Stuck On Stupid

Less than a month after ramming through a massive tax increase in the middle of the night on a straight party line vote, Illinois Democrats are already dreaming up ways to spend all that new taxpayer moolah:

HB104 creates a new bureaucracy with the Department of Minority and Women Inclusion

SB97 raises the tax credit for new hires by $1000

HB152 creates another bureaucracy with a new Department of Education having its own cabinet secretary

HB211 gives a $5 per hour tax credit for volunteers working at community service events

HB258 permanently eliminates the sales tax charged on school supplies from August 6-15

HB259 increases the property tax credit for the disabled and SB138 doubles the credit for all taxpayers.

GOP Senator Matt Murphy is incredulous:

“It’s like people are living in a fantasy land . . . We can’t afford what we do now, much less new programs . . . [and] If [tax relief] is your goal, don’t pass the largest tax increase in state history.”

We all knew this would happen; the Democrats would see all that new money pouring in and rather than use it to pay bills, they would race to find new ways to spend it. They have no clue about how to fix the fiscal mess they created; all they have are their failed policies of the past— tax-spend-expand government.

It’s what they do, it’s who they are.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Stuck On Stupid”

  1. What is with the middle of the night rhetoric?
    What is it supposed to mean? Are you saying they were tired and this makes them not responsive? Are you saying the press would not realize it happened because it happened when they were sleeping?
    What exactly does it being passed in the middle of the night have to do with it?
    Are you saying they are hard working people?

  2. Yeah, sure Rusty, that’s what I’m saying—“they are hard working people.”

    Those lame ducks nearly quacked themselves to death in the final hours of the last session. 🙂

  3. [Illinois Democrats are already dreaming up ways to spend all that new taxpayer moolah:]

    Is that surprising? I previously said, though a tax increase was inevitable and probably unavoidable at this point – one of the problems with any tax increase is that the Illinois Legislators see the money as theirs to use for whatever pork project they have their tunnel vision locked on to. Just like with the lottery money that was supposed to go to education- the legislators will spend the tax increase money with self-delusions of paying it back at a later date.

  4. Well yeah S, you don’t have to be Nostradamus to predict the Dems would invent new and better ways to SPEND! SPEND! SPEND! all that new $$$$ rather than pay off bills.

    With Democrats in complete control of the government who knows how many of these crackheaded bills will make it into law but I’d say the odds are better than 60-40.

    Speaking of crackheads, Quinn is pushing the state to borrow $8.75B to allegedly pay overdue bills; this “borrowing” will allegedly be paid off in 14 years with part of this new $$$$.

    Wacky, ain’t it?

    I’m going to call Morthland and Jacobs on Monday to see what they are going to do—I’m sure Jacobs will be for it, but I want to see if Morthland and the GOPers will insist there are some serious cuts in spending in exchange for their vote.

    The Borrow ‘Til Yer Government Explodes Bill is SB3.

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