January’s Joke Is November’s Reality

In January when Barack Obama announced his intention to close Gitmo within one year, I did a tongue-in-cheek post called A Modest Proposal suggesting the terrorists be sent to Thomson prison, which had been empty since it was built in 2001.

As it turns out, the joke was on me because Thomson has become the leading option to house the Gitmo terrorists.

So far the reaction has been mixed; the locals are thrilled at the prospect of jobs and a boost to their local economy; Dick Durbin announced he was “pleased” with the idea; the US Representative for Thomson, a Republican, says no way; Quinn says he and Durbin will have more to say at a press conference later today.

Earlier this year, Durbin said he thought detainees should only be placed in super-max facilities, which Thomson isn’t, so we’ll have to see how he squares that circle. But the good news is the feds will have to buy Thomson from Illinois, which will give us some much needed cash—though not nearly enough for our dysfunctional state government to become functional.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “January’s Joke Is November’s Reality”

  1. congrats on your insightful proposal QCE … maybe Hare and Durbin read you here.

    My modest proposal … go to war against the criminal Chicago machine and their downstate cronies … confiscate their wealth to pay off the deficits (largely caused by them), and fill up Thomson and a few other facilities with the turkeys.

    Of course that might require an IL citizen “jihad” against our corrupt regime … but if we are serious about going after the real “terrorist” organizations doing the most damage, we should start in Chicago.

    An added perk is that the Chicago crime machine has money to fund its own incarceration, plus get IL out of debt.

    Our liberal goofballs insist al Qaeda and insurgents get treated as “enemy combatants” in the field when it comes to Geneva convention rights (which, as terrorists hiding among citizens, they don’t deserve).

    But now libs want them treated as US citizens, with Obama wanting Miranda rights read to insurgents in the field (in their language) …not real helpful for attaining battlefield intel.

    True insanity … whatever is better for our enemies, seems to be the favored position of our President for the world. I wonder why that is.

  2. Early this a.m. before I had written this post, “Town & Country” offered his/her own modest proposal about where to house the terrorists in the #10 comment of this old post.

    T&C suggests since there have been major complaints about how run-down and nasty the prison in Joliet is, the terrorists should be sent there and the state prisoners should be sent to the brand new, state of the art prison in Thomson.

    This works for me since there are probably more people in Chicago sympathetic to the terrorists than there are here in northwestern Illinois. 😉

  3. bill, provided the GOP candidates play their cards right, which is certainly not guaranteed, Illinois voters just might get their “jihad” against the corruptocrats.

    Since the Dems have taken control of state government our financial situation has gone waaaaaay downhill. From what I can tell from a recent candidate forum in the QCs, this quote from comptroller candidate Raja Krishnamoorthas will be their battle cry/talking point: “Tomorrow Illinois will become a better place . . . only with a few new (Democrat) leaders at the helm.”

    Yeah, that’s the ticket—Democrats got us into this mess, so let’s just elect a few more “new” Democrats to fix it.

    What a hoot—what detachment from reality!

  4. Obama wants to send terrorists to Illinois. Many people seem crazy enough to like the idea. Not me. With terrorists in the local prison that attracts their terrorist friends and relatives to be near them.

  5. Larry, as I said in another thread, Obama seems to believe it is his duty as POTUS to create constant chaos—and he’s doing a damned fine job of it! 😦

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