Racism In Hopeyland

Our wonderful Illinois Senate President and Obama godfather and political mentor, Emil Jones called Delmarie Cobb, a black Hillary delegate from Chicago, an “Uncle Tom”.

One of Jones’ lackeys said it was “said in jest’. OK, I’m not black, but I can’t imagine any black person thinking it was hilarious being called an “Uncle Tom”, but hey, I’m just a funky white girl.

Ms. Cobb has two witnesses who say Jones is a lying piece of guano.

Cobb complains that “[t]he litmus test for being black is supporting Barack”, which is mild compared to this kick to Jones’ groin:

“Calling me an ‘Uncle Tom’ is beyond the pale, especially considering where [Jones] is [close] with Mayor Daley and with [Gov.] Blagojevich, I am hardly the Uncle Tom here.”

Yikes! Preach it sister!

And don’t mess with the ladies.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

71 thoughts on “Racism In Hopeyland”

  1. qce,
    Gosh darn it, you keep sounding to me like you really want to be a Democrat, even though I have been told over and over by you and others that is a crazy idea. This post even sounds to me like you would really like to be a black Chicago Democrat, getting down with other black Democratic women, giving each other fist bumps and encouraging shouts of “You go, girl!”

  2. I guess you’re right Barrett—deep, deep down inside—I just wanna be a funky black girl!

    Like Condi Rice! 😀

  3. The most racist people in America happen to have brown/ black skin. This is just another example.

    Another example – 92%+ of black democrats voted for Obama. While 35-40% may love his politics, the others are voting based on color (although I can appreciate their pride in being able to do so).

  4. mowen, how do you know what % of african americans support obamas policies????

    also, you know darn well there are plenty of white folks out there who won’t vote for obama simply because he is black. it goes both ways.

  5. “Like Condi Rice!”

    I don’t know if Condi gets down and shouts “You go, girl!” the way you seem to want to do. Quit fighting against it and go with your feelsing and urges. It’s a lot more fun being a Democrat than a Republican and Chicago African-Americans seem pretty accepting of wanna-be whites who really want to hang with them. You go, girl!

  6. Robbie,

    Certainly, there are a lot of white people that will not vote for Obama because he is black, in the same way that there are people that would not vote for Hillary because she is a woman, the same way as there are people that will not vote for McCain because he is old.

    However, when 92%, or 94%, of any one class of people support any candidate – there is a reason beyond policies – and in this case it is racism.

    To the black communities benefit, they did not support Jesse Jackson in the same manner, so at least they show a degree of sense!

  7. Mowen,
    When they do something you agree with they are showing sense but when they do something you disagree with they are doing it because of racism?!? The term racism has a meaning and it is not “doing something Jim Mowen disagrees with.”

  8. Sorry Dave, not going to bait me. If you think that 94% of any group voting in the same direction is not got something behind it, well then…

  9. Baiting you?!? I thought I was instructing you on what the definition of racism is not. What reason other than racism would explain 94% of blacks all supporting the same candidate? One possibility would be that the candidate shares their life experiences, shared problems and aspirations in a unique and historic way.

  10. Mowen,
    It would be racism if someone says they will NEVER vote for ANY candidate of a certain color, as do a certain percentage of whites. It would equally be racism if blacks said they would never vote for ANY white candidate, but you and I know that is not the case with the overwhelming majority of the 94% of blacks who are supporting Obama.

  11. The video of of Michelle Obama saying the whitey thing has yet to be produced. And if you think it’s so easy being black then please dye your skin and live the good life Scoundrel. All my homeys are ready to welcome you to da hood brother.

  12. Mr. Barrett –

    “one possibility would be that the candidate shares their life experiences, shared problems and aspirarions in a unique and historic way.”

    Dave, do you really believe that most black voters have a “shared life experiences”

    – grew up in Indonesia, and
    – in Hawaii?
    – went to law school?
    – lived a priveldged life?

    Do you really think that the average black person in America has the same ‘aspirations’ as Obama?

    The fact is that these people are voting for Obama solely because they have a ‘shared skin color.”

