I Didn’t Vote For Him But Barack Obama Is My President. . .

. . . so I hope his scheme to try the mastermind of 9/11 in New York City civil court works out to the benefit of our country.

Because if it doesn’t, Obama and the Democrats will be a minority party for decades (which is OK with me) and our nation will suffer (which isn’t OK with me).

On the plus side for KSM, at least he will be able to be tried by a jury of his peers in New York City.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

13 thoughts on “I Didn’t Vote For Him But Barack Obama Is My President. . .”

  1. I see where Holder says he will seek the death penalty if found guilty. I am not a proponent of the death penalty. Still if you are going to make it a deterrent I do not think standard methods offer any reason to deter a jihadist. You are going to have to be willing to revert to gruesome forms of execution that would be an aversion to the jihadists, otherwise you are just fulfilling their dreams of martyrdom. And after finding some anit-martydom method of execution the bodies should also be cremated or some possible form body disposal that disallows them entrance to heaven.

  2. I believe we should follow the jihadist form of execution—beheading with the remains being fed to pigs.

    I’m thinking the 72 virgins won’t be wanting to love on a guy covered with pig offal. πŸ™‚

  3. All though the beheading sounds grotesque to us I imagine it is not as shocking to them. Thus in my opinion it does not do the job of making acts of terror become less palatable to the jihadists. If we are going to execute the individuals a method needs to e chose that destroys the act of martyrdom they seek from their death. I am not all that aware of radical Muslim customs but I have heard that they believe that the body must be buried in a certain ceremonial and established manner to enter heaven. My understanding is that cremation of the body is not allowable under their religious customs, which is why I suggested the idea as part of the post-execution part. You could even feed the ashes to the hogs afterwards, which should double or triple any anti-martyrdom effect on the execution process. I am against the death penalty but if an execution process is to be used against terrorists, it should be a process outlined to fight the martyrdom jihadists seek from the violent acts of death they cause.

  4. S, now that I think about it, death of any sort would not deter them from their murderous jihad—as that wacko Major Hasan said “we love death more than we love life”.

    Your cremation, etc. idea has some merit, but the human rights groups would never allow it and of course, Obama wants the world to love us, so he would never permit violation of Islamic law, since his main mission as POTUS seems to be sucking up to these people.

    Like you, I’m against the death penalty, so since we can’t stop them from their jihad maybe it would be best to either lock them up for life or force them to work at some place like Tyson. πŸ™‚


    bill, you are such a smartass. πŸ˜€

  5. LOL .. yes, but the rest of me is smart too … ha. But I guess I have my dumbass moments.

    Against the death penalty? I’m for it, only it should be swift and not drawn out by lawyers and then made front page news. In clear cases, swiftly and quietly execute the perp’ after a speedy trial. (But that is no longer our system … thanks lawyers.)

    This NYC case will be headlines for months, an advertisement for further jihad, and a convenient distraction for Obama’s gang.

    This is another sophomoric stunt from our “juvenille in chief”

  6. There are a lot of ways this thing could go wrong, but the Obami assure us they have all the bases covered. Considering their incompetency and the chaos they have caused since January, I don’t have much faith this will go as planned.

    As I said in my post, I hope all this works out as they claim it will, but I lack the blind faith needed to believe it.

  7. bases covered? … not Ft. Hood. heh And that is an issue … not confronting radical Islamic terrorism on that level … “let’s not jump to conclusions” … except with “racist, stupid, white cops”.

    It may “work out” as they say, but that is not the issue. Even if they convict the terrorist, Obama is giving him a public forum on center stage in NYC.

    And he is putting him through the wrong court …. this is not Al Capone. This is an internationally organized attack on America. Perhaps Barry sees him as just another version of friend/bomber Bill Ayers, but more successful.

    I think also, Obama thinks this will mean publicity, and with a conviction would come a “win” for himself, a couple points in the polls.

    He doesn’t want to fight the “war on terror” and has refused that language. Perhaps defining terrorism as a domestic “misunderstood gangster” issue is part of his Middle East exit strategy.

  8. Well who knows what the hell Obama is thinking? I I’m sure he believes that as long as he does the opposite of what GWB did, he’ll be successful.

    I read that KSM intends to reject his lawyers and instead represent himself so he can promote his brand of extreme Islam and give a diatribe about the evils of the USA and the entire western culture. Some are saying this will be the OJ Simpson trial on steroids.

  9. True, there is some anti-Bush sentiment still driving the bus, it seems. Along with that goes some of the “blame America first” mentality of Barry’s far left base.

    National Review has a “hidden agenda” view that makes some sense …

    ” … but as new revelations from investigations and declassifications are churned out, Leftist lawyers use them to urge European and international tribunals to bring “torture” and “war crimes” indictments. Thus, administration cooperation gives Obama’s base the reckoning it demands but Obama gets to deny responsibility for any actual prosecutions.

    Obama trying to have it both ways propels another nonsensical decision … that sounds about right.

  10. If Obama thinks it’s a winning proposition for him to open the way for international tribunals to prosecute the Bushies, he doesn’t understand the American psyche and he doesn’t understand the unintended consequences of this ill-conceived action.

    Obama has ordered drone attacks and some civilians have been killed. This action has also been condemned by “the international community”, so it’s quite possible Obama could find himself in the dock after his term is over.

    As his deep bow to the Japanese emperor indicates, he is an idiot—and an arrogant idiot to boot.

  11. An arrogant Marxist idiot … LOL.

    Rahm, Soros and others are probably pushing the buttons anyway … but this may not be about getting actual tribunals, but just appeasing the base with some movement in that direction. (hopefully Obamacare and cap and tax will also fail from too much appeasement to the far left)

    But yeah, in the debates Barry bragged that he would go into Pakistan whether Pakistan liked it or not. Of course we had already done that, but somewhat covertly.

    He is in way over his head … without affirmative action and a lot of outside help, I doubt he could manage a McDonald’s. Imagine Saturday Night Live going after Obama’s stupidity shortcomings with the same zeal they threw at Palin or Bush.

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