Mr. Dithers Goes To Springfield

Our specially bred senator, Marvelous Mike Jacobs is having a Hamlet moment, tying himself in knots over his vote to end the death penalty, which Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law yesterday:

“I still think that maybe cop killers, people who pre-plan murders, maybe they ought to have the death penalty . . . I think you really have to be careful when you make the ultimate sacrifice and take someone’s life, that you’ve got to make sure that they’ve actually done the crime.”

What a buffoon!

**Criminals make the “ultimate sacrifice” when they have to pay for their crimes? I thought “ultimate sacrifice” was mostly used regarding those in the military who died for their country. Mike must think child-killers are on an equal plane with our soldiers. How sad.

**Notice the hedging—in a 20 word sentence, Mike used the word “maybe” twice.

**”Pre-planned murders”? Um, like “first degree murder”? And you gotta love that shout-out to the powerful police unions about “cop killers” getting the death penalty

**It’s always hilarious to see liberals like Mike agonize over having “to be careful” when taking someone’s life when that life is a likely murder/rapist, but as for taking the life of an innocent unborn child? Let the slaughter continue forever!


It’s hilarious how the press is framing Quinn’s signing the anti-death penalty bill as somehow brave and courageous.

Get real! Pat Quinn is a leftwing liberal like the rest of the Chicago extremists who run our government and was always anti-death penalty.

But just as Obama lied his way to the presidency, Quinn lied about his views on the death penalty in order to dupe the rubes and get elected governor, but once in office, his true colors came through.


The Hare-Dispatch had an interesting chart on the 15 men who are currently on death row, and their crimes.

Overwhelmingly, their victims were women and children:

**Cecil Sutherland sexually assaulted and killed a 10 year old girl

**Andrew Urdiales murdered a 21 year old woman

**Joseph Bannister shot his ex-girlfriend and killed her sister

**Paul Runge raped, killed and set on fire a mother and her 10 year old daughter

**Dion Banks killed a woman during a carjacking

**Daniel Ramsey raped and killed a girl, shot to death another girl

**Rodney Adkins killed a woman after breaking into her home

**Gary Pate killed his wife and stepdaughter

**Eric Hanson killed his sister, his brother-in-law and his parents

**David Damm hired someone to kill a 13 year old girl to silence her from fingering him for sexual abuse

**Brian Dugan kidnapped, raped and murdered a 10 year old girl

Three others were described as killing a “student”, and “people” which is generic.

Only one criminal was convicted of killing another man.

These are the people Mike Jacobs is crying about.

Pathetic—but this is what you get when your state senator is chosen by his daddy and three of his daddy’s cronies.

We can—and MUST do better.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Dithers Goes To Springfield”

  1. If there was ever any courage involved – it was by now imprisoned George Ryan for taking the stance and action long ago.

    The word Jacobs is whiffing on is – Premeditated murder. I am against the death penalty. I would much rather force these criminal to have to spend the rest of their lives locked behind bars and forced to undergo medical tests so we can figure out what makes these people tick.

  2. Here’s Scoundrel’s post about this death penalty business.

    He is against it except for the most “heinous” crimes like the OKC bombing. As he mentioned above, he would like to force these criminals to submit to intensive medical testing in order to find out what makes them so wacko.

    As I’ve mentioned before I am against the death penalty for any reason—it is one of the issues I have flipped on over the years.

    However, I would favor bringing back medieval torture chambers for child killers.

    OK, just joking.


  3. “However, I would favor bringing back medieval torture chambers….”

    I once brought that idea up in a group discussion. I was then vilified by the group. Oh well.

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