    They have NO shared experiences.
    They have NO shared aspirations.

    The block of voters that we are discussing, looked no further than Obama’s skin color.

  13. I once offered to delete one of your goofier comments Tiger. I would be glad to plead your case to Mrs. QCE to get her to delete this one.
    Why do you think black Americans don’t want to go to college, improve their lives and work to improve the lives of others? What you are implying is truly despicable Tiger. Do you actually know any black people Tiger?

  14. Oracle, your stuff is getting old.

    I know many black people and I have had my life more involved in the lives of more black people than most. I have gone out of my way to mentor a couple of young black kids in the past.

    Black and white Americans want to go to college.
    Black and white Americans want to improve their lives.
    Black and white Americans want to improve the lives of others.

    What does this have to do with voting for one specific candidate by a 94% margin. Does not John McCain propose these things every bit as much as Obama?

    Is a college education the sole domain of Obama?
    Is improving one’s life the sole domain of Obama?
    Is assisting others the sole domain of Obama?

    Oracle – the more you blog, the less sense you make.

  15. See this is the biggest problem in America . I never see the Latins say ” sell out Martenez” because someone worked their ass off and moved out the hood.

    I saw the “black leadership” call Colin , Condi , Thomas , and JC Watts an Uncle Tom . I saw more minorities that were qualified during Bush than any Dumbocrat Admin .

    I will never understand why the American blacks hero worship ‘fiddy cent and hate a Dr .

    Hell Rev Jesse wanted to cut Obama’s nuts off ??????

    Is it just a close to mid-age white guy like me from Down State that sees a Fudd up issue ?

  16. You know Oracle the far leftwingers like yourself always prove their personal bigotry with statements like yours on this board. I told you once before you have eyes but you don’t see. I have stated more than once my family is a heinze 57 mixture of ethnicity. Though I look like your common Irishman many of my family can pass for pretty much whatever ethnicity they wish to claim. My family has mixed ethnicity that includes Mexican, Native American, African American (though the Bush Deranged Democrats in the family pretend they don’t exist. I thought I was going to have to slap one of the Bush Deranged Adults silly over it at a recent family event), Jew and other roots than I care to mention. I probably have dated more African American Girls and had more black friends than any other person on this board. I have worked for African American Bosses and vice-versa. I and (the Non Bush Deranged) do a great deal business with African American because they know how we treat all individuals regardless of skin color or personal beliefs. So I have to believe when I read stupid statements like yours about myself that the real bigotry lies in your own heart, either because you have or maybe still do judge people because of their race or beliefs. I suggest you look inside yourself to figure why you assume everyone that does not believe in the phonies in the Democrat party must be rich elitists. I have walked with both parties and I find them both lacking substance. Some of us everyday folk prefer free thinking than walking lockstep with the Democrat Party or Republican Party. I suggest you stop trying to apply your own shortcomings to other people that you do not know.

  17. Oracle, I have to give you great credit. No matter how many times you are proven wrong, you just keep coming back for more.

    There is no remaining way to say it.

    You suggested that the black voters shared the same experiences with Obama, the same dreams and aspiriations with Obama – and I responded that they have NOTHING in common.

    You ignore this. It’s not that you say that it is wrong – you know that you are wrong, and you simply ignore it.

    The black voter, voting at 94% for Obama are voting for him because of his skin color – period. They have no shared experiences, dreams or aspirations, they have a SHARED SKIN COLOR. It’s not as though I blame them, I certainly understand, but, as Forrest Gump’s mom used to say, “racism is, as racism does.”

    But, again, you just ignore statements by people that are making sense.

    Damn the logic, sense and reality – FULL STEAM AHEAD!

  18. I appreciate that we all cannot agree on all issues. However, what I cannot understand is people that cannot even have an intellectual discussion based on logic, reason and facts. Oh well…

    The thought just came to my mind…

    What is worse, a 24-year Congressman who did not do anything proactively benefitial for his District, or his replacement that is totally incapable of doing anything positive for his District?

