This Should Poll Well

At a Q & A session after his speech today at the National Press Club in DC, Jeremiah (God DAMN America) Wright, who was Barack Obama’s pastor for 20 years, married him to Michelle and baptized his two daughters, had this to say:

“I said to Barack Obama last year, ‘If you get elected, November 5th, I’m coming after you because you’ll be representing a government whose policies grind under people’…”

Also, “(Obama) didn’t distance himself from me. He had to distance himself, because he’s a politician, from what the media was saying I had said, which was [portrayed as] anti-American…(Obama) did, as I said, what politicians do.”

Gee, I can’t wait until God DAMN America is the law of the land, and really, if Obama’s own pastor of 20 years doesn’t believe what he says, why the hell should the rest of us?

Hmmmmmm. Is Karl Rove advising the good Reverend Wright?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

29 thoughts on “This Should Poll Well”

  1. I watched the speech. Wright did nothing to change my mind about him, his church and Obama for sticking by Wright for 20-years.

    The man is a rascist and he hates the United States.

    He reiterated again in his speech that the United States deserved 9-11 because “one reaps what one sows. If you get terrorism, it is only because you are a terrorist nation.”

    Hillary can’t make too big a deal out of this, but the Swift-boaters will.
    Obama is toast!

  2. I didn’t see Wright’s rant, but from the commentary I’ve seen, if Obama can overcome Wright’s screed at the National Press Club, we will all have to admit Obama walks on water.

    Some say this is the beginning of the end for Obama—I dunno, he’s a gifted politician, so let’s see how Houdini Barack gets himself out of this mess.

  3. Oh, I see no problem with him getting over the Wright issue – for now. Throughout the balance of the Primary, the Wright issue is a minor speed-bump.

    But after the Convention – look out. The Swift-boaters will make certain that you’ll see as much of Pastor Wright as you will Obama!!!

  4. Reverend Wright hayes America so much he spent six years in the military. Joining at a time when Black Americans were treated like crap. Your boy Dick Cheney must really hate America for allowing him all his deferments.

  5. O, are you claiming military service is innoculation against idiocy?

    If so, I’d love to hear you expand on that theory.


  6. I don’t see Wright hurting Obama enough in the primary to make a difference. It is more possible that he could hurt him in the general election against McCain. Where it might do the most damage is against the Democrat Party trying to take over normally conservative voting districts, weakened by the Bush administration, that are in play for a takeover bid in the fall election. There are already commercials out using Wright as ammunition against Democrat opponents.

  7. QC I’m just sick of right wing fools like Ollie North claiming that somebody hates America because he/she says things right wing fools disagree with. I do it from time to time just to give some of these jokers a taste of their own ignorant medicine. We all love America and want what is best for our Country. We may not agree on what is best. But thank God, our Founding Fathers, and Mothers, and the men and women that fought to preserve our freedom to disagree and be free to talk about it.

  8. Oracle,
    Do you really wish to defend Pastor Wright?
    Do you really want to accept his thinking?

    Certainly both sides go over the top accusing each other. However, Wright is nothing more than a racist that has made a living spewing hatred for the United States of America and white America.

    There is nothing defensible about his speech.
    It was not taken out of context, because he continues with it even today.

  9. Hey Tiger.

    What, in our tiny little fearful ignorant mind, has lead you to the conclusion that Rev. Wright is a racist?

    Could you perhaps point to anything he’s said that would suggest that?

    Otherwise, by your rush to stupidly apply that label to someone who by all accounts is anything but racist, seems to reveal a bit of racist attitude yourself.

    We’ll await all the mountainous evidence you can provide that Rev. Wright is in any way “racist”.

    It’s sad, but I’d bet you think he’s racist because he tries to fight for justice and dignity for African-Americans, which in your racist way of thinking, amounts to “racism”.

    Of course, you can prove me wrong by supplying the quotes and sources of anything remotely racist about Wright.

  10. TID, good to see you participating, however, knowing that you have had the opportunity to comment on a wide variety of issues, I find it a little strange that you wish to defend Wright’s racism!

    Wright’s racism is beyond debate. I have seen at least 10-blacks on CNN and Fox News agree to this fact.

    Wright stated that the (white) US Government invented AIDS and brought it upon blacks.

    Wright specifically stated that the (white) US Government sent illegal drugs into black neighborhoods in an effort to imprison and kill blacks.

