It’s PLA’s for god’s sake. Who cares?

  6. Or maybe this is why…

    “He said the amendment was one of a series of dozens of amendments all offered in rapid-fire fashion, with just two minutes to vote on each, and that he had just gotten confused on that vote and thought it was the next amendment in line. He said he would vote to ban PLAs the next time the subject came up.”

  7. Favoritism for unions is bad when Democrats do it … why would Republicans do it?

    Ryan is catching flak too … this hurts his chances. He did something else recently that made him seem less than serious, I forget what.

    It’s all attributed to pandering to unions in their area … which I think is a pathetic excuse. PLA’s are nothing but a major handout to the unions. The “Big Dig” in Boston went from $3 billion to $15 billion, is years overdue, and has all kinds of problems. EXACTLY what the 70% HATE … and 6 Illinois Republicans kept it alive … any one of them could have killed it.

  8. Bobby Schilling votes 99% of the time with what I agree with…I love him!

    Bobby Schilling votes 1% of the time against what I agree with…I don’t love him?

    These purists are a little bit much…

    I guarantee that when you have Bobby Schilling, Joe Walsh AND Paul Ryan voting in support of Unions, there was obviously a miscommunication for what the GUINTA amendment was.

  9. My cousin Mike Jacobs and I pulled the strings to force Bobby to vote this way. Why else do you think he did it? Are you really going to accept the excuse that he got confused by the rapid fire session that gave law makers 2 minutes to vote on a series of 20 different amendments? You think it’s that hard to keep 20 different amendments, all named after a different member of congress and have very little detail on what they actually will do?

    Give me a break. Sen. Mike Jacobs is fighting for working class people in Springfield and now in Washington already. That’s why he will be our next congressman, because he can walk and chew bubble gum at the same damn time. Unlike Rep. Schilling, Mike can multi-task and be two representatives at once.

    I’m glad to know that examinator is clearly in the jacobs court in 2012.

  10. I have serious doubts about the commitment Bob Schilling? How else could any loyal member of the GOP vote against fiscal responsibility and free enterprise? I bet Schilling did not bother to read the bills before he voted in favor of them. If Bob had read the bill he wouldn’t have voted against fiscal responsibility, free enterprise. Nor had time for that fancy taxpayer funded jaunt to the Middle East!

  11. Yeah Bob! How come you didn’t turn down that mandatory codel? I don’t really care if it was mandatory. You should have stepped down. You promised us that you wouldn’t spend any money–promise broken check mate.

    And why the hell didn’t you read the bills? I don’t care if some of the amendments were 30 pages and you had 2 mins to read and comprehend them. It’s called speed reading bob! Are you apart of the iliterati?

    Also qcexaminer and bill, you tools are forgetting something: IT’S OVER! The deal has been cut. Schilling loses to Schock, Schock loses to Jacobs in a landslide. Done, over. Check mate.

    If Schilling was supposed to be perfect, then how come he makes mistakes? Check mate.

  12. I guarantee that when you have Bobby Schilling, Joe Walsh AND Paul Ryan voting in support of Unions, there was obviously a miscommunication for what the GUINTA amendment was.

    Not so obvious … this is already a pattern. Ryan also says it was a mistake. But this is a big item, and it was “debated” at least a day before the vote. It was brief enough they certainly had time to read it, and it seems only those in strong union areas are making this “mistake”. Maybe someone can ask Bobby at the St Pat’s parade.

    AFL-CIO is throwing a party honoring Schilling, Schock and the other Republicans for making sure the unions get billions in payback for all their campaign donations, while shutting out non-union bidders.

    The AFL-CIO’s Building and Construction Trades Department organized the “thank you” reception to give a pat on the back to Republicans who backed labor’s position on a pair of amendments to the seven-month continuing resolution bill the House passed last month.”

  13. Good gawd.

    The only logical explanation for all this is that Schilling was kidnapped by space aliens and his brain was replaced with the brain of Phil Hare.

    Nothing else makes sense. 🙂

  14. I call bullspit. My cousin Mike Jacobs would never allow them to legitimately invite Schilling to this.

    Also sources tell me that Schilling refused.

    In all honesty, Bill isn’t addressing the fact that it was a rapid fire session and the chances of mistaking an amendment vote for another is completely likely. The rapid fire session gave lawmakers 2 mins to finalize their vote. So confusion happens.

    Also I hate Paul Ryan because of how anti-union he is. His vote was obviously a mistake.

  15. The continuing resolution was only for two weeks? Now they are talking of another one for four weeks? Maybe these guys can make it up to us by sponsoring a new version of the Guinta amendment.

