What Would You Have To Do To Be Considered A “Bad Kid”?

A 12-year old boy accused of killing his parents and wounding two of his younger siblings is a “good kid” . . .friends and relatives said.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “What Would You Have To Do To Be Considered A “Bad Kid”?”

  1. Well except for that “minor” indiscretion, he seems like a good kid.

    I’d check his internet chats and sites. Maybe he got aberrant ideas from some fantasy site, or Sarah Palin. No other clear explanation unless he sniffed some glue, or had some serious malady. It will probably all be hidden from the public now, since he is so young.


  2. The “friends and relatives” quoted in the article mention the fact that he was active in his church, etc., but so what?

    Maybe he was forced to participate in all that stuff and that’s what set him off—or something else, who knows?

    As bill mentioned, there are lot of unknowns here, but a 12 year old who would do something this heinous obviously has some deep undercurrents raging beneath the surface.

  3. Of course I was kidding about Palin, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the left blaming religion and all the rhetoric from Palin and Rush. Then they’ll find he actually read some far left nuts and they’ll bury that.

    But something this crazy? The mom home schooled AND ran the kid’s “ministry”, whatever that means. But it looks like she was THE dominant adult as mom, teacher, minister. If one of those three was overbearing it would be bad, but with Mom playing all those roles, it could be overwhelming at 12.

    Body language from the photo … does he seem to be leaning away, and not smiling, while she is leaning in? Kinda spooky, in any case.

  4. Your prediction about people blaming Palin, Rush, conservative Christians, etc. is played out in the comments to the link.

    One enlightened soul opined that this happened because Fox News was on at the killer’s house 24/7, another thought that since there was so much killing in the Bible, hey why wouldn’t ANY Christian go on a murderous binge, etc.

    So utterly and completely predictable.

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