    What a shame, the area needs leadership and they get Evans/ Hare and people like Barrett defend these clowns.

  19. Oracle once again you are looking at your own shortcomings and trying to place the tag on others. I could care if someone is voting for a candidate as long as they are voting issues. You have no argument so you make lame unproven accusations because that is the Democrat party rhetoric is all you know how to argue. Half of my family consists of Union Loyalist Bush Deranged Democrats. That part of the family has never been able to see past party lines. That part of the family had close political connections to one of your precious high level Democrats up until the day he died. Not that it did them any good. The man who was a personal friend of my family left office a multi-millionaire through graft and kicbacks while most of my family were still fighting to get out of poverty. My grandfather went to his dying grave championing the fraud because like you he was too busy drinking party Kool-Aid. The funny part is that that part of the family is so full of bigots I look for a great deal of them to sit this election out. They would never vote Republican or any other party but they could never stand voting for a “black man” either. I on the other hand have no problem with any politicians ethnicity – I despise them all. And I despise Chicago style politicians more than others.

  20. Dayum Oracle ,

    This Scoundrel fella sure did smack you around in a very nice and stiff upper lip sort of way . Sure beats being called a teet sucking mfer by the Adams County Crew .

  21. It seems the black Rev Wright has a problem with Condi, calling her Condoskeeza. It seems our Illinois Senate President Emil Jones might be not be telling the truth when he said he called them “doubting Thomases.” His son didn’t need to go to college to get a state job or get put on the ballot. Pay no attention to the Oracle behind the curtain.

  22. Tiger’s comment #24 is another of his goofball statements. When will you learn that you CANNOT FOOL THE ORACLE Tiger? Just like Mr. Scoundrel, I know black people also. And they all either went, wanted to, or want their children to go to college and share the dream of their children becoming President. Tiger disagrees. he says they just vote for Obama because he’s black. I believe they vote for Obama becaus ehe is worth voting for. A man that is successful through hard work and education. A man all American’s would want their children to grow up and be like.

  23. mowen, i never thought i would see such words attached to your name!

    even i concede that there are some people voting for obama simply because they would like to see a black man as president. do i think thats the most awful thing? not really. nor would i call them racist for doing so.

    i honestly hate how comments on this blog have become so polarized. people speaking in such absolutes. everyone trying to make it a game of which political party is worse than the other. not to mention all these commenter’s that don’t even have anything to say about the issues/topics. kind of a shame really.

  24. Just what college did Emil Jones kid go to that is going to be the next IL State Senator in his district? He has a nice state job without a college education. Kind of blows(as you do)your argument “And they all either went, wanted to, or want their children to go to college” Making an argument against Obama is like getting jello to stick to the wall. He can always use whatever side of the race coin he wants.

  25. How does Emil Jones’ son not going to college blow my argument Spuds? If you can show that all black people don’t want themselves or their children to go to college then you will have something. Your gal Laura Donahue had a physical education degree and got appointed to her mother’s state senate seat. I’ve yet to see any one on your side of the aisle raise a stink about that.

  26. Orahalfwit,

    The answer to every accusation of your side being a bunch of teatsucking, till robbing whores cannot be Laura Donahue. You are starting to make one-trick ponies seem diversified.

    Tookie, I heard that guy was a total kneepad. Careful that he may find you and attempt to tickle your skewn with his pinkie.

  27. Also Oracle supports the ALL WHITE ( Lilly White) Local private school ………….

    Those Q-Town Cat-licks know about race ……..like race relations circa 1950 in B-Ham , Alabama

  28. [[And they all either went, wanted to, or want their children to go to college ]]

    Oracle that is one of the things you have posted that I can actually agree on. No matter the ethnicity most parents want that option for their children. The children do not always want it. And many children of all races pi$$ the opportunity away drinking and partying when they do get the opportunity. But it is an option I would love to see made financially available to any US citizen, regardless of race, color or creed, wishing to further their education.

