An Iowegian Senator Calls Sooooeeeee To His Pigs At The Trough . . .

. . . and the pigs come running.

Iowegian Democrat Senator Tom Harkin sent out an email to all the Democrat special interest group lobbyists calling for a meeting so they could strategize how to fight GOP spending cuts.

This Harkin call to rally Beltway lobbyists caused GOP Rep. Paul Ryan to go into hoot mode:

“You can’t make this stuff up . . . As with how [Democrats] passed health care, they are relying on backroom deals, getting lobbyists to carry their water, demagoguery—it’s another example of how they think the end justifies the means.”

Let’s get real about Democrats; they no longer are the party of the poor and middle class, they are the party of special interests and the rich.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “An Iowegian Senator Calls Sooooeeeee To His Pigs At The Trough . . .”

  1. Do we REALLY have to CRASH. Isn’t Europe a preview? Didn’t they get the November message. Is it because Harkin is old and doesn’t care what happens? Are the Liberals really more dangerous for our future than Al Qeada? Why do they still win elections?

  2. I think the last election proved that the Harkins and Hares of the country are on the way out—there was a massive turnover of historic proportions nationwide from Dem to GOP.

    Be thankful that in Iowa Harkin is the exception, not the rule. Here in Illinois, we keep electing these tax and spend liberals who have had complete control of our government for nearly a decade and gleefully continue to run it off the cliff.

    So there is hope for Iowa and most of the rest of the country—Illinois, not so much.

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