Seriously Unserious

Iowegian Sen. Chuck Grassley was in town yesterday with some straight talk about the budget and the games the Democrats are playing.

Grassley wants to make cuts across the board back to ’08 spending levels. This makes sense since as long as the White House and Senate are run by liberals, there is no chance for any serious cuts to their sacred pillars like the abortion factory of Planned Parenthood.

The GOP will have to do what they can until they gain more control of federal government—that’s just a fact.

But obviously the Democrats are not serious about the budgets—they couldn’t even be bothered to pass one last year, but further proof is that they have taken the entire week off, while the March 4 deadline is looming.

Grassley says this is all just more Democrat game playing:

“[The Democrat’s] game plan is, if they get us up to a midnight deadline, obviously Republicans will collapse and do what they want us to do.”

Pathetic. These liberals are living in a world that time forgot—about 40 years ago.

Which explains why the Democrats have torn a page out of their ’95 playbook shrieking about how they’re gonna shut the government down—but blame the GOP.

Too bad for them this isn’t 1995. Democrats just don’t get it; they need to get to work instead of playing juvenile games with our money, our economy and our future.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Seriously Unserious”

  1. It may be juvenile, but also malicious. Priority A is money for their unions and moving to always bigger government.

    Fixing the mess? … let Republicans do that, and snipe at them the whole time.

  2. Well yeah, we’re seeing “sniping” at a whole ‘nother level here against Schilling.

    The Dick Durbin was also in town yesterday giving the smackdown to Bobby. Maybe he’s headed your way—I imagine Schock voted for the cuts, too.

    I’ll be watching the Q-Town press to see what goes on down there with the Democrat FEAR AND SMEAR CAMPAIGN ’11.

    Jeez! These Democrats are living in a fantasy world.

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