Rather than choose one of the tainted GOP candidates for Morthland’s replacement on the county board, Democrat Board Chair Jim Bohnsack punted and went with a None Of The Above candidate, Sharon Sallows.

The RICO GOP brought this on themselves with their amateurish handling of this situation.

First Morthland decided to pull a “Lane Evans” in an attempt to name his own successor.

Then the other two candidates were publicly deemed “unqualifed” by RICO GOP Chair Susie Carpentier. If Carpentier and Morthland favored Chris Filbert and thought the other two were inappropriate, they should have spoken privately about their concerns with Bohnsack rather than make a BFD out of it.

Not adult. Not professional. Not smart.

So Bohnsack was put on the spot by the childish GOP tantrums and went with an unannounced unknown.

In a further childish pique, the three GOPers on the board voted AGAINST Sallows—very mature—and wise!

They claim they have nothing against Sallows but are peeved by the way Bohnsack handled this—as if he had any other choice.

They also claimed to be concerned that Sallows’ husband is a county employee—as if that is something rare and unusual in RICO. There is more inbreeding in RICO government than there ever was with the Russian czars!

Carpentier, who has her own issues with family in government, said she opposed Sallows because she was not sufficiently a GOP hack.

But Bohnsack’s stated reason for his choice was also telling:

“[Sallows is] an independent thinker”, which he deems to be an asset for the GOP, even though faithful Democrat locksteppers fill out the rest of the board.

Independence is NOT a virtue for a RICO Democrat.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

18 thoughts on “NOTA”

  1. I am sure while resting comfortably in one of his climate controlled mansions, limo or private jets contemplating on how he can blame the behavior of braindead RI Co. politics on global warming.

  2. I call it the Curse Of WordPress.

    When I comment at other WP sites–like yours, I just whip something out without thinking too much about it—just like I do when commenting here. 🙂

    The problem is there is no “edit” button on other WP blogs. 😀

  3. Unless you are sitting in District #1, you have no idea what shameless, upsetting and political motivated gestering Puppeteer Bohnsack pulled. Shame on him and his ilk for treating the people of upper Rock Island County with zero respect. I’m sure people of Taylor Ridge as so proud of their Mr. Jim. He needs to take his $80K and leave Rock Island County. The Good Ole Boy games are long over. Gee, does this smell like Roland Burris…yes it does

  4. Thanks for asking Sharon—yes, I AM “sitting” in District 1, and I do not blame Bohnsack for acting like a Democrat—because that is what he is.

    Who I DO blame is Carpentier and countless previous RICO GOP chairs who made the decision to treat their political party like a social club, whose main mission was to act as patsy for the RICO Democrats.

    Name the last year the RICO GOP fielded a full slate of opponents against the Democrats at the county level? Hell, in ’08 they didn’t even bother to field a candidate to oppose dumbass Phil Hare.

    You don’t win elections and gain power by sitting on the sidelines making excuses for not being in the game like “Gee-whiz, that John Gianulis sure is awesome”.

    As an independent “sitting” in District 1, I’m happy Sallows is my representative, if indeed she IS an independent. What would be worse is if my rep. was spawned in a deal like Hare/Evans/Gianulis or Denny/Mike/& three Denny cronies.

    Morthland and Carpentier blew this big time—they got what—and WHO they deserved.

    The “Good Ole Boy games” won’t be over until the good ol’ boys—Dem and GOP—are GONE, BABY GONE.

  5. This post is why I love QCE! “Radical, independent rants…”

    It’s time for new leadership across the board.

  6. Mr QCExaminer…well, to agree or disagree. The problem is obviously you are a “transplant” to the 1st district. But, I do agree, that the “ole” GOP and Dems need to move, but not as far as you are leaning!

  7. Bohnsack is truly the jerk that many have told me. It is RICO politics at its finest. Even his past employees have pegged him – it’s all about Bohnsack. The Chairman (King?) should not be so obvious about his politics. He doesn’t intend to “get along”. This appointment was a slap in the face to the people of District 1. They (we) want someone to represent US – NOT Taylor Ridge. Taylor Ridge should be proud. They now own all of upprer Rock Island County. How King Bohnsack rationalizes his pick is beyond us – other than he wants no trouble with his agenda. Ms. Sallows will give him no trouble. Ms. Sallows needs to protect her husbands new job with the county.

  8. Gee Sharon, I’ve lived in District 1 for 20 years and the Illinois QCs for over 35 years—how long do I have to live here before I’m allowed opinions/criticisms?


    infobabel, why are you so upset? You knew the rules—Bohnsack was The Decider. If he had his druthers he would have picked another lockstepping rubber stamp Democrat, but fortunately for you, he was at least forced to choose another GOPer to replace Morthland.

    Your hysteria is unconvincing. For decades the RICO GOP refused to participate in the county political process, yet now they are frothing about Bohnsack’s choice.

    Bohnsack IS the king because the RICO GOP abdicated their power to dethrone him, choosing instead to be happy as court jesters.

    You GOPers made your bed—and Bohnsack kicked you out of it.

  9. Well QC i couldn’t have blogged it better myself…You gotta love it when RIGOP thinks that having 4 of 20 county board seats is a victory! Then rail against the dem leader for being democrat. How about we get to the business of the people and stop these childish games. Or better yet dissolve the board. We have city government who needs more.

  10. So true whatev—I won’t tolerate GOP whining when they made the decision to sit on their thumbs for 20-30-40 years instead of offering an alternative to Dem power.

    And yeah, the county board can go too and no one would miss them—except the extra taxpayer $$$$ required to fund their pensions and healthcare insurance.

    Boot The Board, Save The Taxpayers!

  11. Sharon Sallows has served on the County Board before and so did her husband, family friends of Morthland. The Sallows and Morthlands are good christian people. I’m glad to have them over Filbert or any other GOP hack.

  12. Maybe its time for a new head of the republican party. Past due really. I personally like Ms. Carpenter but think it’s time for new blood everywhere.

  13. Sallows was hand picked by my cousin Mike Jacobs. You guys give Bonersack too much credit. Who do you think is pulling the strings of the qcs? The jacobs family.

    Mike will crush Aaron Schock after he beats Schilling in a landslide primary.

    The deal has been worked. Schilling’s son to be Jacobs campaign manager and have a cush job in DC. Check mate.

    Oh and Morthland is one and done. A new power player will rise and defeat this pro-wrestler from his own party. Maybe he shouldn’t have stayed silent on the pay raises.

    He is done. Bobby is done. Carpentier is in. She is the jacobs hand picked chairman.

    Our family, our rules.

    Check mate retardfags.

  14. Rusty is now officially in the BFF club between my cousin, Terri Schilling and I. No one can break us apart because we have signed a blood oath now.

    The deal has been cut. Schilling’s out. Schock is in. Jacobs over Schock in a complete and total landslide.

    I heard Schilling on the radio yesterday say that he is afraid of Mike Jacobs the most and that he know he is going to have to primary Schock and will probably lose.

    Looks like Schilling’s pizza is cooked. His son is a great friend of the jacobs crew after we got him a dc job.

    Check mate.

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