The Cheese Stands Alone

Jennifer Rubin:

“The nation’s governors divide largely into two camps: Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) and everyone else . . . Quinn is whistling past the graveyard on his state’s economy, avoiding specific cuts and hiking taxes.”

What Rubin didn’t mention is that Quinn has irresponsibly been packing his government with massive amounts of unionized workers, whose salaries and pensions are unsustainable—he has made a bad situation worse with these reckless hirings.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “The Cheese Stands Alone”

  1. Quinn is not a very intelligent man and he’s not smart enough to know how to fix the mess he and his party created. He has spent most of his career being a bomb-thrower, and now that he finds himself in charge of making the bombs, he has no idea how to proceed.

    I don’t have much hope Illinois will dig itself out of the hole the Dems have dug—nobody, even GOPers, seems serious about cuts and this new money won’t even come close to covering the years of reckless spending and looting done by the Dems.

    Democrat governors in deep blue states like New York and California are demanding deep cuts and no new taxes, but Three County Quinn just bumbles along like everything is hunkey-dorey now that he has some new $$$$.

    As long as Democrats control all three branches of government, I really don’t see any hope of improvement here—the best thing that could happen is some sort of natural disaster that totally wipes out Springfield so we can start over with completely new people.

    Illinois government is irretrievably broken.

  2. But catastrophically, your logic is in the minority. It’s baffling that your State keeps trucking along with the support of your neighbors. I realize one State has to be last, but even the States that are cutting spending most likely are too late. The fuel in Egypt is hunger; do you think a father who can’t feed his children would act any differently here? Preparedness is our best tool; be ready. (When I say “your State,” “your neighbors,” it is in no way a reflection on the gift you continue to offer your readers. Thank you for attempting to wake us all up!)

  3. “Baffling” is right; so much of Illinois politics reminds me of the definition of insanity which is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. The same people that thought Blago deserved a second term are the same people who thought the reckless spenders who brought our state finances to the brink of bankruptcy deserved to stay in power.


    Illinois is like a Third World Country and/or Banana Republic; you have your all-powerful strongman in Michael Madigan, his puppet government with Quinn and the Democrat legislature, who loot taxpayers for the benefit of themselves, their family, friends and cronies.

    The only thing missing is the camels. 🙂

    PS: Thanks for the compliment!

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