    TID, if you do not see these as racist comments, then there is little that I can do to help you understand reality. It appears as though you are in the ultra-left crowd that believes that there is no such thing as racism, provided your skin is dark.

  11. TID is out on a limb here. Wright says that blacks think different than whites, the blacks are right brained subjective and those children climb on the desks and listen to people but the white children are left brain objective and sit behind the desk and learn with objects.
    The blacks have fought long and hard to be considered equal and similar. Now this goof is saying that blacks are different. They learn different.
    Is the preacher calling for segregation or threat we have schools that we can sit on or behind desks wherever they want?
    Another question about Obama, he should be tested to see if he is right or left brained to see if he is truly black enough.
    I think that the good preacher should be tested and see if he is right or left brained. I think there might be some of that left brain blood in there somewhere.

  12. Yeah, that “two brains” thing is a hoot. About 15 years ago, two white guys wrote a book about the differences between black and white intelligence (and other stuff) called The Bell Curve and blacks and liberals (and some others) went bonkers! The authors were branded as “racist”—and worse. Seems to be a double standard about this stuff.

    Wright says that the black brain is all about creativity and the white brain is all about logic. So the next time Affirmative Action comes up in the Supreme Court, the lawyers opposing it should use Wright as a witness against admitting blacks to law schools, since he believes they lack the required logic needed to succeed at lawyering.

    What a hoot that’d be!

  13. O, I agree completely with what you say in your #7 comment, only I’m not sure what Ollie North has to do with any of it.

  14. The problem is my understanding of the far left mentality is that there are two Americas. So which America do they love. It is clear from Wrights speeches his America is grounded in Marxist Black Separatism.

  15. Last month I did a post about Wright’s black liberation theology. Among other things, this theology says Jesus is the Black Messiah and that blacks are the “chosen people”. It really is fascinating, and you are quite right—it is based on Marxist Black Separatism.

    What a pity Bill Moyers didn’t see fit to explore Wright’s theology when he was playing whiffleball with the good Rev. Wright on Friday—that would have truly been in the category of “if PBS doesn’t do it, who will?”

    Unfortunately, Moyers isn’t really a journalist with an inquiring mind, he’s a polemicist with an agenda.

  16. QCE: I threw Colonel North in there so Tiger wouldn’t feel singled out as the only right wing fool that accuses whoever he happens to disagree with of “hating America.” There’s an alterior motive but i don’t think you would be very interested in that.

  17. Oracle, goodness – all one has to do is listen to the man – not just sound bites, but yesterday at the Press Club. The man is extremely hostile to the United States.

    You think that this is imaginary????

    I don’t think Michael Moore hates America.
    I don’t think Al Franken hates America.

    I think that people who hate America, hate America – and Wright tops the list!

  18. The thing about Wright is his message of hate and blame America fits right in with the far extremist left wingers that currently run the Democrat Party. My guess is that Obama originally figured the Wright message would resonate well enough with the KOS extremists that they could cloud the message enough to carry him around the obstacle with the general public. It did not happen and now it is biting him in his buttocks.

  19. I think Obama is too smart to think KOS could help him win anything. Look at the good KOS did Kucinich and Edwards. As much as I admire loyalty, Obama’s loyalty to the Rev. may well cost him.

  20. Tiger,

    Your “proof” that Wright is a racist is that some boobs on Fox said so? That’s what I thought you’d say. That’s absolutely ridiculous and you know it.

    That’s no proof at all.

    Neither is his contention that the U.S. government somehow tangentially was involved in the introduction of the A.I.D.s virus. How in the hell do you manage to twist THAT into somehow being racist? Do you consider the U.S. government to be exclusively white, and therefore anything that a black man accuses it of doing to harm blacks is somehow “racist”?!!

    Seriously, take a moment to think about your lack of logic here.

    There’s plenty of evidence that the U.S. government indeed participated in introducing crack cocaine into urban areas. This was done on the west coast and involved covert relationships with drug runners. It may not have been planned and carried out specifically to create a drug epidemic, but it definitely contributed to it.

    And again, whether you’re ignorant about what Wright speaks off (you are) or not, or whether there’s any truth to it or not has NOTHING to do with your ridiculous charge of “racism”.

    How does Wright making either of those charges you mention even approach being “racist”?

