The Church Of The Holy Fiscal Sanity

From the Hare-Dispatch account of last night’s Bobby Schilling/Mark Kirk town hall meeting:

“‘The federal government hasn’t [lived within its means] for a long time,’ [Schilling] said. ‘There’s no reason why the federal government can’t tighten up their belts. Amen?’

“‘Amen!’ roared back the crowd . . .”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

36 thoughts on “The Church Of The Holy Fiscal Sanity”

  1. When Schilling can’t make his bills his kids can’t go to the movies or eat at Harris Pizza. When I can’t make my bills I get a second job and send my kids to the movies and Harris Pizza.
    Two different ways to handel the same situation.

  2. I feel sorry for your kids Rusty because you obviously don’t like them very much.

    That you would rather be away from home for two jobs so they can have luxuries like pizza and movies, rather than be with them indicates you are incredibly shallow.

    Why not teach your kids they can’t always get what they want WHEN they want it? Are you happy to be raising the next generation of liberals whose economic theory can be summed up as:

    “Well, you CAN spend”?

    If you were working two jobs in order to pay the rent and utilities and keep food on the table, everyone here would likely shout hosannahs, but two jobs for pizza and movies?


  3. J, some things just cry out, begging to be blogged—and this was one of those things. 🙂


    G, yeah and maybe some mushrooms to placate the food Nazi, Ms. Obama. 🙂

  4. QCE that Rep Schilling would rather have his kids sacrifice for his selfish interests is at question. Rep Schilling made his son quit college so that he could be a fat cat shows his selfishness. That Rep Schilling leaves his kids for weeks on end and is never home at night to help them just mirrors what you are saying.
    Rep Schilling just like so many have said is just an empty suit. A puppet for Banner.
    Look QCE, the biggest applause of the night was when he shouted that he would not fund any organization that preforms abortions. I feel that if Rep Schilling had ten adopted kids I might think at least he was walking the walk but Schiling has no adopted child and that shows the hypocrisy of Rep Schilling.

  5. Rusty, let’s see some proof for your claims—like Schilling “made” his son quit school.

    Your comment is quite touching, so I assume you are against Marvelous Mike Jacobs running for congress.

    Bobby Schilling has an intact family—Jacobs is divorced and would be abandoning his young son for “weeks on end and never be home”.

    Divorce is sad enough for young children but to have their father run off to DC for “weeks on end” and have to sacrifice for his selfish interest is truly pathetic.

    I hope Mike reconsiders running for congress for his son’s sake.

  6. Juicy quote from Bob Gough’s liveblogging the town hall in Quincy this afternoon:

    “Audience member thanks [Schilling and Kirk] and says this town hall is much more informative than the last one he attended ‘with the man who is no longer serving’.”

    Ain’t it the truth!

    The H-D account said there were over 200 people at the Black Hawk event last night—did Hare EVER have a well-advertized open-to-one-and-all town hall like this?

    Usually there would be maybe a couple of hours prior notice and the event would be held in a nursing home with 75% of the audience heavily medicated—or at the old reliable union hall.

    Hare just never thought he had to work to get elected—he must have thought being “Lane’s Chosen One” would be sufficient to win.

    The fact that so many people showed up last night indicates a public hungry to have contact with their elected representatives and to be able to voice their concerns and complaints—and be heard.

    More, please.

    We’ve been missing this contact for a long, long time—bravo Bobby and Mark!

  7. “Rusty” is on to something … work one job and pay taxes, then a second job to fund unions and special interests … what fully devoted communist/slave would object to that? Of course real unemployment is 20+%, so finding two jobs may be impossible. 🙂

    The kids will be raised by the Hollywood state, so they can be fully indoctrinated in the ways of Marxism/slavery, and they’ll never miss freedom.

  8. Once again Republicans skip over more qualified applicants to appoint one of their own (think Schilling’s boy)!

    PEORIA, Ill. — Republican party leaders have chosen the son of U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to replace a retiring state senator in Peoria.

    Darin LaHood will assume the 37th District seat on Tuesday.

    State Sen. Dale Risinger announced earlier this month that he wouldn’t finish his term. He leaves office Monday.

