DeMint To Illinois . . .

. . . DROP DEAD!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “DeMint To Illinois . . .”

  1. Now that Illinois is on solid financial footing why on earth would we go broke? Fact is, Illinois made the right choice and has itself on the road to fiscal stability. 🙂

  2. I doubt the Democrat Party could function without useful idiots like LittleBit90 parroting the party line.

    Oh wait, I take that back—the Democrat Party has the establishment press!

  3. If the Federal Government bailed out the financial system and the automobile industry why not the States. The deficit is alive and well in ALL states and this is a crisis that is plaguing every state in the union.
    Illinois increased the tax showing fiscal responsability.

  4. T, the only people saying Illinois is now on fiscal “solid footing” are Democrats, their cheerleaders and apologists—the same people who were shrieking for the last two years HARE IN A LANDSLIDE!!!1111!!

    They have to repeat this twaddle in order to feel good about themselves and their party.

    Unfortunately, as usual, the “solid footing” is a lie; most of this new money will be spent to pay some on overdue bills, but practically nothing is going to replenish the money the Democrats looted from the pension funds or to pay off debts. And even so, old overdue bills are still an issue.

    You’ll also notice no one is talking about deep cuts that also need to be made—it ain’t lookin’ good for Illinois with tax and spend liberals in control.


    Rusty/Gg, it’s unfortunate that it is only NOW, when the state is on the brink of disaster that the Democrats decided to do the “fiscal responsability” thing.

    If they would have shown some “fiscal responsability” during the 8 years they looted the pensions and spent like drunken sailors, we would not be in this Democrat-created mess.

    Sure other states have deficits, but few have the deep, disasterous deficits that Illinois does—maybe California is our only rival.

    Tax and spend liberals like Pat Quinn and Mike Jacobs have been crowing that their win in November gives them the green light to SPEND! SPEND! SPEND! with no cuts—who the hell is going to bailout such fiscal irresponsibility?

    Obviously not the GOP controlled House. If Quinn wanted his bailout, he should have made his case when the spend-crazy liberal Democrats controlled congress and had a blank check from taxpayers—it’s too late now—as the November election demonstrated, people have had a gut-full of “progressivism”—at least at the national level; it seems to be alive and well in Illinois. Our state is kinda like Cuba being the only communist country left on the planet—Illinois is about the only state left that believes it has a mandate to spend without making cuts.

  5. the bailouts were wrong and two wrongs don’t make a right. how is that auto bailout working? how is that fannie bailout working. we as citizens of another state had no say in how money was wasted in another, that’s why not. this will encourage more irresponsible spending. what’s to keep one state from giving all it’s citizens free cars & houses if other states have to pay? Money for nothing, chicks for free..

  6. Representative Pat and Senator Mike Jacobs voted for a fiscally responsible tax increase three years ago. It passed the Senate but couldnt pass the house due to those drunken sailors that you were talking about QCE.
    Responsibility is hard sometimes and it takes courage to take responsibility but Rep Verschoore and Senator Jacobs have the Courage to take that responsibility head on.
    Doing the unpopular but right thing is the true sign of leadership.

  7. Rusty, I’m glad you are finally telling the truth about Jacobs—he has been a tax and spend liberal for years!

    His other groupies have been trying to pass him off as a “moderate” or “conservative” Democrat.

    Ha! We won’t be fooled again!

  8. Verschoore and Jacobs are conservative Democrats. They do not want to continued unresponsible way of not paying your way. What kind of part wants to spend on the backs of our children.

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