    The only way I can see you screwing that up in your mind is if you consider that ANY black person who makes a charge against our government is somehow racist.

    Again, explain your stupid logic to us all, please.

    How does a black man charging the government with policies that have brought great harm to the black community (whether you believe it or not) amount to “racism”.

    Please enlighten us all.

    I think you’re so bigotted and fearful of blacks that the mere sight or sound of a black man standing up and saying the things Wright has said scares the living crap out of you. Maybe that’s why you invent some goofy charge of “racism” to cover your own.

  21. TID,

    I am impressed that you showed your face again after your silly comment. You actually want to defend Wright as not being a racist?

    If you think that he is not a racist, I certainly cannot convince you that he is. I have to state, however, that you are in a very small minority!

    Strange though how the left banished Imus for his comments (which I also believe were racist), Jimmy The Greek (for stating specific historical fact) and numerous others, yet now you want to give Wright a free pass when he says,

    1. Blacks have “Different” learning styles than others do, (clearly a statement that if made by a white man would be considered racist),

    2. Charging the US Government guilty of “inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color”. This is not only using race, it is anti-American.

    #2 is using race – #1 is CLEARLY A RACIST COMMENT.

  22. Dope, even Obama has denounced Wright. He called his statements disrespectful to Obama and they stand against everything that Obama believes in. Obama stated that he was outraged and saddened by Wright’s comments.
    When will you agree with Obama and denounce this whack job?

  23. The Dope is just that — a DOPE. How can anyone defend Right’s hate speech. Evan the Great Obama has repudiated the man’s hate.

  24. Dope, regardless of you picking the wrong topic in this instance, I am happy to see you commenting on this site. You have a great ability to provide needed dialogue on a wide range of topics.

    Where you tend to namecall, bully and censor on your site, here there is a greater degree of freedom and intelligent comments required. I do hope that you choose to participate – it will benefit all (you included).

    I’ll be out of town until next week – I hope to see you when I return!

  25. Dope, please allow me to expand that thought.

    You clearly have strong opinions – which is good.
    You clearly have a degree of intelligence.

    However, you rattle off your ultra-left foolishness on a site that should anyone disagree with you, you censor them. You control the entire debate. For someone that is reasonably intelligent, yet so far out of reality with your thinking – this is dangerous. You have turned into a whack-job.

    However, by coming to a nuetral site you are forced to elevate your game. You cannot just do as you do on your blog and mindlessly defend Wright, here if you do that, you are going to get hit upside the head. You’ll have to defend the follishness that goes unchecked on your site.

    This will be good for you – if you can handle being made the fool now and then.

    If you think that you can’t handle it – or that your positions cannot stand up to the fire, then you need to run back to your site with your tail between your legs – which you have done on more than one occasion.

    If you think that you have a thread of intellect, a thread of correct opinions, then grow a backbone and stand up like a man (like a Conservative) and put yourself forth to more than just your little flunkies.

    You man enough to hang in a nuetral position?

  26. Tiger is right. The other thing that you will notice with Dope is that he will never admit he is wrong. Even when King Obama admits that he was wrong about his spiritual adviser of 20 years. Obama after 20 years is now all of the sidden offended. Dope has no ties to Wright that I know of and he will not admit his error on the issue or any other. Dope is wrong plenty as are most people but his inability to admit it is inexcusable. Dope will run away because he can not censor his way out of it as this is not his blog.

  27. Wright’s ramblings on how the brains of black and white people are different (based on that stupidly over-simplistic ‘right-brain, left-brain’ pop-science that makes neuroscientists cringe in the first place) is racist on its face. Any white person making a similar claim would cause an uproar too, and has.

    And I’m speaking as someone who cut his teeth on the civil rights movement, who still belives racism is a huge problem in this country, and who feels that books like the Autobiography of Malcolm X should be required reading for all Americans, because so many whites are so naive about the subject of race in America. (Yes, Malcolm let the bitterness of his experiences make him a racist for a time, but he got over it and the evolution of his mind and spirit are truly inspiring, given that if you’d walk a mile in the shoes of many typical black people even today, Tiger, you’d have some BITTERNESS to get over.)

    But I’m also an admirer of Bill Cosby, who must embarrass people like Rev. Wright with his plain-spoken criticisms of certain conditions that too many African-Americans live in and his calls for taking responsibility themselves. He actually echoes Malcolm in this regard.

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