It Can’t Happen Here

Reading Scoundrel’s post The Governor Illinois Needs, my initial reaction was yeah, wouldn’t it be great to have a governor like Scott Walker who stood up for the taxpayers against the relentless demands of the powerful public employee unions.

But then I remembered that even if we had a pro-taxpayer governor, we would still have a legislature controlled by Chicago liberals, not to mention the fact that the recent election proved the majority of the electorate wanted the status quo maintained.

Oh well.

But an article in The Peoria Journal-Star says even a GOP controlled state government probably wouldn’t make much difference:

**Even elected GOP lawmakers are against eliminating collective bargaining

**Our unions are smarter than most unions because they have bought Democrats AND Republicans

**Historically, Illinois has elected moderate GOP governors—-it was Gov. Jim Thompson who signed the collective bargaining bill.

So it appears we are screwed, no matter what—or who is elected.

But that is the history of Illinois and may not be our future. The article gives duelling quotes that indicate there may be a class war looming in Illinois fueled by a taxpayer uprising:

John Tillman from the right-leaning Illinois Policy Institute:

“If you’re a working class trucker making $40,000 a year in the private sector, you’re on your own . . . You could work for the state and make $75,000, get an 80 percent retirement at (age) 55, 3 percent COLA (cost-of-living increase), free health care—a pretty darned good deal. And that’s why it’s coming to a head.”

An AFSCME spokesman hilariously plays the class warfare card, casting Big Labor as the downtrodden:

“We have an economy that has worked well for the rich in recent decades but not for the rest of us.”

Unfortunately the facts don’t bear out that claim unless you consider public employee unions “the rich”. In Illinois, the economy has worked well for public employee union members but for the rest of us who are saddled with their excessive and unsustainable salaries and perks—not so much.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “It Can’t Happen Here”

  1. Right, if a $40k a year trucker pays 10% of his pay in taxes it would take almost 20 people to pay the salary of one public sector employee. That is just for the employee, that doesn’t count his truck and maintenance…etc. What these Unions fail to tell you is that public sector jobs are not sustainable because they are the ones driving the resources that create revenue out of our state and country. Maybe it is time to flee Illinois like the other 700,000 preserving and intelligent Illinoisan’s have done. Mike Jacobs, Cross, Madigan, RI County board, dems and republicans, you name it they are all on the side of “self”. What is in it for me, how can I get mine. Even charitable organizations are having fund raisers at Johnny’s Steak house, WTH! What elitist snobs!!! The poor go with out toilet water while they drink their Perrier! Then they demand social justice from government! Why aren’t they dolling out peanut butter sandwiches and blankets to the poor they propose to love so much. All the while they do no lobbing on behalf of unborn children. Ugh!

  2. That is exactly why our current system is unsustainable; the poor non-union taxpayers are paying for the rich union workers.

    The Democrats are supposedly for the poor and downtrodden—except they AREN’T. They are for enriching their Big Labor paymasters on the backs of the poorer taxpayers.

    I hope the taxpayers of Illinois wake up and reject this Democrat/Union scam, but on the other hand, these are the people who thought a 2nd term for Blogo would be just peachy.

    As soon as my house is sold—I’m out of here.

  3. We already have a place picked out in another state and Mr. Examiner had no problem selling his business. Our problem is selling the house even though it is listed at appraisal.

    Don’t wanna be here for another election cycle—my nerves couldn’t take it. 🙂

  4. Madison—Wisconsin?

    I’m sure I’d fit in really well there. 🙂

    If we can ever get out of this place we are moving to a city that has an active Tea Party so I will have some like-minded homies, and the state government is NOT run by leftwing wackos in the pocket of Big Labor.

    In other words—the anti-Illinois. 😀

  5. So you all are against poor state workers? Wow! You must all hate that your yachts and summer houses on cape cod are going to be redistributed to us the working class.


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