So What Is Bobby—Chopped Liver?

Chris Cillizza:

“In the first major media salvo of its effort to reclaim the House in 2012, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committe is launching an advertising campaign against 19 targeted Republican incumbents . . . aimed squarely at Republicans in mostly Democrat-leaning districts.”

So what’s the deal? Why isn’t Schilling on the list?

I surmise:

**The DCCC can’t figure out a way to make an effective ad that shrieks “SCHILLING WANTS TO SEND PIZZA OVERSEAS TO CHINA AND INDIA!!1111!!!

**DCCC has misunderestimated Schilling like Hare did last year

**DCCC found out that the Democrat nominee for congress will be decided by the Politburo in a dirty backroom deal producing yet another loser like Hare, so they are ceding the 17th (or whatever #) to Schilling.

Whichever it is, Schilling should be peeved at being excluded from this exclusive list—-and don’t you know people can’t wait for even MORE political ads after the onslaught of ’10?

Should be really effective—way to go DCCC!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

48 thoughts on “So What Is Bobby—Chopped Liver?”

  1. The reason local politician Bob Schilling isn’t on the “Leaning Hit List” is because he’s already toast due to the impending redistricting. So why would Democrats waste money on a seat that isn’t in question?

  2. Schilling will hold the District as long as he wants. Democrats had their asses handed to them by the Schilling camp 11% to be exact. They will crush the next career politician\attorney in ’12. We listened to you Dems talk all your smack about how Phillip Hare would crush Bobby how’s that working out for ya? Dems have NO ONE that take Schilling out, its time to get behind your new Congressman! He’s done more for the 17th in one month than Hare did in 30 years. Some people just can’t handle a good solid ass whoopen. Wave 2 will come to you little bitches in ’12. See you at the polls!

  3. Eckert would have a point…if he knew what he was talking about…

    The problem with his theory is that the DCCC also threw money against Jon Runyan from NJ. Everyone knows that Jon is probably going to get cut out.

    More likely the DCCC is signaling for who they want to be drawn out.

    Either way it isn’t good for the Schilling campaign. But they’ve had tough battles before and I’m sure that they will withstand the upcoming one as well.

  4. Bob ran for office and won in a fluke. It was a non-presidential year and a strange on at that. During the Presidential year Democrats, seniors, minorities and young people will come out in droves to support their president. Who do the R’s have to take on President Obama? Palin? Rommney? As a result the entire Republican ticket will be in protection mode and money from outside groups will have less relevance than last time.

    As the president goes so goes the 17th. See you Bob!

  5. Bobby has no record to run against at this time. Look at the map and who do you think the Democrat controlled state will chop for redistricting, a Democrat? Who are the most likely candidates for the one seat we will lose? It only makes sense to get rid of the ugly lines on the map that makes up this district. I won’t be here for next election so I guess it’s moot.

  6. I’ve said this once, but I’m gonna say it again: I want Bobby to have his 4 terms, but even if he doesn’t, due to Democrat perfidy and dirty tricks, he will still have done our district an enormous service by getting rid of Phucking Phil.

    No one else—Dem or GOPer, had the drive, discipline, will or moxie to do this, so if not for Schilling, we would have had another 20 years of Lane’s Chosen One.

    Even if Schilling never does another thing, he will be lauded by both parties for getting rid of a congressman who was totally and completely inappropriate for our moderate district.

  7. @all democrat trolls—

    The only reason that outside groups came into the 17th district was because it was in play. Phil Hare had 2x the amount of outside money poured in as Schilling did.

    The reason that Phil Hare lost is simple. He was a horrible candidate and Schilling was a decent candidate who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

    Schilling raised over a million for his campaign and 80% came from individual donors.

    Your point about more people going to the polls in a presidential year just makes the case that Schilling is a great candidate even more clear.

    Democrats can’t beat Schilling so they need the help of their God—Barack Obama.

