“The Same Partisanship And Pettiness And Immaturity That Has Poisoned Our Politics For So Long” . . .

. . . is alive and well in the Rock Island County Republican Party.

My county board rep, Rich Morthland was elected in November to be the 71st Dist. representative, and his replacement on the county board will be chosen by Democrat board chair Jim Bohnsack, who is required by law to name another Republican as Morthland’s replacement.

Bohnsack announced there were three candidates for the seat, which he would not name.

However, RICO GOP Chair Susie Carpentier said the GOP recommendation was Chris Filbert, who is also Morthland’s choice.

Carpentier’s reasons for backing Filbert:

1. She’s a “staunch Republican”

2. The other two candidates “are not qualified . . . We reviewed their voting history.”

What to say about this juvenile pettiness?

**The two other candidates are Bruce Peterson and Harrison Wallace—I know both of them

**Peterson was my dentist for decades and was on the Moline school board and the Moline city council—he now lives in Port Byron.

**Wallace ran as the GOP candidate for county clerk, and although he lost, he gave a creditable run against his entrenched Democrat union opponent.

**What the hell is their “voting history”?

I’ve often wondered about this—-what is the benchmark for determining who is a Dem and who is a GOPer?

There is no party “registration” in Illinois; you show up to vote in the primary at your polling place and tell them if you want a Dem or GOP ballot.

Gentle readers, I have voted in the Democrat primary every election but one—-does that mean I’m a “staunch Democrat”?

Um, no.

All these histronics by Carpentier are just petty politics on steroids because as she admits:

“Ms. Filbert is the only Republican candidate to go through the Republican Central Committee to express interest. The two others went directly to Mr. Bohnsack.”


I have no idea what Bohnsack will do, but this nonsense is reason #2500845 why I’m not a member of any political party—or want to be.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on ““The Same Partisanship And Pettiness And Immaturity That Has Poisoned Our Politics For So Long” . . .”

  1. I’m just saying: Harrison Wallace didn’t run a campaign until the last 3-weeks leading up to the election.

    He is a good kid and very creative, but lazy as hell!!!

    It’s too bad he didn’t really RUN against that horrible union thug: he came within 5 points without working. He could have won!!

  2. Forgot to mention this bit of cutesy-poo from Susie-poo at the link:

    “Mr. Bohnsack would not reveal the names of the three candidates. Ms. Carpentier said she would leave it to chairman Bohnsack to reveal the other names if he wants to do so.”

    If you want to know where Susie got her party dress for the prom—well, you’ll just have to ask her yourself!


    The RICO GOP seems to be operating at the middle-school level, so how the hell do they expect to defeat the entrenched Powerful Politburo Poobahs?

    The RICO GOP needs to get some adult leadership—PRONTO!

  3. At the RICO GOP meeting tonight, I felt that Mr. Peterson was mistreated.

    People were flat out rude to him, including the chairwoman.

    How are we supposed to encourage newcomers to the party if they show up at their first meeting and see good people being publicly humiliated?

    In my opinion, many of those in the RICO GOP should be ashamed of themselves. They should have pulled Mr. Peterson aside after the meeting to address their objections to his candidacy — not treat him like dirt in front of a room of 50 people.

  4. jw, not exactly a ringing endorsement, eh? More comments like that and Bohnsack would be forced to select Wallace! đŸ™‚


    mary, this is hardly the time for the RICO GOP to behave like some sort of exclusive, members only club.

    If they don’t expand their membership and groom people to run against the Politburo, it will be ANOTHER 40 years of one-party Democrat rule.



    More Susie silliness here.

    Democrat poobah Don Johnston sends out robocalls asking for feedback about trimming the County Board’s 25 seats, and Susie jumps on him for stealing “her” idea:

    “. . . Carpentier said Mr. Johnston’s robocalls are asking questions echoing those that have been part of the local Republican party’s message for months. . . ‘I am not sure of Mr. Johnston’s agenda,’ Ms. Carpentier said. ‘We’ve had that information out. That was part of the county board (Republican) candidate’s platforms when they ran’.”

    Illinois has far more governmental units than any other state, so if the Politburo Poobahs are finally paying attention to what the taxpayers/voters want—which is smaller, cheaper government, why not encourage it?

    Didn’t Ronald Reagan say something along the lines that you can accomplish a lot as long as you don’t care who get the credit?


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