Chug-A-Lug, Chug-A-Lug, Make You Wanna Hollar Hi-Dee-Ho

I came of age in a kinder, gentler era; an era where we were ready, willing and able to party until we passed out, but still observed certain rules of decorum. While we were in various stages of intoxication, no one would have thought to take photographs, and if we did, they were polaroids with no negatives.

Gentle readers, I know I don’t have to tell you those days are over. Now all the drunkards photograph themselves and their pals in the most appalling stages of intoxication and not only do they pass these pictures around among themselves, they put them on the internet for the entire world to view.

So it was just a matter of time until some enterprising person began a blog featuring these pictures, which is called Sorry I Missed Your Party. There you will see the most pathetic collection of dipsomaniacs, dopers and debauchees on the planet—this one is particularly disgusting.

Does this signal the end of civilization as we know it—I doubt it, but it does indicate that the younger generation has absolutely no interest in the right to privacy.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “Chug-A-Lug, Chug-A-Lug, Make You Wanna Hollar Hi-Dee-Ho”

  1. qce,
    Thanks for altering us to this disgusting development. I was totally unaware of the pathetic and disgusting things that could be found on the internet. The longer I viewed those photos the more outraged and disgusted I became. Thanks for alerting us their existence. The world is a better place with fearless bloggers like you exposing such depravity.

  2. Robbie, one of the things I found most shocking about the generation gap between my generation and Examiner Jr.’s is their total lack of interest in privacy.

    Years ago, when Examiner Jr. was Middle Schoolish, he had one of those idiotic Xanga things which I was able to monitor including those of his pals.

    Maybe I’m sexist, but I was never bothered much by what the guys were doing, maybe because I expect boys to push the limits and be obnoxious, but I was totally shocked by what the girls were putting out in public on their Xangas. Not only did some of them use their real names, but they all used their photographs. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to get my own Xanga so I could go on these girls’ sites and say stuff like “does your mother know you’re hanging out with a guy old enough to be your father” and “do you know how many calories are in that beer you’re drinking”.

    I always warned Examiner Jr. not to put anything on his site that could cause him grief later—-like when he was looking for a job and his prospective employer was doing a web search on him—to say nothing of prospective in-laws and girlfriends!

  3. I know you’re being sarcastic Barrett, but I’m in a generous mood today.

    But even so, I’m happy to know that you enjoyed yourself by looking at those disgusting photos for a “long” time. 😀

  4. LOL. At least they are PG rated photos getting splashed across the Internet. I was looking for a link for a post I was writing a while back and came across a site that I simply refused to link to after I arrived at the link. The site was a bunch of college guys taking similar pictures, except they seemed to revel in posting pictures that would get an “R” or “X” rating.

    Most people that work or play during second or third shifts in Rock Island or near any city bar scenes has had to see similar or worse than these pictures. The area near the Sheraton in RI has to be a magnet for those types of scenes. A few years back I remember seeing a young woman passed out in front of the hotel with a pool of super chunk larger than her head spilled out in front of where she was lying. Her friends around her were trying to wake her up to get into a cab. Another time I was trying to get some information from their desk clerk, some guy walked in the front door asking for someone to call him a cab, then leaned over and filled their flower pot up with puke. I would say at one time posing those people pictures on the Internet would have been righteous punishment due to the embarrassment they would wade into. But so many of the younger people I know anymore look at it as a badge of honor having other people see them in embarrassing acts. I ran across people I have know doing and saying some of the most outrageous things on Internet sites, where they know others will read about their adventures. It has come to feed the egos of them. I cannot say I understand it.

  5. qce – i am surprised too. i have plenty of info out on the internet about myself, but rarely is there something damaging out there. i think there are a couple funny pictures of me drunk in college, but nothing i would be ashamed to show my future children. i think scoundrel hits it on the head. its a popularity contest where people try to have the most bizarre stuff out there. obviously getting puke all over yourself isn’t necessarily the coolest thing, but having crazy drunk pictures shows you are cool and stuff. and you gotta make sure everyone sees them to know how cool you are.

    kids are pretty dumb these days, they don’t pay attention to what they are doing. i hope it really does ruin job opportunities for people. maybe they will finally learn responsibility.

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