  9. Rep Schilling was directed by his God to have his son sacrifice his future education so that Rep Schilling could gain fame and celebrity. Rep Schilling has stated this on numerous occasions. Rep Schilling switching the train to a new I74 bridge is good though. It will be great to have this new road built this summer. I think that people are really looking forward to paying for a new bridge.

  10. Rusty, tell me what God has directed for me since you have the direct connection. Plenty of people quit college and finish later if the right opportunity comes along. Just think of all those soldiers that have run out on their kids in your logic.

  11. GOPNep, this is another one of those bi-partisan things that really frost my cookies.

    There otta be a law that if you accept an interim position like this, you will be barred from running for the same position in the next election.

    And gee whiz, I was disappointed in the Illinois state elections too—I thought the dumbass voters of this state had learned their lesson with the 2nd term of Blago, but that’s no reason to hang up your spurs like Risinger did.


    But do tell, GOPN, which elected position did the “Schilling’s boy” get? I must be behind in the news. 🙂


    Rusty #11, that’s not good enough. If you are going to make inflammatory comments, you’ll have to back them up with proof. When you want to you can provide links or c&ps to prove your point. So let’s see the proof for your claim that Schilling “was directed by his God to have his son sacrifice his education”. You’ve already been sent to Spam Hell multiple times—it’s time to put up or shut up.

    As for the I-74 bridge, here’s the way I see it; these projects take decades to complete, but ultimately more local people will be using the bridge than the idiot train to Chicago, so it’s a better use of taxpayer funds.

  12. Reading some of ‘Rusty’s’ comments makes me wonder why I ever posted on blog sites at all.

    Too many goof-balls that have never done anything in their life, who live in their mom’s basements – passing judgement on people that they don’t even know.

    Rusty, you don’t know Schilling.
    You don’t know his family.
    The man has not been in office long enough for you to hate him.

    You are just a nut job who just wants to hate someone – and can’t even come up with a rational thought or comment as to why.

    Blogging can be such an embarrassment because people will not enter into a reasonable and logical discussion.

  13. Tiger you are full of it. I never made my children give up their dream so that I could fulfill my dream. I voted for Schilling and I appreciate him stopping the stupid train. I do not understand however how he can pay for a train in Afghanistan and kill a project in his own home. If he hates trains as I do he would have cut the train in Afghanistan as well. Schilling also voted for his puppet masters new jet engine that even the Generals say is a giant waste of money.
    I also find it hypocritical of Rep Schilling to rally his antiabortion troops that were at his meeting while he has not ever adopted any unwanted children. It is unacceptable for a man to have ten kids and be against women that do not want babies having abortions if he has not even adopted one unwanted children.
    Hypocrisy Is Rep Schiling voting for a train in Afghanistan and an engine in Ohio while stopping a train in his own back yard because his Boss Boehner told him to.
    Rep Schilling has become a career politician who’s time has come.

  14. Schilling son isn’t like Denny’s son and has been elected to anything. No, Schilling’s son is paid with PAC funds in exchange for political access to his powerful father (Congressman Bob).

    I disagree with Congressman Schilling vote to build high speed rail in Afghanistan and not in Moline. Moline taxpayers deserve it more than do the Muslims in Afghan!

  15. OK Rusty, you’ve finally jumped the shark—you’re done here.

    **At #13 I demanded proof that “his God” told Schilling to “make” his son quit school. Rather than man up, you just change the subject, as you did as Good gal and all your other screen names. If you think a 21 year old can be “made” to do something they don’t want to, you don’t have adult children—or if you do, they are incredibly docile and possibly on some sort of medication.

    **Glad to see the new Politburo/Dim talking point unveiled here; “trains for Afghanistan, but not for QCs”. #17 above just parroted this lame talking point as well.

    **If you had any idea of what you were talking about, you would know there aren’t enough “unwanted children” for the people who can’t have children naturally. It is extremely unlikely any reputable adoption agency would allow a fertile couple to adopt when there is a massive waiting list of people who CAN’T have children the old-fashioned way and desperately want a child.

    **Schilling has been in congress less than two months, yet here you are mindlessly calling him a “career politician”. I doubt you voted for Schilling, but even if you did, you have exposed yourself as a hack and tool of the Politburo.

