“An Awful Piece Of Crap”

GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch on Obamacare:

“Every state has different demographics, every state has different problems . . . It’s good to allow them to work out their own problems rather than a one-size-fits-all federal government, dumb-ass program. It really is an awful piece of crap.”


In further news about The Awful Piece Of Crap, The Crapster In Chief gave Mitt Romney The Kiss Of Death with this shout out in a speech he gave at a meeting of governors:

“. . . I agree with Mitt Romney, who recently said he’s proud of what he accomplished on health care . . .”

Romney shot back:

“We addressed a problem in Massachusetts that was designed to solve the problems for the people of Massachusetts . . . But it is wrong and unconstitutional to take what is designed for one state and say we are going to apply that to every state.”

So true, but Romney’s problem with the electorate won’t be his health care plan for Massachusetts, it will be the fact he is a Mormon.

Polling during the ’08 POTUS campaigned showed an amazing level of prejudice against Romney’s religion and there really isn’t any way he can spin his way out of that.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on ““An Awful Piece Of Crap””

  1. I like his business background and experience in politics … Romney seems able to fluently converse about our problems … as opposed to our teleprompter, hope and change president.

    But I’d agree his Mormon faith would likely doom him … better he had been faithful to a “God Damn America” church like Obama was.

  2. I didn’t care for Romney in ’08 and I don’t care for him now—and it’s not about his religion.

    What bugged me in ’08 was his shape-shifting in order to appease this wing of the GOP and that wing of the GOP. Obama was able to pull this off because he had such a thin resume and the press loved him, but Romney had a record and his efforts to recast himself as some sort of conservative, just didn’t git ‘er done.

  3. Romney would also have to keep explaining his version of Obamacare, despite the good point that his plan was for his state, not the nation. And his hair is a little too perfect. LOL And yeah, he is more RINO than conservative.

    Last poll I saw, Romney beat Obama by two, Huckster was tied, others were down by about 10. Name recognition could change for others (not Palin or Gingrich though) …

    not sure if Trump is really a conservative, but he sure has the name recognition … and that hair. He’s said a few things I like, but is probably just posturing to promote his next show or book. LOL

  4. I admit I haven’t been following Romney very closely since I don’t plan on supporting him unless it comes down to a Romney v. Obama for POTUS showdown.

    I would think rather than admit his plan failed, he could score a lot of points by saying Mass. had a problem and he tried to fix it, but it didn’t work, it made things worse. He could at least be seen as an innovator and problem solver—even if the problem wasn’t solved.

    I don’t see Huckabee, Gingrich, Palin or Trump making much headway.

    Huckabee isn’t really that conservative and he mostly appeals to the ultra-religious in the GOP, which I doubt accounts for much.

    Gingrich is a bomb thrower who is impossible to take seriously. I saw the other day where he called for Obama’s impeachment (for the DOMA thing, I think). One bi-partisan thing that bugs the hell out of me is the casual tossing around the I-word; it’s gonna be as useless as “racist” and “historic” if this nonsense doesn’t stop.

    Palin isn’t wired right for running for POTUS—she just isn’t, no matter how much I like her. She’s like Al Gore in this respect; she will have more power in private life than in public life.

    Trump as POTUS? What a hoot!

    As I mentioned in another post, there is no advantage to an early start running for POTUS so I assume the REALLY serious people are hanging back until later in the cycle.

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