    And there are a lot of fine people across this nation that do believe in the Obama mythology. If they actually believe that then they should vote that way. But the numbers also have been showing that many more people both white and black are voting for him because he is black not because they think he is the best candidate. I admit early on I was attracted to his candidacy for similar reasons. I had hoped that a mixed race individual like Obama might actually help ease the tensions that still exist between cultures. Instead they have probably worsened them because too many Obama supporters see racism in every person’s decision to disclaim his candidacy. And I started scrutinizing his campaign platform and messages I realized I was riding on his wagon for the wrong reasons. I found his platform to liberal and his message empty. I could care less if he is black, white , pink or green I refuse to go -WOW- over someone that I feel is a charlatan.

  29. i would have never thought that tiger would become one of my favorite posters! i am not down for this waste of time, i’m outtie.

  30. your quote “And they all either went, wanted to, or want their children to go to college and share the dream of their children becoming President” You know this is not true yet you post it. You do NOT speak for ALL blacks. Since the War on Poverty has created many families that have no fathers, 50% by some counts, it’s obvious that many will never go to college.
    Donahue has nothing to do with blacks. How’s that Michael Steele thing working out for you.

  31. Your case is well stated Mr. Scoundrel. I think you should go ahead and take the leap of faith and vote for Obama. What’s the worst that could happen? Things already are bad after 71/2 years of Bush and Cheney. McCain agrees with Bush on virtually all the important issues, economy, foreign policy. Eight years is enough.

  32. I never said I spoke for any blacks Spuds. I SPEAK for only THE ORACLE. And I SPEAK against outrageous comments like Tiger’s posting that 94% of blacks only voted for Obama because he is black.

    (The black voter, voting at 94% for Obama are voting for him because of his skin color – period. They have no shared experiences, dreams or aspirations, they have a SHARED SKIN COLOR. It’s not as though I blame them, I certainly understand, but, as Forrest Gump’s mom used to say, “racism is, as racism does.”) Pasted from Tiger’s #24 comment.

    That is what I took issue with Spuds.

  33. Oracle,

    In comment #10, Barrett stated that the reason that blacks are voting for Obama in such overwhelming numbers is that they had,

    Shared experiences
    Shared dreams and aspirations.

    Do you know many blacks that were raised in Hawaii or Indonesia?

    How many blacks do you think have the same educational background – Columbia University and Harvard Law?

    Many making $2,000,000+ a year?

    How about having the opportunity to buy property at below market prices?

    Or million-dollar homes?

    My point is that blacks are not voting for Obama based on “shared experiences” – they are voting for him at this clip, in a big part, because they share a skin color.

    It obviously is not ‘shared experiences’ (above),
    It is obviously not the democrat thing (as these are consistent numbers thru the Primary as well).

    Do you have another explanation?
    I am willing to listen to anything reasonable…

  34. What makes you think that Blacks don’t aspire to be President, live in Hawaii and make 2,000,000 a year and live in a million dollar houseTiger. Shit man. I aspire to those things also. I guess that makes me a Brother. I’m proud to be one.

    I don’t SPEAK for Barrett. If he wants me to weigh in on what I think he meant by shared experience I will be only too happy to help him out.

  35. Oracle ,

    Barrett needs all the help he can get . I hate to say it , but I agree more with Tiger on this one .

    I also have far more black friends ( I went to QHS ) . I also pledged the first 3 blacks in the ATO house at Depauw Univ when I ran RUSH my 2nd year .

  36. tookie, I love ya man, but all this “big bull queer” talk is a little too racy for me and it’s forcing me to reach for my smelling salts!

    I appreciate the Quincy Way of blogging, but could you please keep comments at the PG-13 level? 😀

  37. More lies from Tiger. He denies blacks have experienced racism. He also says Obama paid less than market price for his house even though factcheck.org has said he did not.
    I wish Tiger aspired to tell the TRUTH in his comments.

  38. I said that blacks have not experienced racism – where?
    Where on earth could you ever come up with that?

    If you cannot read, then please do not blog.
    If you are a blatant liar, go back and argue and namecall with those in Quincy.

