The National Association For Anachronisms Like ‘Colored People’

A bland front page story about the NAACP and its Rock Island County president Liz Sherwin in the Hare-Dispatch primarily consisted of regurgitated decades-old talking points.

Unfortunately, it’s tough to stay relevant when virtually your entire agenda has become the law of the land, but Sherwin struggles mightily to justify the NAACP’s existence.

The final paragraph of the story is this quote from Sherwin:

“It’s not about blackness . . . It’s about equal rights for everyone.”

It’s a shame the reporter lapsed into stenography mode, because there was an opportunity to report on something other than old bromides and cliches; the reporter should have asked if Sherwin denounced the “progressives” at a recent protest who loudly called for SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas to be “strung up”, to “send him back into the fields” and “cut off all his toes and feed them to him one-by-one”, among other nasty, hateful and ugly racist comments. The national NAACP has declined to directly address this racism.

The reporter also could have asked Sherwin about the NAACP resolution charging the Tea Party with racism.

So many missed opportunities to have a REAL story, not just another press release which has been done a bazillion times about the NAACP.


Author: qcexaminer

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