A Good First Step But More Needs To Be Done

Illinois GOP Rep. Bill Mitchell has proposed HB1402 that would certify new members of the General Assembly to be drug free. Under the bill, those failing the drug test would not be eligible to appear on the ballot.

That’s OK by me, but what about AFTER they are elected?

I say let’s test every lawmaker before any and every important vote.

How many Democrats were stoned, drunk, high on meth or crack when they rammed through the massive tax increase in the middle of the night?

Probably lots.

HB1402 should be expanded to include drug testing/alcohol levels of current members of the legislature to protect taxpayers from their wacky and destructive antics.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

8 thoughts on “A Good First Step But More Needs To Be Done”

  1. Look long range mary.

    Sure it will cost $$$$ to drug/alcohol test our dullards and hacks in Springfield, but think of the money saved if those failing the test cannot vote on tax increases, more borrowing, more regulations, reparations, raising the minimum wage, etc.

    Ya gotta look to the future. 🙂

  2. This is just another silly stunt by Republicans. Why not work on something meaningful like the budget for instance. Real solutions for real problems is my motto

  3. That’s the motto of my cousin. You guys must know each other. If not, you’d get along great.

    Now look qce, stop letting these morthlandfags get on here and run the place. These fags are out of control.

  4. They put breathalyzers on cars to keep drunks from driving. Why not put a breathalyzer on the voting buttons to keep those drunk on spending from driving our bus over an economic cliff. 🙂

    We have to pass driving tests, how about a legislating license? IQ over 110 and a thorough knowledge of the constitution … is that really too much to ask of those deciding so much of our future? Is “we don’t care about the constitution or the budget” really adequate?

    And higher standards on fraud and criminal activity, instead of lower (or no) standards. I just read that Reagan put a couple thousand “banksters” in prison after the S&L crisis. We have a war on terror and a war on drugs … when do we get a much needed “war on corrupt politicians”?

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