If You Can’t Beat ‘Em . . .

. . . sue ’em!

“The National Labor Relations Board [has] threatened to sue Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota and Utah over constitutional amendments guaranteeing workers the right to the secret ballot in union elections.”

Utah’s Attorney General:

“If they want to bring a lawsuit, then bring it. We believe that the secret ballot is as fundamental a right as any American has had since the beginning of this country. We want to protect the constitutional rights of our citizens.”

It really is amazing the lengths to which the Obama administration will go in order to ram through their unpopular policies—but not surprising. As a famous progressive Illinoisian said:

“I don’t really worry about the Constitution on this to be honest.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “If You Can’t Beat ‘Em . . .”

  1. But how can Obama’s union thugs know who to kneecap if they can’t watch how they vote?

    Voters are so dishonest … they’ll vote against unions, but say they are voting for unions, just so they don’t have their legs broken.

    Only a progressive media could keep Obama from being widely seen as the anti-freedom/anti-business progressive/communist that he is.

  2. Yeah, “communist” is right.

    Obama’s Labor Dept. is not only initiating a program of corporate intimidation in order to get more unions in the private sector, they are also working on setting up a Stasi-like spy program, headed by “community organizations” like ACORN and unions to snitch on those who aren’t doing the right thing by Big Labor.

    When it comes to doing Big Labor’s bidding, the Obamites will do whatever it takes—after all, Big Labor spent $200M to buy Democrats in 2010 and they WILL NOT be denied!

    Scary—to say the least!

    Daily Caller has the scoop on this push by the Labor Dept. to force unionization on business.

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