Double X Chromosome Dumbassery

From the AP:

“A Michigan man built an online profile posing as a good-looking single dad and caring psychologist and persuaded mothers across the country to sexually assault their children as a form of therapy, then send him the images of the attacks. . .”

Come on ladies, some guy on the internet says you should abuse your children and send him the pictures, and that’s just okey-dokey with you, no questions asked?



In a front page Hare-Dispatch report about a 23 year old single mom who took advantage of an ’08 “tax credit of $7500 to buy her first house, but was shocked, SHOCKED to discover she would have to pay this “free” money back.

Not surprisingly, rather than man up and admit fault, she played the victim card:

“I felt tricked into this . . . I never would have taken the money if I had known I had to pay it back. I thought it would help us as a family.”

Part of this confusion is due to government dumbassery; the ’08 program started out as an interest-free loan, then when the Democrats took complete control of government, it morphed into a “tax credit” that would be forgiven if the buyer occupied the house for at least three years.

According to the real estate people I know, both the realtors and the lenders were required to explain that the ’08 deal was a no-interest loan which would have to be repaid.

I have no idea what this lady’s situation is, except for the fact that most people have come to believe anything emanating from the government is “free”—just like Obamacare.

On another note, even if I felt duped by the government, realtors and my lenders, I would never cry and whine to the local media, exposing my ignorance and dumbassery—I’d go to court.

What is it with women today?



Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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