Don’t You Dare Question Their Patriotism

While cleaning up the mess after the Democrat Convention in Denver last week, the cleaning crew discovered around 12,000 American flags had been tossed in the garbage by those patriotic Democrats.

They were rescued from the landfill, turned over to the GOP and will be recycled and used at a McCain/Palin rally today in Colorado Springs.

Aside from the usual left/right divide where the flag is seen by the right as a powerful symbol and as a piece of cloth from Taiwan by the left, some other points should be made:

1. Democrats were crowing that their convention would be the “greenest” ever and went to ridiculous lengths to appease environmentalists. So why would they be so careful about recycling pop cans but just send 12,000 flags to the landfill?

2. Aside from opinions about how important the flag is, what it means, etc. there are federal regulations concerning how flags should be disposed and destroyed, and tossing ’em in the landfill ain’t the way it’s supposed to be done. Obviously, the federal government will not be prosecuting the DNC, but really, shouldn’t someone on their bloated staff have known how to properly dispose of flags?

More photos here.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Don’t You Dare Question Their Patriotism”

  1. The hypocricy of Liberals is staggering.

    But this is nothing new. What I do not understand is how generally intelligent people look beyond this.

    Sure, its ‘just a flag’ but, dang, if a major Party of the United States cannot respect the flag…

  2. So lets see –

    The GOP operatives were waiting in the wings to snatch the flags when the Obama folks looked the other way.

    If the flags were stolen by GOP operatives, why was the theft never reported? (It’s been 10-days since Sir Obama’s speech).

    Talk about more lies…

  3. The first link above has been updated by the Denver Post guy who decided to re-interviewed the worker who found the flags after all the commotion started. The worker thought it might have been an oversight, not some deliberate effort to denegrate the flags.

    However, the worker says the flags had been sitting by the dumpsters for a week and day and no one had come for them, which is why he rescued them.

    The updated link also contains angry denunciations by Democrats and by some leftwing shill at HuffPo about those eeeeevil Republicans, or something—I didn’t bother reading their spin. The worker thought both sides might have been overstating the situation, so who knows?

    Just another important election issue, right along with did Palin say she PUT the jet on ebay or did she say she SOLD it on ebay? Sheesh!

    Honestly, if I wasn’t blogging, I don’t think I could stand all the trivial bullsh*t.

    As it is, the trivial bullsh*t provides many blogging opportunities. 😀

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