Justice Ain’t Cheap

The Madigans—father and daughter—are confident that the Illinois Supreme Court will rule the $31 billion capital bill is constitutional.

So what gives them such confidence?

In 2010 Michael Madigan gave over $1,375,000 to Tom Kilbride for his retention campaign.

Gentle readers, that is no typo; Madigan gave over a MILLION dollars to retain Kilbride on the bench.

The fact that Kilbride is now Chief Justice is just icing on the Madigan cake.

As I’ve mentioned before, Kilbride was nobody’s idea of a legal scholar—he had an unsuccessful private practice and he was basically operating on the fringes of the Rock Island County legal community.

But the Democrat Party and their Big Labor paymasters saw something special in Kilbride—he was a lawyer who could be bought and would STAY bought. So they poured massive amounts of $$$$ into his initial campaign—giving him a car and a driver to go around the district promoting himself.

Democrats control the Supreme Court and all other branches of Illinois government; no matter what the law says, does anyone really doubt Kilbride will come through for his paymasters on the capital bill issue?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “Justice Ain’t Cheap”

  1. Senator Mike Jacobs said as much as Speaker Madigan and Attorney General Lisa Madigan more than a week ago – do you think Jacobs paid-off the Madigans to side with him?

  2. What I think is that if Mike Jacobs got over $1M from Madigan for his re-election campaign, Mike would vote the way Madigan wanted him to, and Madigan would EXPECT to get something for his $1M, just as he expects something from Kilbride for the $1M+ he poured into his retention campaign.

    Your suggestion that Jacobs has more power and money than Madigan is laughable.

  3. It’s not that Senator Jacobs is more powerful than Speaker Madigan — it’s that Mike didn’t get anything from Madigan, but holds the same view. Another way to think of it is that Senator Mike Jacobs, Speaker Mike Madigan and Attorney General Madigan actually think the Appellate Court is wrong and their opinion will be over ruled by the Supreme Court.

    Not everything is about MONEY! Sometimes JUDICIAL ACTIVISM comes in play!!!!

  4. Well yeah—and $1M+ will buy a heckuvalotta “JUDICIAL ACTIVISM”.

    BTW, since Senator Mike Jacobs is so sure this will be overturned by the Supreme Court, maybe you could clue us in on what law school he graduated from—would it be the same one as former Congressman Phil “I don’t care about the constitution” Hare? đŸ™‚

  5. Tuesday, February 01, 2011

    Supreme Court grants stay on capital plan ruling

    Illinois state capital construction projects, and all the mechanisms used to fund the borrowing to pay for them, will continue as planned for now.

    The Illinois Supreme Court granted the state’s request to put a hold on the effects of a lower court decision that ruled the capital bill unconstitutional. That means projects will go on, and the state will continue to collect the higher taxes and fees that were included in the legislation until the Illinois Supreme Court rules on the case.

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