Cordova? Colona? What’s The Diff?

Kurt Erickson in a QCTimes story about redistricting in Illinois now that the new population figures have been released:

“The oddly drawn 17th Congressional District, which runs from Rock Island to Decatur, could be in for a major revamp, not only because it is now represented by Republican U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling of Cordova, but because it showed less population growth than other districts.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

10 thoughts on “Cordova? Colona? What’s The Diff?”

  1. Rep Schock will beat Rep Schilling in a landslide. Rep Schilling has no chance against such a great and rightois candidate.

  2. ROFLMAO! Hillsdale, Hinsdale, Hillside, Hillsboro, Hillcrest, Hillview, Hooppole, Harrisburg. etc… They all begin with H don’t they? So they must all look alike! Whats the difference to a clueless reporter working for the QC Democratic Underground Lite?

    I actually attended fourth grade in Cordova, had a great teacher by the name of Mr. Shirts. Spent a lot of time in Colona. Lots of differences though both have notorious speed traps. Lived in Hillsdale also, nice place though clannish and prone to bad floods. Went to fifth grade there. Not a big fan of Harrisburg, though they used to have some great BBQ available last time I was in the area. Don’t remember much about Hooppole though I used to have some friends live out in that area. They rest have just mile markers on the road as I was on my way to somewhere or nowhere.

  3. Well yeah, if this story had been in the Chicago Tribune or sj-r, etc. I would have probably given it a pass, but for a local newspaper to make this sort of unforced error is unacceptable.

  4. I heard Mike Jacobs on the radio today and he said, “Congressman Schilling will be forced into a primary with Congressman Schock and that he expects Schock to win. He went on to say that he “expected to face and beat Schock in the general election.” When asked who would take over his senate seat Mike said his “brother would serve in the post until the next election.” Interesting?

  5. “Interesting?” Not hardly. It’s typical. There is no such thing as being forced into anything. Schock and Schilling are more clever than any of you think. Stay tuned….Political hacks think they know so much.

  6. Who please whateverfag! If that’s not interesting then how come people read it on qcexaminer? Check mate.

  7. Whatev, I think there is a word for that—misunderestimated. 🙂


    Pat, if what you say is true, then Marvelous Mike Jacobs is even dumber than I thought.

  8. Why would Jacobs be dumb to think GOP glam boy would crush Schock? Jacobs has his cousin Dave slotted for his seat not his brother. Dave is a true orator as you have all seen on this site. Dave is not afraid to stand up and be counted.
    Schilling is Rep in a district that he does not live in and he could do it again but my understanding is that Schilling would have to run far from home next time and not across the street. The disrict will be big and Jacobs has planned the thing out better than the last district.

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