Rock Island County Politics Are Like Egypt’s But Without The Mass Protests

Lee Smith:

“. . . it does seem to be the case that the protests erupting throughout Egypt’s major cities are less about President Hosni Muarak’s 29-year-long reign than they are about the succession of the man who seems to be his chosen heir, his 47-year-old son Gamal”.

Mike Jacobs became a state senator because his daddy gave up his seat to him and got three of this Democrat cronies to vote for Mike, which they did, not because Mike was qualified to be senator, but because they “wanted to honor Denny’s wishes”.

People are rioting in the streets and risking their lives in Egypt in order to prevent Mubarak’s son from “inheriting” his presidency. All anyone ever said in Rock Island County and the surrounding counties in the district about Denny Jacobs demanding his son be installed as senator was—-baaaaaa.



Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Rock Island County Politics Are Like Egypt’s But Without The Mass Protests”

  1. I agree QCE. It was not right for Morthland to keep his County seat so that his hand picked successor could take Morthlands job. The reason Pat Quinn beat Senator Bill Brady was because Bill Brady was specially selected as well. This same selection was how Obama got his hand picked replacement Roland Burris. Obama chose Burris because they were great friends. Even though Denny Jacobs was no longer Senator these County Chairman were afraid that Jacobs would run against them if they didn’t do what he said.

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