Well Isn’t That Special?

3 Years Later: Teen Mom, Son Both Growing Up


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Well Isn’t That Special?”

  1. I was reading the gab over at the Democratic Underground lite (aka as the QC Times) and they were going hot and heavy over this one. Actually man on both sides of the argument that ensued had valid points. But they were all too busy trying to slice and dice each other to actually discuss the article.

  2. There sure is a lot of “news” about dumbass women lately; on today’s front page of the H-D is a story about some hapless bimbo who didn’t realize when she bought her house that the $7500 “tax credit” would have to be repaid—it was really just an interest free loan.

    Then there’s an AP report about idiot women who were convinced to abuse their kids and send photos of the deed to some perv they contacted posing as a psychologist.


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