Hopes And Dreams And All Those Things

Now that Democrats control the federal government, ratings for conservative media are soaring while ratings for liberal media are tanking.

Which is why I’m like Surber and trying to think of a way to make Obama say “you can’t just read QC Examiner and get things done.”

Diss me Obama—pleeeeeze!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Hopes And Dreams And All Those Things”

  1. Liberal pundits have controlled the Internet since the beginning. Conservatives drive ratings in the radio media outlet. Television is swamped by liberal leaning news outlets. The main exception to the TV is Fox news. They have dominated cable news almost from Fox News’ birth. No cable news outlet is even close to Fox ratings. Most people seem to forget that Fox News grew from infancy to giant almost overnight feeding off the Clinton exploits. Plus many of the current conservative Radio and TV mega-Personalities fueled their climb to the top of the ratings charts thanks to Bill Clinton policy. Pope Obama is far more liberal than Bill Clinton. The small conservative media options feed a large base and tend to draw many of the moderates also. Pope Obama’s far left political agenda will give the conservative media much fuel to stoke the conservative base. That is why liberals are so eager for a fairness doctrine to be legislation to be brought in to existence.

  2. Rush has 22 million listeners, which gives him some influence, but since I don’t have 22 million readers, I’ll have to be satisfied with being dissed by Barrett, rather than The One. 😀

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