    Unless these “rapid fire” votes are just a way to provide cover for those in union districts. “Oh gee, sorry we voted pro union, anti business … we were confused”. OK, so fix it in the next C.R.

    The “fact” is the bill was debated the day before, and surely Guinta had contacted reps to make sure they new what they were voting on. Pelosi and gang rush the health care bill through with no time to read it. Why would Republicans rush this thing through, only to get it defeated?

    There is some “bullspit” out there somewhere. But so far our rep’s are mum.

  16. I’m sure Schilling will fix this in the next cr. There’s no reason to get your panties up in a bunch.

    Schilling is anything BUT pro-unionista. Does he support the right to organize? Yes. Does he support card check and employee free choice act? FUCK NO.

    My buddy called him today to ask if he supported PLA’s and what the deal was with the vote and Schilling replied, “HELL NO! I can’t stand PLAs”

  17. Screw you Joe, I’ll “get my panties in a bunch” if I want.

    And your “buddy” obviously has better connections than I do because when I emailed Schilling’s Moline office for an explanation of his vote, I was told I’d have to contact Schilling’s DC flack.

    I will NOT be spun by Schilling’s Timmy Schlittner—ain’t gonna happen.

    I don’t blame Schilling for all this bullsh*t—if you’re in the game, you gotta PLAY the game, but count me out.

  18. What about the part of the question “what was the deal with the vote”?

    Is Schilling going with the “confused” excuse?

    I wear those hybrid boxer/briefs … soft, stretchy and comfortable … they don’t get up in a bunch … they even come in camouflage, handy for when I stalk deer in the woods in my underwear. 🙂 Thanks for your concern Joe.

    But voting FOR the PLA’s when there was time to vote against them is reason for concern.

  19. Schilling’s problems stem from the fact he has little political experience and even less formal education. Next time before Republican elites hand a candidate the thrown they should hold an open primary. That way Republicans would attract more qualified candidates. Thus far Bob has been pretty dismal. For our areas sake I pray Congressional Critter Bob Schilling starts doing a better. Thus far, Bob has done a very poor job.

  20. I forgot that during the 3 months leading up to the election that the UNIONS were attacking Bill, the commenter on QCExaminer, for killing puppies and sending jobs overseas.

    They weren’t ever attacking Schilling. Why would Schilling do anything to hurt the unions? It’s not like they staged a political and personal battle with him when he tried to take down their party boy.

    Give it a rest. If anyone hates the union establishment, it’s Schilling. Not some toolbag who was never the center of ridicule and unfair attacks on behalf of the unionistas.

    It clearly was a mistake.

    I’m with you examiner. I don’t want to be spun either. But I also don’t think that a congressman should put himself up for more ridicule when he accidentally votes the wrong way.

    The fact of the matter is that people accidentally vote the wrong way all the time. It’s like missing a lay-up. Should it happen? No. Can it happen? Yes!

    Check out this link: http://www.lds.net/forums/general-discussion/6575-utah-rep-votes-against-his-own-amendment.html

    A utah rep actually voted against his own amendment and it wasn’t even in a rapid fire session.

    When you think that Schilling is turning into a union hack just remember that it was him who was bearing the brunt of the tv commercials and getting hammered day in and day out. It was him who had unionistas driving by his house during the election.

    He can’t stand them and knows how evil they are. Not only that but he has friends who are in the construction trades who are non-union.

    If you can’t deal with your players missing a lay-up, then fine. Let Mike Jacobs, Mark Schwiebert, Mike Boland or Phil Hare take the seat back.

    My only point is that you don’t have to be a dick about it.

  21. You’re full of shit GOPNepotism.

    What did your critters do for the 30 fucking years they had this seat?

    You are a fucking clown.

  22. Phil Hare had an associates degree. He was a genius and a political mastermind. It’s time to go back to having an intellectual running the district and ruling our people.

  23. Both Hare or Schilling hold high school degrees and neither man earned a college degree. Nor has anyone ever considered Hare or Schilling political mastermind. Fact is, Hare was Lane Evans’ secretary and Schilling bounced from job to job until he settled on flipping pizzas. I am not saying you have to be smart or understand governing to rule people, but these skills would help.

  24. Personally if someone told me I had two minutes to read a piece of legislation and decide to vote – Yea or Nay- I would vote Nay -even if it looked like a hot fudge sundae in every pot. Hard sell tactics are normally used when there are flaws in the product. Whatever reason Schilling voted the way he did – it is what it is.

