I See Dead People . . .

. . . and they have my tax money!

Yes, it’s true; part of that $737 billion “stimulus” that Obama said would save us from the Next Great Depression has been sent to the deceased.

But don’t blame the Social Security Administration, which issued the millions of dollars worth of “stimulus” checks—they just work there and they know nothing—except to offer the lame excuse that they were under incredible pressure to get the “stimulus” checks cut before June.

Who “pressured” them—who knows? The federal bureaucracy to so huge no one can control it, and if the pressure-person is a Democrat politician, well don’t expect them to come forward and apologize—it just isn’t done.

The unintended consequences of this multi-billion dollar boondoggle, which was thrown together by a few elite Democrats in a backroom deal and voted on by Democrats before they bothered to read it will continue for years—and you can bet the GOP will be reminding voters who voted for this abomination and who didn’t.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “I See Dead People . . .”

  1. The Chicago way is expanding … they were famous for dead people voting, now they also get stimulus.

    I’m still amazed that it is almost accepted fact now, that our government is wholly corrupt. And all politics are local … as in favored appointee Hare, now demanding Wells Fargo obey his demands.

    So Congress votes in historic spendulus without reading the bill … it seems to me it will come down to honest people taking up arms against their corrupt government and their hitmen … politicians are stealing billions with a laugh … they will be confiscating assets and property soon enough … and the media will still be praising the Democrats …

  2. Maybe the Team Pelosi Democrat Congress can’t read. The claim is that they originally voted incorrectly for the Iraq War because they never read the full intelligence transcripts Bush used to push the War. Now Team Pelosi claims that they never read or was told about waterboarding during the CIA intelligence meetings, despite Obama’s CIA man claiming differently. Then the story came out that most of the Team Pelosi followers never read the pork laden stimulus package before voting for it. I see a pattern there. So either they can’t read or they are just to #$%&*?!lazy to take the time to read. You make the call!

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