    All this democrat bullshit is making me hungry. Who wants some pizza?

  8. I think the point is redistricting will make it where Schilling and Schock will both be in the same district.
    Schilling already has said that he will not run against Schock.
    Are you people ignorant to the fact that we are losing a Congressman in Illinois? Why target a dead man walking?

  9. Well if you looked up the media buys Rusty, I wouldn’t consider spending $163 against Joe Walsh and $216 against Bob Dold, “Targeting”

    Haha! It was just to get media you slouch. You are entertaining though. Don’t forget, this is a new brand of gopers that you’re dealing with. We aren’t lazy and we aren’t new to “working”

    We’re coming to take every problem maker out of power. Don’t consider us dumb or lazy. We aren’t falling for it.

  10. That’s what I was thinking too, Dave.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dems try to take out Schilling by redistricting or some other method so none of them actually have to run against him.

    Democrats don’t know how to fight fair and they don’t know how to work to get elected; if their daddy, employer, powerful patron, etc. doesn’t appoint them so they can then run as the approved party incumbent, they would have no idea how to go about getting elected, and they REALLY have no idea how to deal with the new, improved, YOUNG GOPers. No one believes Pat Verschoore, Mike Jacobs or Phil Hare would have won in an open primary; which is their weakness.

    RICO Dems have had it too easy for too long—they are flabby and lazy and the RICO GOP establishment did their part by gladly and willingly being co-opted by the Dems so THEY wouldn’t have to work, either.

    The Dems seem to think the ’10 election was just a fluke rather than a major shift, so they will continue to bitterly cling to the status quo hoping for a return to the Good Ol’ Days.


    T, is that a rhetorical question or are you asking for input? πŸ™‚

  11. Not everybody has God tell them their son should quit college and run tge family business so that their dream of power and fame could be fulfilled. Not everyone could just quit working for two years so they could run for office. If you are saying that Hare had to work and that makes him lazy so be it. Not everybody can quit work for two years so they can be famous. Look what the power has done. Notice the LASIK surgery and thenew $500 haircut.

  12. Note To Readers:

    Normally I send inane, incoherent comments like Rusty’s #12 straight to Spam Hell. But I think it is useful to publish them once in a while so everyone can see the “thot” process and unhinged hyper-emotionalism of the Dims.

    This is what passes for an intellectual argument on the left—it is clear their brains have atrophied.

  13. Since we are ignorant, please tell me what a person can spend their own money on? I had Lasik done several years ago but can’t find the $500 barber. I think you will find one party feeding at the public teat much more than the other.

  14. $500 haircut?

    I’m pretty sure Bobby got his latest haircut done by his wife… maybe that’s her standard rate?

    Rusty, where do you get this deep insight?

  15. Unfortunately, Rusty’s comment is typical in that there is always a major focus on how Bobby looks and on Bobby’s family.

    Ever since Kerry popped-off about Mary Cheney at a ’04 POTUS debate, the Dems feel a GOPer’s children are fair game—Palin’s kids being Exhibit A.

    It’s also worth mentioning that Hare got cleaned up when he was selected as congressman. Before selection, Hare was just another fat slob that would fit right in at any union hall, but someone got a hold of him and normalized him—at least the best they could. πŸ™‚

    And for all Rusty’s moaning, crying and bitching about Schilling “quitting” his job to run for congress, I’m sure Rusty had no problem voting for Obama who served about one year in the US Senate, then ran for POTUS the rest of his term, all the while drawing a paycheck from taxpayers—something Bobby never did. This also points out how ignorant so many Dims are about the private sector.

  16. Who cares is Bob worked or not for two years, the fact is, everything is good now. Bob is on the public dole, his boy quit school to run the pizza joynt and his other son is being paid by lobbyist and special interest groups. Who says politics don’t pay? Bob has found the Washington DC look and is going to make the be$t of it. Who can blame him? After all being a Republican is a winning hand!!!