    As to the education element, our 33rd President was not a college graduate. Neither were a great deal of the most intelligent individuals throughout history. Considering the overeducated larcenists creating indecipherable Frankenstein legislation that make up the majority of the US political system – being a regular Joe Congressman is not all that bad.

  25. Then why did Schilling vote no against the amendment? 2 minutes was clearly enough time to read the legislation and make a decision.

  26. It was debated the day before … these PLA’s are a big deal. Just tell us the truth.

    There was either a deliberate decision to appease unions, or these 26 Republicans didn’t know what the other Republicans knew … or … they thought it would slide by and they could get some union votes. Some other possibilities … but confusion or incompetence is pretty lame.

    So just fix it and put it back in now … or give $billions to unions so the mob can keep running our government, and we have to submit to Marxism or fight another revolution.

  27. I forget, is this all congressmen do all day is sit in the chamber and listen to the debate? I must have forgot that the Constitution mandates that all 435 of them sit through each and every amendment debate.

    Good point bill. You are true hero to conservative movement for pointing this out.

    I’m sure Schilling had nothing better to do than sit in the chamber and listen to hours long of debate on a single amendment.

    I nominate bill to run for Congress. Oh wait…I forgot. He’s too much of a wuss to put his name and family on the line.

  28. Is it on C-span? Maybe a flunkie could listen.

    Didn’t Guinta get the word out? I’d be glad to blame him.

    Schilling hates PLA’s, but he is too busy to know when a vote to stop them comes up?

    WTF … so many are busy making excuses for this … trash me all you want, I’m used to it, and I don’t give a flying fluck … a rep should know when he is voting to give billions to the unions.

    If Schilling and Schock want to use the confused excuse, FINE … now fix it before the next CR.

    Attacking me or qce is just stupid.

  29. I’m going to consider this article in the QCTimes my final word on this kerfuffle.

    In it Bobby admits his vote was a “mistake” and admits he attended the labor reception mentioned and linked in bill’s #13 comment.

    He also says he is pro Davis-Bacon which screws the taxpayer in favor of unions—OK, he didn’t say ALL that, just that he is for D-B. 🙂

    Also included is a self-deprecating joke about not being able to find the bathrooms.

    There is nothing about this in the Hare-Dispatch. I don’t know if they didn’t get the memo, didn’t bother to report it or if it doesn’t fit their narrative.

    I bitch about the local press a lot, but at least we have two newspapers, even if they slant left and lefter. 🙂

  30. Schilling said he’s talked to constituents, and he intends to vote the other way next time.

    He’ll likely get the chance.

    A standalone bill has been introduced to prohibit use of project labor agreements on federal projects.

    The problem with the stand alone bill is it won’t get through the senate … but these guys can say “hey, see, I voted for it now that I’m not confused”.

    They need to put it in with the next CR, and tie it to the overall funding, or it’s just showmanship. If they prefer to just hand the money to the unions rather than fight it, I’d rather hear that than all these “shenanigans”, but we’ll need real Tea party candidates for that I guess.

    Davis-Bacon sounds like it is at least half PORK. 🙂 With high unemployment, we don’t really need to use our precious tax dollars to hire two union pay workers instead of four at non-union levels.

    But government jobs are still used as a way for the “power players” to hand favors to their cronies in “The Matrix”. That’s why unions can spend a billion to buy their favored politicians, largely taxpayer funded.

  31. Let’s hope this will shut up Derek (?) and other Dim Phreaks from shrieking about how Schilling hates unions, is a union-buster like Walker, etc. etc.

    Yeah, right!


    I dunno bill—with the GOP only controlling the House and Dems controlling the WH and Senate, a lot of this stuff will never get to The Won’s desk, but at least it is worth pushing things forward to force votes in the Senate from vulnerable Dems up for election next year.

    While your congressman has a few years experience under his belt, Schilling (and his staff) is a work in progress, and I’m gonna wait and see how he develops over the next two years.

    With redistricting, he may have that primary opponent some Dim Phreak was shouting about on another thread.

    PS: TMI in your #20. 🙂

    PSS: On your #30, look on the bright side—at least no one is calling us racists!

  32. S, your comment and link reminded me of something we heard constantly about Obama during the ’08 POTUS election; that it wasn’t important that he had no experience because he would surround himself with “smart, competent” people who would be able to wisely advise him on any subject.

    As it turned out, these people were neither “smart” nor “competent”, they were merely credentialed.
    Not that it would have made any difference if they were because Obama does not have the temperament or ability to be The Decider.

    A guy who consistently voted “present” on the tough issues when in the legislature probably wasn’t a good candidate for the ultimate executive position.

    But at least he isn’t Bush! 🙂

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