Obama’s Economic Team Of Larry, Moe and Curly

Stephen Green explains in simple terms why the “stimulus” is hurting, not helping the economy; why unemployment is higher than the government told us it would be; why Obama’s proposed increased regulation of the banking industry will hurt the economy and in the following excerpt, how Obama’s high-powered economic team is dealing with the disaster they created:

“Let’s pretend for a moment that, god forbid, you break your arm. And somehow you end up with a team of doctors all trained at Obama University. As you lie there on the table in the ER, one doctor treats your arm by banging on the unbroken one with a ball-peen hammer. The second doctor takes the unusual course of setting your hair on fire. And the third one uses leeches.

Undeterred by your arm’s stubborn refusal to set, soon the doctors start blaming one another. And even though all of them are doing nothing but compounding your injury, none will take any blame. In fact the harder you scream, the harder they go to work on you.

That, apparently, is what’s going on in the West Wing these days. Our economy is being managed by Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine and Dr. Howard.”

But it gets even better; here’s Green describing what even more regulation on the banking industry will do to the economy:

“So now in walks a fourth doctor. This one has some Percocent and a splint, and when you see him you think ‘Oh, at last, someone who knows what they’re doing!’ At which point Hospital Administrator Obama shoots the fourth doctor in the face with a pistol. And wait until you see the hospital bill — they’ll charge you for everything, including the bullet”.

Read the whole thing—not only is it informative, it’s a hoot!


Author: qcexaminer

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