    Of course blacks have experienced racism. However, this fact does not mean that they incapable of having racism as part of their makeup.

  39. On one of the message boards I frequent, in reference to Michelle Obama’s speech, white people made “jokes” about crack cocaine, AK-47’s, Osama Bin Laden, “don’t trust whitey”, and Swing Low Sweet Chariot. They forgot to include collard greens, fried chicken and watermelon.

    These things may have been an extremely lame attempt at humor, but there is a definite undercurrent of racism on the right directed at the Obamas, especially when it comes to Michelle for some reason.

    I have no clue how in the world anything Barack Obama could be construed as “racist” against John McCain. Agist, maybe. But not racist. Once again, this blog soews out trash.

  40. MMM, collard greens, fried chicken and watermelon now that is fine dining. All you need is some fresh baked cornbread (not that Jiffy Cake style Cornbread either!!!)to go with it. The thing is collard greens are labor intensive to prepare. But they are well worth the effort. Cleaning them is a real chore. You have to look them for bugs and sand. It is best to soak then wash them off several times before actually placing them in to the cooking pot otherwise it is tough to get all the dirt off the plants. If you want to add some flavor some mustard or turnip greens mixed in with the collards will give the meal some bite. Yummmmy Yum! Now rich city folk tend to boil chunks of ham in their greens. The cooking process is pretty much an all day job. Now it is faster if you have a gas stove to cook with. (If you are relying on an old wood fed Iron cooking stove the cooking might take a little longer since you keep having to restock the wood fuel. But the great thing about them old iron stove is that they are great to sizzle apple slice on top of. The Iron makes the apple a little black but it still tastes good. Watch out for those worms though those critters infest your trees unless you can afford the insect poisons and bird nets. That isn’t bad but for the best flavor you should use a smoked shoulder instead of a ham. But most of us frugal country cooks drop in a pound of smoked bacon thick or thin slab depending on your preference. Besides you might need the ham and better cuts to sell off in order to buy the kids some new shoes for school. Now effin ya really want to set that meal off fit for a King you will fry up some Okra rolled in a corn meal mixture. Okra is also a labor intensive food to harvest and prepare. Okra should be harvested when it is about the size of your little finger. The bigger you let it grow the tougher and more fibrous the pods become. (Most of the stuff you find in the supermarkets has been picked way past a good harvest day to be quality eating.)But it will grow back at a tremendous rate during the summer if you stay on the harvest. (Now you do have to be careful growing it around city folk as cops can get the wrong idea as to what you are actually growing.) Also when harvesting okra it is best to wear heavy long-sleeved shirts, even in 90 degree weather, because the plant is very defensive when you harvest the pods. Effin you harvest okra in a lightweight and/or short-sleeved shirt you risk scratching yourself bloody as okra secretes a substance that itches! Now heres the trick to making tasty okra, it is also helpful effin you let your pods get too big. Boil the pods for a few minutes and then remove from the water and let cool before you roll it in the cornbread mixture and fry. Now I do not recommend pouring that water you just boiled your okra in down the drain. The precooking of the okra in the boiling water is gonna leave and thick heavy snotty slime residue in the water. Or you can just skip the boiling process and eat the slime. I have done it both ways. Now if you are some of my relatives you probably have a jug of white-lightening sitting in the cupboard to sip on with your meal. And it is probably safer to drink than the water from your cistern well, if you have not treated your well with bleach lately. And don’t worry about those little things swimming around inside your dipper of water. Those are just wiggletails, early stage mosquito larvae that are hatching out in the water. My grandmother always pointed out those won’t kill ya. Now if drinking live critters does bother ya ya could always boil the water on the stove and make a nice batch of ice tea to go with your meal. That is assuming ya have enough money to buy tea bags and sugar and a running refrigerator to freeze your well water to make ice. It sure is tasty. Did I help ya figure out about poor folk chow there pioneer?

  41. It’s intellectually dishonest enough of Tiger to just quote from right wing blogs and websites. But then the poor chump has to lift phrases from the THE ORACLE also. You have been exposed for the copy cat jive turkey you are Tiger. And no matter how hard you try, FOX News will not give you a job because even it knows how truly pathetic at this you are.

