Don’t Try This At Home

Newt Gingrich explains his marital indiscretions:

“There’s no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate.”

“Things happened”? “Not appropriate”?

Gee, honey, I didn’t mean to bonk that bimbo but I was overtaken by patriotic fervor—or something.


Normally, I’m all for “the more the merrier” when it comes to competition for any given elected office, but it may be time to require some vetting to weed out the wackos and candidates who are “not appropriate”.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

14 thoughts on “Don’t Try This At Home”

  1. He also mentioned he’s a grandfather now … so everything is fine.

    It is pretty sad to blame his passion for the country … did he think he was doing her a patriotic service?

    Character does matter, but worse than that crap was his ad for man global warming crap, sitting with Pelosi. Gingrich strikes as just another political whore, servicing himself, not the country.

  2. Yes, filthy Republicans are as adhorent as Demoublicans rats. What we need in this Country is a special breed of people to run our politics and government. Managing successful government cannot be left up to the filth. We deserve real Americans and successful people to get us off the log jam created by people with no ethics and compassion. Simple fact explains why Donald Trump is the Republicans last gasp — he’s filed chapter 13 several times now!

  3. I’m no prude or even very socially conservative, but a man who has been divorced three times and is a serial adulterer is not reliable or disciplined.

    By all accounts, Gingrich is a briliant “ideas man”, but that hasn’t saved him from his unbridled libido—the guy is totally inappropriate as presidential material.

    Unfortunately, the GOP presidential race is taking on a circus-like atmosphere with all these long-shots hogging the spotlight and a Democrat press eager to make the GOP look like the party of cranks and wackos—and I include Trump, Huckabee, that Buddy Roemer guy and increasingly Sarah Palin in that group.

    Palin is becoming a white female version of our current POTUS—thin-skinned, peevish and petty.

    I’m no fan of Michelle Obama but Palin picking a fight with her is just plain wacky—and tacky.

    The serious candidates can’t emerge soon enough to counter the current crop of seriously unserious candidates.

  4. It seems floating the idea of running for prez’ is the new way to get attention, sell a book, and/or increase speaking fees. FOX has had several “potential candidates” working for them … Gingrich, Palin, Huckabee, Dobbs … probably others.

    Then the left sends out their talking points and goes on the attack against anyone they see as a threat. Palin has worked well at drawing them out and showing how so many are so hateful and nasty.

    Maybe after the circus, some serious candidates will come forward. Obama came from nowhere, but had his race and the media propel him. More and more people realize what a mistake he is. I see him as an enemy.

    A challenger may not need a lot of name recognition, just a lot of competence and a good speaker. The media will do their tirades and slams and lies… so it won’t be easy.

  5. That’s what I’m hoping for too, since I’m not enthused about any of the suggested candidates so far—of course, I wasn’t enthused about any of the GOP candidates in ’08 either.

    As you mention, Obama didn’t do anything of note by ’06 except give a really good speech at the ’04 Democrat convention, so another sorta unknown could do it for the GOP, although I hope that candidate will have a thicker and more impressive resume and some real plans for the future rather than Hope! Change! I’m Not Bush! πŸ™‚

  6. The reason that the disgusting comedian Kathy Griffin is successful is because of her willingness to say anything. Republican hopefuls are trying to out-do each other using outrageous attacks to get noticed. Today’s politician has morphed into a vicious-like anti-comedian. The mad-dog Wisconsin State Democraps are our current example. Another ‘politician’ as POTUS will doom America. A capitalist Conservative is our only chance.

    It’s all money; jobs, debt…money! Who better to fix our problems than someone who has made similar mistakes and FIXED those mistakes. Thus, I stand by Trump.

    Those of you waiting for a Jesus-lite politician to fall out of the sky need to spend more time at the casino.

  7. I don’t know much about Trump, but after Obama failed to put negotiations on C-span, I’d look forward to Trump’s “You’re Fired” TV show. Followed up with “You’re Being Investigated”, and “Weekend at Bernie’s” … (meaning, retiring with Bernie Madoff in prison) πŸ™‚

    I’d prefer that kind of “reality TV” to the current organized crime in government.

    I think Trump did Chapter 11 for his casinos a couple times (not personally, as far as I know). This allowed him to restructure and rebuild while putting off the debt holders, not just walk away and start over like individuals can do. IF he hadn’t succeeded in chapter 11, his debtors would probably have come after his personal holdings.

    That may be just what we need for America … chapter 11 and some major restructuring. I’m starting to like this Trump character more and more … he’s been there, done that. Imagine clueless Obama trying to debate Trump on the business of America (or anything else) πŸ™‚

  8. My Jack Russell Terrier expressed an interest in running – but like me she is an independent. I would eagerly pick her over Obama – no matter what party banner she ran on – well, as long as she didn’t run on the Commie or Socialist banner.

  9. The Donald is a shining example of capitalism on steroids, and he deserves credit for that. However, he has also been married three times (I think) and is mostly famous for being famous. In other words, he is seriously unserious—just like that last time he tried (and failed) to run for POTUS.


    S, everyone knows you don’t mess with a Jack Russell. πŸ™‚

  10. “and is mostly famous for being famous”

    that and his horrible selection of toupees. It is hard to take him seriously. Plus all those bankruptcies – Yikes!

  11. Trump has been Democrat and Republican … and pro-choice now pro life I guess. He is a big self promoter … I don’t take him seriously as a candidate (at least not for now), but the two chapter 11’s were good business I think. For that third “bankruptcy”, he offered to buy the whole business … the board refused, so he left. They filed after he left. Chapter 11 is a tool, mostly for big business, too much in lawyer fees for little guys.

    For his hotels and casinos, self promotion IS his business and he does it pretty well, even in a “recession”. That’s why most think this presidential run is just to attract more headlines.

    But like Palin, he has a chance to get some jabs in at Obama and the DC gang. And he does know business, and a lot of people listen to him. So I like him out there talking it up, famous bad hair and all.

    Jack Russell’s do like to run … like a bullet.

  12. Saudi Arabia exploded today; this is the end play. Β Last Christmas was our last MERRY Christmas.

    I am on record this date that Trump, or someone like trump (wiggle room) will be elected POTUS. A non-politician businessman is the only chance we have. Would you go to a marriage councilor who have never been divorced? Of course not. Therefore, Trump, who has survived 3 bankruptcies is perfect to pull us out of this mess.

    January 2012 you’ll be saying, “Wow that Ghost REALLY is a gerniuss, genuous, gene…er, smart!”

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