From The Depths Of Spam Hell . . .

. . . the NEW! IMPROVED! 2011 redistricting map of Illinois.

Don’t know if this is valid or not—I resurrected it from Spam Hell.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

38 thoughts on “From The Depths Of Spam Hell . . .”

  1. It might just be one plan … but I see it would put Peoria (Schock) in your area with Schilling, while dividing most of Schock’s current district between three districts.

    They would also take Quincy away from Schilling, but he could probably still win … and Schock could run in the 11th, even though he would live just across the line.

    If the Democrats keep up the “good work”, it might not matter how they gerrymander Illinois … Republicans will get more pickups. 🙂

  2. This is an awesome draw for Schilling!!

    We will have a great lineup in 2012

    Christie President
    Schilling 17th House
    Morthland 71st Rep
    Wernsman 36th Senate

  3. GOP Trumper — you forget how great the lineup is because you forgot the 72nd.

    PRESIDENT – Christie Christie
    VICE PRESIDENT – Parah Salin
    HOUSE – Robby Schilling
    STATE HOUSE – 71st Dick Morthland, 72nd Hurrison Wullace
    STATE SENATE – 36th Mike Warnsman
    Queen Blogger – QCExam

  4. bill you bring up a good point which is that you don’t have to reside in the district you represent.

    I’m not familiar enough with Schock’s district to judge, but you might be right that he will run in the 11th. He’s a smart guy and I’m sure he’ll know which district he has the most support and run from there.

    As you say, gerrymandering may not save the Dems—although I wouldn’t call this map gerrymandered—at least compared to the current one!

    As I mentioned in my post, I have no idea if this is the final map, a working map or a fraud. It came to me in a comment on The Church Of The Holy Fiscal Sanity thread, but since the name had not be approved and since there was just the link and no text, it got sent directly to Spam Hell rather than moderation.

    I assumed it was Rusty trying to make his point about Schock beats Schilling and Jacobs beats Schock, but I don’t know for sure.


    Say what you will about one party rule—and it sux, but at least this map looks more coherent and “normal” than the bi-partisan map drawn up in 2001.

    Last year when I went to “southerly” Illinois after the election, we had been driving about 5 hours and were in rural Jersey County somewhere between Jerseyville and the Illinois River when I suddenly saw a Hare for Congress yard sign.

    I couldn’t believe it—we had been driving for hours but were still in the 17th freakin’ CD!


    Who the hell is “Wernsman”?

  5. yeah, this map looks much more “contiguous”, or whatever it is supposed to be. But clearly they can still bump Peoria one way or another. It looks like they cut it partly into the 17th on purpose.

    If their was no ill intent I’d think they’d try to keep people with their old rep’ as much as possible. If this map is really their plan, it would be interesting to hear what Schock has to say about it.

    One article I read said the Dem’s gerrymandered so much it actually backfired on them. But I’d more likely blame Obamacare style shenanigans and the Tea party revolt.

  6. Wernsman told me personally that he is not interested in running for office. Bill Albracht will be the candidate for the 36th Senate

  7. I don’t know about Albracht, but here is what the nutbags in Spam Hell are predicting:

    POTUS Obama

    Verschoore US congress

    Jacobs IL Senate

    Schwiebert & Hare IL State Reps.

    This is why I don’t publish their inane rantings—Verschoore has about as much a chance at being US congressman as I do, and the kicker is Hare and Schwiebert both live in Rock Island and the 72nd so what are they going to do—be Co-Reps? 🙂

    Nutbaggery on steroids!

  8. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sounds like someone has been trolling on QCExaminer.

    Let’s call Mike Jacobs office and ask him what to feed trolls and their favorite colors are.

    He is disappoint…

  9. Dear Diary,

    I will win the new gerrymandered seat in 2010 from Schilling.

    He won in a fluke. I will take down that pathetic Vets4Constitution with the help of Pat O’Brien and the power of 3 wolf moon.

    Phil will be back in 2012.

    Hare in a LANDSLIDE

  10. QCExaminer Declares Bid for Illinois House
    QCE: “Hey, why not?”

    March 3, 2011

    East Moline, IL–QCE declared her bid for the Illinois House today in the 71st District, promising to continue to update her blog regularly even if elected.

    “Why wouldn’t I?” QCE deadpanned. “If Mike Jacobs, Pat Verschoore, or Rich Morthland says something stupid, I’m going to post about it. Civility be damned!”

    QCE said she was running on a platform of good humor, righteous indignation, and all-around-badassery.

    “I just think it’s about time we punched a few of these legislators in the face,” QCE said.

    # # #

  11. Wow. More violence from the right. You would think that after one of your teapartiers shot up a congresswoman, you would knock off the hatred. I guess you idiots will continue spreading hate until all liberals are dead.

    I’m seriously scared for my country.

  12. Qcexaminer,

    Are you actually promoting hatred on your site? I can’t believe this. I am truly disappoint.

  13. Um, well it seems my communications director misspoke—I didn’t actually say it was time we “punched” a few of these legislators in the face, I said it was time we “kissed” a few of these legislators in the face because they are doing such a marvelous job representing us.


