You Don’t Have To Be Detached From Reality To Be A Democrat . . .

. . . but it helps!

The new census numbers for Illinois are out and when compared to the previously released Iowa figures, Scott County’s population went up 4.1% and Rock Island County’s population went DOWN 1.2%.

Shocking, huh?

The RICO Democrat leaders are well and truly flummoxed by this strange turn of events. Their explanations for this disparity are even stranger.

Former Rock Island mayor Mark Schwiebert blames realtors:

“The real estate community and some of the Realtors have pushed Iowa pretty hard . . . And, that’s not a good thing in terms of promoting a balanced development on both sides of the river.”

State Sen. Marvelous Mike Jacobs believes his pet project will be a major factor:

“I believe Western Illinois University is going to drive a lot of growth here.”

Moline Mayor Don Welvaert claims housing is the problem in his city:

“We need to double our efforts to bring new rooftops south of the Rock River.”

Rock Island city manager John Phillips says the report is flawed:

“Some of the fastest growing segments of the population are the most difficult to count—the Hispanic population, for example.”

Phillips goes on to say that, whatever, “Rock Island is a very good place to live . . . Our residents enjoy great services and great schools and quality of life amenities.”

OK, sure, I guess Rock Island just has a “messaging” problem.

Schwiebert doesn’t explain why realtors would push Iowa over Illinois and Jacobs doesn’t mention the fact that just because Moline will have a WIU campus, that new “growth” people will choose to live in RICO rather than Iowa and Welvaert doesn’t explain why there are so many unsold homes in Moline as it is.

All this spin and obfuscation is because RICO Democrats can’t—or won’t admit the inconvenient truth about RICO v. Scott Co; the Iowa QCs have lower property taxes, better schools, better neighborhoods, and their state government isn’t dysfunctional, delusional and a national joke.

The newly enacted massive “historic” tax hike–“the right thing to do”—will not exactly improve the prospects for growth in RICO, either.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

13 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Be Detached From Reality To Be A Democrat . . .”

  1. I agree that the new Western Illinois University Campus being constructed in Moline by Senator Mike Jacobs will drive growth, progress and prosperity for years to come!

  2. My hubby and me weren’t counted in the census. I talked to a couple others who didn’t get the census thru the mail neither. How many in the QCs weren’t counted? I called the census people and they said someone would come to my house but they never showed.

  3. ” … not a good thing in terms of promoting a balanced development on both sides of the river.”

    Is he afraid the state will tip over? πŸ™‚

    Sounds like Schwiebert wants a “fairness doctrine” for housing. It’s just not fair that people move to a better place.

    Maybe Illinois should balance their budget and taxes more in line with Iowa … or balance the number of Republicans in office. Or balance the politburo with some outsiders.

  4. Geraldine .. if you got a call, they know you are there. Don’t assume you’re not counted, even if they didn’t come get the specifics.

    I’m guessing Chicago counted more than they actually have … and counted a lot of illegals … helps with the political influence and covers for the voting dead. πŸ™‚

  5. RI’s messaging problem is that they have all been selling lies for so long that they have started to believe their own propaganda. It is a common problem with any message and/or goods marketer. You either start to convince yourself the product imaging you are selling is straightforward and accurate or else you face self-image and dignity problems. Seen it up close and personal and it can get ugly. I once watched a guy convince himself into purchasing a $5000 also-ran item when it could have purchased cream of the crop for very similar, all because he had been making a bundle selling the also-ran. Propaganda can become so entrenched into your mind that you start to believe your own bullshit. It’s a self-defense mechanism.

    That said I actually agree with a couple of the statements–>

    [β€œSome of the fastest growing segments of the population are the most difficult to countβ€”the Hispanic population, for example.”]

    No doubt that is true. The reason is many are illegals or know or harbor illegals. They do not want or need government workers snooping.

    [β€œI believe Western Illinois University is going to drive a lot of growth here.”]

    Probably true also. With the influx of students during school sessions – the booze and illegal narcotics industries should see boom times from underage students with names like Otter, Bluto, Pinto, the Stork, D-Day and Flounder. Of course the regular businesses will probably see an increase in shoplifting numbers, which should be offset by those businesses selling “Big Johnson” T-Shirts.

    The rest of the explanations are just desperation remarks needed too convince the orators that they are really good little boys and girls.

  6. When I called the census from my daughters house I don’t think they knew who I was. She knew someone who worked for them. They just told me to sit tight and somebody would be out going to some peoples door. Nobody from the census called me bill. Or showed up.

  7. S, for now the main beneficiaries of WIU-Moline are the construction unions.

    After it’s built, it will probably bring in some growth, but as I said there is no guarantee that the people connected with the “growth” will live in ILQCs. With the new “historic” corporate tax, even some of that may be muted.

    And since WIU is offering in-state tuition to Iowegians, most will probably commute.

    Still, better than nothing.


    Geraldine, my experience was exactly the opposite; I would call it census harassment.

    First they sent a letter telling us the census form was coming—which torked me off because it was typical mindless, useless, superfluous spending by the feds.

    Then they sent the form, but it looked too intrusive and there was a heavy focus on race and ethnicity, so I didn’t want to fill it out. Straight-arrow Mr. Examiner insisted, so he filled it out and sent it in.

    THEN, we got a phone call from them because they had some questions about our ethnicity. Mr. E put down Anglo-Saxon, but they wanted more specifics—Irish, Scots, etc. Ultimately, he convinced them to accept A-S. Sheesh!

    I TOLD him not to fill the damned thing out in the first place! πŸ™‚

  8. I put “American” … which seems accurate.

    There is really no such scientific thing as “race”, but government wants a way to discriminate against “whites” and cater to “minorities”.

  9. bill, that’s what set me off in the first place—the drive to put everybody in a little ethnic box.

    If I remember correctly, they had several boxes to check if you were black, that, African-American and colored. Who the hell uses “colored”? What, no “negro” or “darky”?


    I thought the whole thing was bogus and didn’t want to participate—but no. πŸ™‚

  10. I had a census worker show up, I think I had to insist she look for the box called “other” and then write in “American”. I should have called her racist for trying to label me as something else. lol

    Colored or uncolored? … I’m sorta “colored” … could have used that one I guess. Wonder what she’d have said to that response. πŸ™‚

    Then there’s the “one drop rule”, you can look white but if you have any “black” blood you are legally black (not sure if this is everywhere, or what)

    All the major civil rights organizations, such as the NAACP, the Urban League, and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, now strongly support the one-drop rule and would strongly resist getting rid of it. As activist Julian Bond puts it, β€œI very much oppose diluting the power and strength of numbers as they affect legal decisions about race in this country.”31 … The one-drop principle continues to define blackness in America and now serves as a unifying force for African Americans.32

    I didn’t read the whole thing, but of course Obama is not called white … ever. He is “black”.

  11. I thought this was going to be fun, but I don’t want to be involved in your racist blog. Grow up lady the 50’s are over!

  12. But that’s the point, the people that forgot about race are the ones being called “racist” by the new “post racial” administration. Discuss the subject in any way that does not agree with liberals, and you are called “racist” by the numbskulls.

    The move toward reparations and the politics of race is alive and well on the left. It’s divisive and destructive for the Republic, but works well for the identity politics players of Chicago.

  13. bill, in the past I’ve sent this sort of comment to Spam Hell.

    But I’m thinking it’s important for everyone to see what The Other is really about.

    For better or worse, one of the benefits of having a black POTUS is that the left/Dems/press have overused “racist” as a way to shut down debate. This has rendered it about as effective as calling someone a “poopy-head”.

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