Kozy ‘Krat Korthouse Klub Krap Kontinues

Diana Robinson, who has been with the RICO Auditor’s office for 31 years—the last 14 as elected auditor, suddenly announced she is quitting in the middle of her current term, effective April 1.

Democrat County Board Chairman Jim Bohnsack will have until June 1 to appoint a replacement. You’ll never guess who she is endorsing:

“She suggested her chief deputy clerk, April Palmer. ‘She is my rock,’ Ms. Robinson said.”

Sheesh! Don’t these people EVER complete a term?

She must not have any kids or grandkids who could “inherit” her position.

The complete lack of embarrassment over these bait-and-switch political games by county Democrats is the direct result of 40 years of unchecked power.

Who’s gonna stop them from their anti-democratic behavior—the feckless and feeble RICO GOP Party that’s played patsy to the Politburo for decades?

Not likely.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “Kozy ‘Krat Korthouse Klub Krap Kontinues”

  1. April Palmer, Richy Morthland’s hand-picked replacement are peas in a pod. These stand-in line politburo leaders pass their jobs on to their kids and best friends. PALMER is Phil Hare’s niece.

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