Scott Walker Pimp Slaps Barack Obama

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s response to President Obama’s shout out to his Big Labor public employee union paymasters:

“I’m sure the President knows that most federal employees do not have collective bargaining for wages and benefits . . . And I’m sure the President knows that the average federal worker pays twice as much for health insurance as what we are asking in Wisconsin . . . I’m sure that President Obama simply misunderstands the issues in Wisconsin, and isn’t acting like the union bosses in saying one thing and doing another.”

Take THAT, ho!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “Scott Walker Pimp Slaps Barack Obama”

  1. One teacher whined that she felt “unappreciated”. Well gee, it is not like she is working for free … and most do far better than they would ever do in the private sector. Early retirement, vacations PLUS three summer months off, pensions that most taxpayers only dream of …

    What about the taxpayer feeling unappreciated? These prima donna teachers donate to leftist candidates, and their unions buy off our politicians, but it is never enough. If you don’t kiss their ass and throw money at them, they go on strike or fake a sick out … all for the kids of course.

    Police and full time firemen … seem like pretty good chaps mostly, but I’m not convinced their life is one of self sacrifice either. But of course the real problem is the union management and the politicians that feed at that trough.

    Christie told a teacher she could get another job if her pay wasn’t satisfactory. But union bosses want constantly raised taxes to fund golden conditions (and huge union money) or else they’ll close the schools down.

    What an absurd power to give to a bunch of thugs and criminals. But their troops are out there marching … they deserve better than everyone else, regardless of poor job performance.

    Obama said he’d meet with union bosses before any major decisions as president, so none of this should be a surprise. Except the media so wanted their Marxist (half) black prez’ that they buried every inconvenient truth, along with their credibility.

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