    **Your claim that Schilling votes the way Boehner tells him to is hilarious! Last I checked on, Schilling voted with his party about 86% of the time, while Hare voted 99% for what his Dominatrix demanded. Your talking point is further discredited because Schilling voted AGAINST the amendments to the Patriot Act, which Boehner was pushing.

    As with all liberals and Democrats, you know if you can’t lie you can’t win. Too bad for you there alternatives to the local leftwing press.

    Any further comments by you will be sent to Spam Hell—I’m tired of your lies and lame talking points.

  16. Glad they changed thei,1993D234,IL037015JL1993D234D1r minds:

  17. GOPN, let’s see some proof that Terry Schilling is “paid with PAC funds in exchange for political access to his powerful father.”

    Sheesh! What is it with you Dim Phreaks and Terry Schilling? He’s like the local Koch brothers. Lame.

    But you’re right that Terry isn’t like Mike and Denny.

    Mike is an elected official and his daddy is a lobbyist. When you compare the committees Mike sits on and/or chairs, you will see a cozy connection between those committees and Daddy Denny’s lobbying clients.

    The local press has turned a blind eye to this because they never want to hurt any Democrat feelings—or hurt their re-election chances, but I guaran-damn-tee Mike’s opponent will make hay out of this inconvenient truth.

    UPDATE: In the few minutes it took to write this comment, I received two more comments about “TRAINS FOR AFGHANISTAN BUT NOT MOLINE”.

    Those have been deleted, as will all others so don’t bother—you people are about as subtle as a Mack truck. Sheesh!

  18. Yeah, me too, Geraldine and don’t worry about proficiency in c&p—you couldn’t possibly be worse than I am!


    Give it up Rusty—I’m not going to publish any more of your lame comments, no matter what name you use.

  19. I know I’m late in the game here, but how ’bout if some kid wants pizza or a movie he gets a job and pays for it himself! Just like if some 26 year old “child” wants health insurance they get a job and pays for it them selves! The government is not daddy and kids need to grow up! How ’bout these same kids pay for their own shoes and education. I know the Schilling kid is working for his own shoes and is saving for his education. Thank you QCE for bringing attention to the fact that there are not enough babies to go around. Good thing the Schillings are having all these kids and putting them to work besides. They are the ones paying the tax burden bills Rusty, you poop! IF more parents were training their kids to work we wouldn’t be struggling to pay for spending sprees of “Big G”

  20. From Spam Hell Good gal, Rusty, Julie, Kate and Silly defend their claim that “Rep Schilling was directed by his God to have his son sacrifice his future education so that Rep Schilling could gain fame and celebrity” with this quote from Aaron Schilling:

    “‘This isn’t my thing, but the reason I did this was so that my Dad could run, he said. ‘I did it for my Dad, for my country, and for my God’.”

    This is something liberals will NEVER understand—except when they do.

    I wonder how many liberal college students dropped out of school in order to campaign for The Lightbringer, The Won, The Change We Can Believe In, The Won We’ve Been Waiting For?

    Rusty’s hysteria is an indication of just how much the Politburo fears Schilling.

    As they should.

  21. As noted on the front page of yesterdays QC Times, United States Congressman Robert Schilling voted FOR $400 million in funding to rebuild infrastructure (trains, roads and schools) in Afghanistan, not Rusty. Nor did Rusty vote to eliminate $230 million inaunding for rebuild infrastructure for the train from Chicago to Moline. To blame Rusty for stating the obvious is disingenuous.

    As father of five, I would not allow my child to quit college to foster and promote my personal dream. Every parent has to make his or her own choice, but I would never advise my child to put aside their hopes and dreams so I could achieve mine – no matter what God says or doesn’t say to me. In my mind this is selfish and a form of child abuse.

    In closing, I found Schilling running around and screaming “Amen” at the top of his lungs at Friday night’s taxpayer financed meeting odd. I thought religion and politics were supposed to be kept separate?

