Damned If You Do, Taxed If You Don’t

From Red County:

“The Obama administration, which has hamstrung domestic energy production through drilling bans and senseless permitting delays, now wants to punish companies for not producing domestic energy, according to the President’s latest budget proposal. Specifically, President Obama wants to impose a $4-per-acre fee for existing leases held by oil and gas companies that are currently not producing any oil or gas.”

With Libya in flames and oil at $100 a barrel, thank the gods our brilliant president and his crack team of “smart, competent’ people are on the case.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Damned If You Do, Taxed If You Don’t”

  1. If we had a president openly trying to destroy our country, he’d be doing about the same things Obama is.

    But then everyone would know what was going on … instead we have half the population still starry eyed over the promised unicorn trains.

    Unions think it’s time to bloody anyone that gets in the way of their people retiring at 55 with golden pensions, even as states and the feds are trillions in the hole and digging faster every day.

    President Toonces’ commie car is flying over the cliff, and he’s bragging about how fast and smooth the ride is.

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