    How’s my spin—is it weaselly enough—am I ready to be a politician now? 🙂

  14. I’m a Veteran. I don’t give two “hoots” what anybody says.

    I have just as much right to sit for coffee with Vietnam Vets as anybody.

    Having served proudly,

    The Hon Phil Hare

  15. I sense a change in the air coming your way QCE.

    You’re going down.

    Can’t wait till Morthland tries to take out Mike Jacobs for state senate. It’s going to be hilarious.

    Morthland will easily win the primary, but the general election will be a totally different story.

    Savor the taste of Morthland and Schilling while it lasts…you’ve got 2 years. Then it’s done!

  16. Morthland just announces amendment that would protect FOID card owners.

    This guy has it together..can’t wait till he takes down Jacobs and becomes our State Senator.

    Then he can take Schilling’s spot in 8 years. Harrison Wallace can then take Morthland’s spot.


  17. The Rico GOP will be firmly behind Morthland when he decides to run for State Senate. He is the only one that can beat Mike Jacobs and the only one with the experience.

    Rich is our guy and if anyone has a problem with it, please feel free to attend our monthly meeting. I’d be happy to explain why we have made this decision.

  18. Gee, I’m confused RICODem—I thought Marvelous Mike was running for US Congress—he can’t run for both congress and state senate—so which is it?

    Also, you say Morthland will win the primary, but what GOPer would run against him?


    Debruine: At least Morthland has the added advantage of not having to kowtow to the powerful public employee unions and the powerful Madigans which Verschoore and Jacobs must do.


    Note To Readers:

    Those not familiar with the Twilight Zone atmospherics of the comments here, please be aware that all is not what it appears to be—like the commenter at #24. 🙂

  19. Are you inferring that I am a fake person? What the heck did I do to you?

    I am firmly behind Rich Morthland for State Rep, State Senate, Congress, Senate, Governor and even President. Rich is our guy and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

    He struck down the pay raises and was the only goper on the county board. If he can get that done being out number 24-1, I say he is unstoppable.

    Go Rich!

  20. V.Debruine, while I applaud Morthland’s amendment to protect FOID names, I’m not sure I agree with your characterization that he “has it together”.

    I’m thinking Morthland might not be that “together” because at the end of a H-D article about Morthland and his amendment, he is quoted as saying:

    “The reason I keep firearms in my home is for personal protection and safety . . . I don’t want the state police to put a target on my own home.”

    Is it really smart to advertize the fact you have guns in your home—especially when it is known you are away from that home for long periods of time?

    I guess Morthland believes it is OK to target your own home as long as the state police don’t do it. 🙂

  21. Look QCExamner-

    Rich is there whether you like it or not. I don’t think it’s smart to attack people in power.

    Rich is in power because I put him in power. He was nothing until he came to the party and kissed my ring. I gave the blessing and less than 2 years later he is already rising up to defeat Mike Jacobs for State Senate.

    You can write all the blog posts you want, but Rich and I will be writing all the laws.

  22. Jeez Susie, quit raggin’ on me—you’ll make me wish I had voted for Ahern instead of Morthland. 🙂

  23. Wait a minute…I thought Albracht was running against Jacobs?

    Is there going to be a Morthland/Albracht primary? That will be a good one…

    I’d vote for Albracht probably…but he’s the underdog

  24. Albracht primaries Rich at his own peril. Rich and I run this town and we choose who gets to sit in power. I wonder if it will take a landslide victory over Albracht to get him to learn that this is the case.

  25. Speaking of primary…I heard that Madunic is considering a bid for Moline Mayor?

    There are a lot of whispers of this…

  26. Madunic—really? He can’t be Schilling’s DD and mayor both can he?

    Hmmmmm—hey, what’s Denny Ahern doing these days? 🙂

  27. I heard Hare was grooming Madunic for the Moline Mayor. Just like he groomed Levin for Rock Island Mayor.

    Morthland is pretty much unstoppable. After stopping the pay raises, and now the FOID card protection. He will be our State Senator in 2012.

    I hear Morthland is working out at RIFAC with Phil and both will be skinnier than Schilling in 2012.

    Everybody needs to stop feeding the trolls and get back to reality. Bunch of scumbags

  28. My friends, Trumper is proud to carry the banner of the Republican party through the next election cycle for the people of Rock Island County.

    Some have mentioned that they miss seeing Trumper, the GOP elephant, being parked on Illinois 84 at Knapp Storage and wonder where it is. Once again, I will make sure Trumper is off of Rich’s farm and out campaigning for good republicans.

    Some have mentioned potential candidates for our great party. Terry Schilling, who I consider the best candidate, will make a fantastic addition to our great elected officials Bobby Schilling, Bill Brady, Susie Carpentier, and Harrison Schweppe.

  29. TErry Schilling is a union thug who flattens peoples tires, kills their pets and sets houses on fire…just to watch them burn.

    Sounds exactly like the person we need in springfield.

    I am endorsing him for comptroller.

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