The Land That Time Forgot

I haven’t been following the mayoral race in Chicago—all I know is that Rahm Emanuel has a massive lead in the polls. But this story in the Chicago Tribune caught my attention for this sentence:

“[Two candidates] . . . slammed [Rahm] Emanuel for his positions on . . . reparations . . . Emanuel agreed with most candidates in supporting reparations for descendants of slavery, but said that all citizens need to keep in mind that the city has a significant budget deficit to tackle.”

One of the candidates, Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins, who is black and a community organizer slammed Emanuel, saying she was offended by his comments “because the nation was built ‘on the backs of slaves’.”

Holy. Freaking. Cats.

Who knew this reparations twaddle was taken seriously by anyone serious?

And Rahm would be all for it if Chicago’s budget picture was a little rosier?


Unfortunately this is bad news for the rest of us because if blacks want it, and community organizers want it, and Big Labor wants it, and Chicago wants it, it WILL be done by the Democrat legislature in Springfield.

I know how it will go down—another midnight vote along straight party lines, with the triumphant Democrats crowing “it’s the right thing to do” and that it will “stimulate” the economy.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “The Land That Time Forgot”

  1. I like the Horowitz response that makes the idea look absurd.

    But Democrats will never stop playing the race card. If blacks want to go back hundreds of years, do they really think they’d be better off staying in Africa? But this isn’t about a logical debate, it is about being divisive and stirring up the “masses”. Post racial for ObamaRahma means “whitey must pay … reparations are not enough”.

    Why in the world would anyone want to live in “oppressive America” when the freedom in Africa has done so much for the black man there. Of course they also blame the white colonizers for Africa’s problems.

    … the whole world was one happy place till evil western capitalism arrived. Mao, Hitler, Stalin … all wonderful socialists and communists.

    Obama’s team praises Mao and Chavez … whata world, whata world … can’t wait till Obama gets his domestic force, as well funded and powerful as our military. Good grief … what kind of war does he want?

  2. Thanks for the link which sets out what we all know about the scam known as “reparations”.

    This idiocy has been defeated in the courts over and over, yet they still push it—I suppose they think eventually they’ll get a panel like Roe v. Wade that will push aside the law and logic and give them what they want—whatever that is.

    My own view is that I would be OK with reparations as long as the $$$$ was spent on psychological counseling for those who think more free $$$$ will solve their problems or wash away our nation’s “sins” that 600,000+ Civil War dead failed to do.

    Until I saw this article, I thought this “debate” about reparations was mostly limited to academia—that the supposedly brilliant Emanuel says it’s okey-dokey is truly amazing.

  3. My understanding is that they will pass this in the latter part of the middle of the night. That makes it even better.

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