  42. Seriosly I friken love Soul food . Besides the bugs in the well water part , that sounded great !

    Oracle go help that Ole Settler out with his well and for your payment he will cook.

  43. disproportionate percentage of white males still hold most leadership and employment positions in city government. The report said only 21.9 percent of the city’s 370 employees were women as of April 28 while 78.1 percent were men. The 2000 U.S. Census said Quincy’s population was 53.1 percent female and 46.9 percent male.

    Likewise, the report said only 2.7 percent of the city’s work force was comprised of blacks and 0.3 percent were “other” racial groups while Census figures show Quincy’s 2000 population was 4.7 percent black and 2.9 percent “other” minorities.

    The report also noted woman and minorities were not well represented on most committees and commissions or elected and appointed posts.

    The report recommends the city take the lead in urging greater participation in elected and appointed offices by women and racial minorities; review its hiring practices with a goal of reflecting the community’s makeup in all job categories; and actively recruit and promote women and minorities for administrative and professional jobs.

    The Above is the BREAK DOWN on Gov’t Jobs to minorities in Quincy !

    Don’t let Oracle fool ya . The City proper is run by WHITE DEMS .

  44. scoundrel – Do you think you could do the Full Monty again? That might keep you occupied a bit, and at least slow down the stream of other garbage from going onto your blog. But you clearly have a lot of time on your hands.

    I would have asked on your blog, but I figured I might get a longer response by asking on this one.

  45. It’s crystal clear to me now: the only racsim in this presidential campaign has been Barack Obama being racist against John McCain. QC Examiner is right! In hindsight, I don’t know how I could have thought otherwise!

    Thanks for putting me on the straight and narrow.

  46. I’d love to hear where the McCain camp has said or done anything racist – can anyone name just one?

    Then again, Obama clearly has played the race-card when he speaks of ‘their going to tell you that he looks funny, he doesn’t look like the guys on the dollar bill…”

    If that is not playing race, I don’t know what is.

  47. pioneer, please show me in direct quotes where I said or implied:

    “the only racism in this presidential campaign has been Barack Obama being racist against John McCain.”

    Prove it, if you can, otherwise if all you’ve got is smears, don’t bother coming back.

  48. The reverse racism charge wasn’t in the post itself, after all. It was comment #3 by tiger woods, and comment #5 by thescoundrel.

  49. I think you need to start reading the posts instead of skimming them Pioneer. I said Obama was using reverse racism. I said racism was at the heart of the Obama campaign. And it is. He and his supporters claim anyone that criticizes Obama or criticizes something he has done is a racist. Though I would consider the way Obama and his followers use racism-cry-wolf-calls a form of racism.

  50. I don’t see why everyone is argueing about what color each candidate is the simple fact of the matter is that people are going to vote for whoever they want for whatever reason they want. None of you can honestly speak for each and every black or white person. There are a lot of blacks who are voting for Obama because yes he is black but there are also the blacks voting for Obama because they want to see a change in their lives as well as in the lives of their children. The same goes for white people some will not vote for Obama because of his skin color but others are not concerned with the color of his skin and simply believe he is what america needs to make a change. I know a lot of black people who happen to live in the hoods of the quad cities and i’ve never heard any of them say i am satisfied with my life and the way it is. Blacks and Whites do happen to have goals and dreams for themselves and their children. No one person wants to see their kids grow up into a world of violence, drugs, poor education, and racism! I myself do not believe that Obama is campaigning any type of racism. The things that he has said are simply accusations that have been thrown at him along the way. His arguements against McCain have not been “well he’s white so he can’t do this” type attitude. He is simply calling McCain out for where he falls short on his plans to restore America. I think this whole blog is a way for other people to share their own racist thoughts about each campaigner and not what is actually being done by either parties. To each its own but i don’t see how any type of racism has fallen into the equation just by the fact that Obama is black and McCain is white. Come on people, why not argue about something worth argueing about!

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