“Our Politicians Have Taken Advantage Of Our Trust”

The Ghost of John Brown explains why the recently deemed unconstitutional Capital Bill is not a “jobs” bill, but yet another Porkulus Bill:

“Taking care of infrastructure is a ‘meat and potatoes’ issue. The trouble is, that our politicians know that, and they have taken advantage of our trust. In both the ‘Illinois First’ and the 2009 Capital Bill, which was overturned, what were touted as ‘Capital Bills’ were only partially related to Capital projects. Instead of working to fix our infrastructure, we bought furniture, gave money to churches, not for profit groups, museums, etc., etc., etc.”

“The Ghost” offers suggestions to make the capital bill better:

**Stick to infrastructure needs ONLY—no added pork

**Stabilize spending so that long term planning can be done

**Streamline the process; cut redtape, lawsuits, environmental rules, etc., all which increase the cost of these projects.

All “Capital” tax $$$$ should go to infrastructure to benefit ALL the people, not just for massaging political special interests.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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