    If Terry Schilling works as a “corporate lobbyist” so be it, but if Terry was appointed to a “make work” campaign job funded by special interest groups people of the 17th District have a right to know and make up their own mind about the matter? QCExaminer, are you so afraid of a public outcry regarding Terry’s new job that you ban taxpayers such as Rusty from informing people of Terry Schilling’s chosen profession? What gives?

    If Terry doesn’t work for taxpayers, nor special interest who is paying his hefty salary????? We the people thought dollar donations? Please. Congressman Schilling ended the campaign with a huge campaign debt!

  22. As a blog space that bills themselves as “The First Amendment With Turbochargers” why do you censor people that disagree with you? Seriously, if you are averse to dissent why roll out a welcome mat and ask people to comment on your bizarre opinion? If you are so fearful of diverse points of view why not write down your thoughts in journal form and keep them to yourself? Really?????

  23. LOL. I didn’t know I make special interest money…I do the normal 8-5pm job as a marketing director down by south park mall…

    I do the campaign work as a volunteer at night from 5-1am.

    I didn’t know there was such hate out there.

    God bless them liberals. Every one.

  24. Liberals just can’t stand success! Child abuse? Not hardly. The kid is 22. Schilling’s kid is working, getting paid, saving, and going to school when he feels like it. Maybe his job at the pizza place pays so well that it just doesn’t pay to get a $100,000 college education. Training a kid to work is now considered abuse by liberals. What a joke.

    These liberals would love to still have the market cornered on freedom of speech. Sorry Yoyo, we finally can express our right to freedom of speech, AMEN? Oh yeah and expression of Religion is also one of our Constitutional Rights. I promise we will not stand in the way of you being a heathen, just don’t expect Christians to keep still while you Pagans dance. Get over it! You bearing false witness against your neighbor won’t just land you in spam hell, but literal hell, wether you believe in it or not. Oh yeah, I know “Judge not, lest ye be judged”. But just remember I am not the one lying and passing judgement on Schilling for the way he raises his family.

  25. While my anger towards Mr. Schilling is great, I urge my fellow Democrats to show some civility and respect.

    I would also point out to the defenders of Schilling that they should also show respect. They should show respect by not sending their children into a townhall to antagonize a good man of the Catholic Church who upholds the principles of working class people and social justice.

    What you and your supporters did to Phil Hare at that Town hall was just despicable. He loves the Constitution! He just loves poor struggling people more and you know it!

    Can we get back to the real issue at hand?

    Stop attacking Schilling’s children…it’s not going to get us any points come November.

  26. The denizens of Spam Hell want you to know the reasons they are attacking Schilling and his children are:

    1. Schilling uses them as a prop

    2. Terry Schilling attacked Hare, so turn around is fair play

    3. Schilling attacked Hare, his wife and daughter for two years (this is obviously Dim Phreak fantasy time), so the Dims are going to return the favor

    4. Taxpayers aren’t getting their money’s worth from Schilling’s “bloated” salary (even though it is the same “bloated” salary that the bloated Phil Hare received).

    5. Schilling believes in God and HOW DARE he say “Amen” at a public venue.


    Frankly, the level of blind, unhinged hatred in these Spam Hell comments is frightening—to say nothing of the absolute detachment from reality.


    Nice blog Rico Dem, but you forgot to include Paul Rumler in the list of Dim losers. 🙂

  27. My cousin Mike Jacobs and Terry Schilling are best friends. We have set up all of these attacks on him to prevent people from figuring out that the deal has been cut and made. It’s over.

    Schilling will be cut out in a landslide. Jacobs over Schock, jacobs in a landslide. We pull the strings, you guys eat the pizza.

    It must frustrate you all that the deal is cut and the mate is checked.

    Oh and to all my atheistfag friends, if God isn’t real then how come jesus wrote the bible? Check mate.

  28. Gee Dave, how can that be?

    All the Dimocrats who comment here are in a frothing hysteria about Schilling abandoning his 10 children so how could they possibly back Mike Jacobs who is a divorced single father?

    Who will guide and direct young Elliot Jacobs who is the heir apparent to the Jacobs Senate Seat throne? Who will occupy the Jacobs throne while Marvelous Mike is in DC? Will Denny demand Mike return the Jacobs throne he gave him in ’05?

    What about the chilllldren?

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