The Martyrdom Of Pat Verschoore

Democrat Rep. Pat Verschoore is feeling the heat for proposing “a bill that would enable Rock Island and other counties to build new courthouses without voter approval”.

Gee, who could possibly be opposed to that?

Fortunately the bill has been pulled from consideration.

Verschoore says he offered the bill at the behest of Democrat County Board Chair Jim Bohnsack and 14th JC Chief Judge Jeffrey O’Connor, but Verschoore feels victimized even though he meant well:

“Rep. Verschoore suggested the chief judge and Mr. Bohnsack touch base with other counties around the state. ‘I told them to get with those folks and see if they can come up with some type of language to put in the bill to get it passed,’ Rep. Verschoore said. ‘I was just trying to help. A lot of people are hanging me on a cross’.”

Being a little melodramatic aren’t you, Pat?

He obviously isn’t used to getting push back from the electorate, but on what planet would a politician live where he could propose legislation cutting out the voters and taxpayers and not get hung on a cross”?

On the crumbling Planet RICO in the solar system of Illinois!

Bohnsack claims this new proposed courthouse would not raise taxes by one thin dime—just like Obamacare!

I bitch about the H-D a lot, but they did a public service by reporting on this while still in committee. Usually we don’t find out about these backdoor bills until AFTER they become law. So hosannahs to H-D, although it probably helps that GOP Rep. Rich Morthland also sits on this committee.

And while the H-D deserves credit for this story, it’s worth noting that the reporter made the same silly mistake that the QCTimes did—confuse Colona with Cordova, saying Morthland was from Colona—which is REALLY inexcusable.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “The Martyrdom Of Pat Verschoore”

  1. Verschoore tries to pass a bill to help his area and you crucify him for it, but when Schilling votes against 1,7210 new jobs for Moline, and for 2,192 new government jobs for Ohio — you pat him on the head. Sheeshhh!

  2. “Rep. Verschoore said. β€˜I was just trying to help. A lot of people are hanging me on a cross’.”– A direct quote about the delusions of another democrat believing he his Jesus Christ himself.

  3. audi, it’s no wonder Verschoore has a persecution complex and feeling messianic because after all, he was The Chosen One. Yes, St. John the Gianulis and his Politburo disciples chose Pat to be The One to replace Brunsvold when he got that job with the Blago administration.

    I can say with some certainty that Pat was not chosen for his independent and brilliant mind. πŸ™‚


    J, so you’re predicting a Verschoore v. Camlin primary smackdown?

    I keep hearing all these wacky tales about how Verschoore is going to pull a Jacobs and “give” his seat to his son—which would be political suicide in this climate IMO.

    Which is why I hope he does it! πŸ™‚

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