  17. I do not have a problem with Schilling not working for two years so that he could run for his dream job and enjoy the perks of power. I never once said that. The problem is that it was said that Hare was lazy just because he had a job and could not spend two years campaigning. Not everyone can get God to speak to them about getting their son to quit college so that the adult parent can fulfill his dream of fame and power.
    Get your facts straight. Did Schillings wife do the LASIK procedure as well. You people are way to sensitive. Get over yourselves.

  18. Qce—

    Something strange is happening…usually by this time there has been a “Phil Hare will be potus and crush Bobby Schilling!!!! Phil Hare in a land slide!!!11!!1!1111!!!

    I think that they might be losing faith in their chosen one…

  19. Lasik is expensive and only someone of Bob’s wealth could possibly afford it in these tough economic times!

  20. You might be right Dave, but here’s my theory:

    From past statements by RICO Dem poobahs, this month (and the previous month) they will be working out a dirty backroom deal to decide who The Chosen One will be so there is no messy “democracy” going on in the Dem ranks with an inconvenient and uncontrolled primary.

    This may take a while since Hare didn’t exactly win in a LANDSLIDE!!!11111!!!!, so I’m sure some of the poobahs are reluctant to select him again, and then there are all those Dems who have waited their turn, even after the inexperienced Hare was allowed to jump to the front of the line in ’06, so there may be some unrest about who The Chosen One will be. They may also be waiting to see how the redistricting shakes out.

    Considering Hare LOST IN A LANDSLIDE!!11111!!! and couldn’t even carry leftwing wacko RICO, his re-selection is not a slam-dunk.

    As I said, I have no inside information, this is just my theory as to why we haven’t been hearing more absurd HARE WILL BE POTUS!!1111111 idiocy.

  21. Note to readers:

    Obviously #21 is not the REAL RSchilling (there is also another comment in another thread), and his comment has been heavily edited, which makes me re-think Dave’s #19 comment; I do get comments along the lines of HARE (or Democrats or whoever/whatever) WILL CRUSH SHILLING (sic)!!!!11111!!!, but they usually go straight to Spam Hell because they are so damned boring and so damned stupid and I’m so damned tired of them after two years non-stop.

    Since publishing Rusty’s comment, other Dims/Phreaks have come out of retirement and are back at cranking out Dim propaganda.

    I shoulda known better.

  22. I just hope they don’t run a “fierce” campaigner like Schwiebert against Bobby…I don’t know if Bobby can beat someone who still managed to lose 15 percent of the vote to David Kimbell…

  23. I think it will be interesting to see who the Politburo candidate will be in the next election. Count me among those that think it will be an insider decision/selection even if they have a real primary. The only real chance for a challenge to a party-chosen politburo successor would be for a real maverick with deep pockets in any effort to challenge the status quo of local politics.

  24. Unfortunately, I don’t really see a maverick Dem challenger—the iron fist of the Politburo would immediately crush them—-we’ve all seen what happens to those who attempt to operate outside The Community—the threats, the smears, the lies, the whisper campaigns, etc.

    On the other hand, the Politburo may be in disarray since their two most powerful poobahs are gone; Gianulis is dead and Evans is demented, so there may be some sort of power struggle going on—who knows? But I assume they will pick one of the Old Standbys—Hare, Schwiebert, Jacobs, etc., all of which have serious problems.

    Of course their success depends on how feckless the RICO GOP decides it wants to be. It’s important to mention that Schilling didn’t stand around waiting to get the blessing of the RICO GOP. Like Davey Crockett, he made sure he was right and then went ahead. πŸ™‚

    From what I can tell, the local GOP STILL isn’t very serious about defeating Democrats, but if some independent-minded GOPers decide to get in there and fight and point out over and over the problems with whichever Dem the Politburo picks, they may well win.

    As I’ve mentioned before, RICO Dems don’t know how to fight because they’ve never had to do it; the right GOP candidates would easily be able to defeat them.

