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None of your damned business.

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  1. I’m not sure if this is the most dishonest president ever, or just the most “obviously” dishonest president.

    Besides all the other smoke and mirrors, he assumes higher growth than anyone else thinks is possible. And even lower estimates may well be optimistic unless big cuts are made.

    But Obama is campaigning … already promising a new load of unicorns. The last ones didn’t show up because of Bush, the next ones won’t show up because the evil Tea Party Republicans cut funding.

    We need another wave of Tea Partiers to take congress … can’t see the next president yet. President Trump? I’d like a business person in there … preferably an honest one that would be devoted to the country, not his own business and power.

  2. Obama disgusts me.

    As your link at #2 suggests, Obama’s “budget” is either:

    1. Playing politics with a serious issue and just a cynical ploy torn out of the Democrat 1995 playbook,

    2. He is clueless and helpless without Nancy Pelosi working on his behalf and doing the heavy lifting for him in the House,

    3. All of the above, and maybe more.

    That’s the thing about Democrats—it’s always back to the future; if #1 is true, Obama believes ’95 is the same as ’11—which clearly isn’t true on a variety of levels.

    He’s holding a press conference today—we’ll see how far in the tank the press is—STILL!

  3. As to your #1 “can’t see the next president yet”, according to Jay Cost, the smart ones are sitting out ’11 because there is no advantage to starting the campaign early—in fact, it is a detriment.

    It’s also important to remember that in ’06, two years before the election, the CW was that it would be Hillary v. Guliani. NOT!

    The press is pushing the “GOP has a weak field” meme, and touting unlikely candidates as Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, etc. as “frontrunners”, but you would expect that from those who see it as their mission to get The Won re-elected. 🙂

  4. yeah, it still seems Obama may actually be on a Cloward Piven path … but in any case, debt now is different than in ’95.

    The “we CAN spend” and “Medicare is funded till 2036” nuts don’t seem to get (or willfully ignore) it is only funded with government IOU’s … they spent the money in the “lock box”, and now more is going out than coming. Even those rosy numbers depend on divine intervention in our economy, and i have yet to see Obama walk on water.

    This one minute bar chart gives a little perspective.

  5. On president … yeah, BigMedia and the left seem very organized at attacking any perceived front runners. President Pollyanna wants to run on hope and change again, since he has nothing else except class warfare.

    This series is pretty good at exposing Obama and the progressive movement. As opposed to giving the lower class the OPPORTUNITY to move up to the middle, Obama seems to want to use them as a government funded “army”, marching out as a whole against “evil” capitalists. Of course he is willing to lie and say he had nothing to do with ACORN or their like.


  6. I watched Obama’s press conference this a.m. and as I sat there watching the spin spool out of his mouth, I realized that I no longer believe anything he says.


    James Pethokoukis:

    “Here’s what President Barack Obama’s new budget tells me: He hasn’t shifted to the center, he’s shifted into 2012 campaign mode, one that lets him be who he really is . . . to redistribute wealth after decades of income inequality and to finish weaving the social safety net created by universal health care.”


    Obama groupie Andrew Sullivan FINALLY gets the Hopey-Changey thing was just a cruel hoax to dupe the rubes:

    “. . . this president is too weak, too cautious, too beholden to politics over policy to lead . . . On the critical issue of America’s fiscal crisis, he represents no hope and no change. Just the same old Washington politics he once promised to end.”

    Ya think?


    Megan McArdle:

    “Unless politicians get serious about deficit reduction now—not seven years in the future—they’re going to tax-cut-and-spend us straight into the poorhouse.”

  7. How many people think we need high speed rail? I doubt I will ever see it finished. To many lawyers, surveys, studies, unions, etc. A giant waste of money and pandering to union constructions

  8. All they ever do is bitch and moan. They were bigger doubters about schiller’s victory than my cousin and I were. Go smoke some cigs, drink some miller lite and chill out…

  9. Well yeah T, one of the favorite things liberals love to do is give us stuff we don’t want and make us pay for it.

    Sheesh! Let’s hope these train/windmill boondoggles are one of the first things to get cut—then make Obama justify spending for them!


    I forgot to mention the instant demagoguery in Obama’s remarks.

    Out of one side of his mouth he says he’s “willing” to talk to the GOP about further cuts and wants to have an “adult conversation” about the budget, then out of the other side of his mouth he says bullsh*t like “If we’re cutting infant formula to poor kids, is that who we are as a people . . . That’s something we’re going to have to debate.”

    Sorry Bammy, but that isn’t an “adult conversation” that is trite, boring decades-old Democrat demagoguery.

    I’ve notice Pelosi is already shrieking about how the GOP wants to hurt women and children—charges the GOP wants granny to eat dog food is sure to follow.

    Obama is alleged to be the most brilliant man on the planet, who has surrounded himself with other brilliant great brains—so why can’t he come up with something more original than Republicans Hate The Chillllldren?

    Only a few hours after his hypocritical smarmy vow to “work together”, “bipartisanship”, etc. he was making veto threats even though the GOP has not even presented a budget yet.

    Jeez! Obama is a prancing, preening, posing, posturing and pontificating buffoon who is nothing more than a South Side ward heeler, who by some mysterious means has been elevated beyond his abilities.

  10. President Obama has almost got us out of the economic recession. If Democrats can keep America moving forward we are going to experience a rush of new economic activity.

    Thankfully people tuned in President Obama’s message of hope and change.

    Progress is made by doers!

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