  25. Illinois Senator Jacobs is the one to watch. He’s done a good job, is a proven vote getter and crosses party lines with ease. In addition, Mike can raise the money and beat Aaron Schock. If my dad plays his cards right maybe he can get a job with our next congressman (Ala Ahern).

  26. Obviously #30 isn’t Terry Schilling, but isn’t it interesting to see how the Jacobites intend to spin their lord and master?

    Yeah, after voting for the “historic” largest tax increase in Illinois history, I’m sure Marvelous Mike will have no problem being “a proven vote getter” who “crosses party lines with ease”.

    That might be the OLD Marvelous Mike, but it sure as hell ain’t the NEW! IMPROVED! leftwing Mike.

    Good luck to daddy’s boy Marvelous Mike defeating a genuine political superstar like Schock.

    You don’t have to be delusional to be a Democrat—but it helps!

  27. Schock’s new district is very Democratic and Jacobs should be a shoe in. I think Jacobs will beat the pink belted Schock with ease.

  28. Thinking some more about Dave’s #21, I decided to fish out all the Dim/Phreak comments on this thread from Spam Hell so everyone could see that they have NOT stopped their inane rants.

    These are #18, 20, 22 and today’s 32. #22 has been cleaned up some because I thought it might be usable, but gave up—the original was idiotic.

  29. How many times are you going to have to come back and say, “Obviously #_ _ is not Blank Schilling”

    These guy are unoriginal.

    Schilling told me that Jacobs would be a real threat if it wasn’t for Schwiebert. Schwiebert defeated the formidable David Kimbell. He will crush Schilling…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  30. I’d hope Bobby reconsiders his stance on not running against Schock (sp). Bobby is a successful business man, husband, father of 10 and not part of the established Republican lineage, whereas he will attract independents more so then Aaron. Those are 4 things he brings to the table, that Schook does not. Yes Schock has some juice around him, but how far does juice take you until you are yesterdays hot thing? In addition, the vote totals, at least the last time I checked, saw more of a voting base for Bobby then for Aaron. However, I may be wrong. Anyway, I hope Bobby sticks around.

  31. From a voter’s POV, ALL incumbents should be primaried; having a primary challenger either strenghtens the incumbent or exposes his weaknesses.

    I don’t know if Schilling would win in a match-up against Schock or not, but it would be fun to see him try!

    Either way, it’s always a good thing to have TOO MANY good choices at election time, rather than too few.

  32. Since Bob didn’t have a primary, nor did Richy Morthland, is it safe to say both are Republican politicians are products of “dirty back-room deals”, or is this only true when it’s Democrats?

  33. Hey Schillingfags! If you aren’t QCexaminer then how come she supports bobby schilling? Checkmate.

  34. Hey Schillingfags! If Phil Hare doesn’t care about the Constitution then how come he was a congressman? Checkmate.

  35. Hey Schillingfags! If Bobby is so great then how come he only win one election and phil hare and lane evans wins 15 election? Checkmate.

  36. Hey Schillingfags! If you can beat Mike Jacobs then how come he is a state senator already? Checkmate.

  37. Hey Schillingfags! If you really think that Bobby isn’t rich then how come he has a nice house and makes pizza? Checkmate.

  38. I broke the system!? Yes!

    Honestly though, these guys are too easy to mock. I just can’t believe anyone takes them seriously.

    They’ve made the quad cities into a joke.

  39. This is the choice I face practically every day:

    1. Publish any comment as long as it isn’t abusive, or

    2. Kick to Spam Hell any and all inane, fact-free, up-is-down comments.

    Mostly I do #2 because I don’t want my comments to be hijacked by idiots. However, sometimes I relent and this thread demonstrates what happens.

    If all anyone knew about the local Dims was from their comments here, it would be obvious to all that their collective IQ was double-digit—or lower.

    Sheesh Dims—can’t you step up your game?

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