Fine Young Cannibals

If global warming ends up being a global joke, it will not be because of the “deniers”, it will be because of idiotic fearmongering by the likes of Ted Turner, who said this on The Charlie Rose Show:

“Not doing (something drastic about global warming) will be catastrophic. We’ll be 8 degrees hottest in ten, not ten but 30 or 40 years and basically none of the crops will grow. Most of the people will have died and the rest of us will be cannibals.”

What a hoot—Apocalypse NOW!

Al Gore recently announced he will spend 300 million dollars for an advocacy and awareness campaign for global warming, but as they say, you gotta spend money to make money and Gore stands to make billions by fearmongering the global warming issue.

I’m not a “global warming denier” and I do most of what global warming hysterics suggest, mostly because it saves money. I’ll take fearmongers like Gore seriously when they actually LIVE the way the demand the rest of us live. Gore fails the test; he lives his own life like global warming is not a big deal, and I believe deeds over words—especially from politicians and activists.

Global warming is a historic fact—-it is only recently that people like Al Gore have whipped up fear in order to profit from a natural event.

For proof there was hysteria in the land concerning global warming even before Al Gore was born, check out this nifty blog post that reproduces an article in the Washington Post—dated 1922! The headline screams “Arctic Ocean Getting
Warm; Seals Vanish and Icebergs Melt”.

Everything old is new again—including cannibalism!

h/t: Scoundrel, for Watts Up With That Blog

UPDATE: Link to Watts Up With That post about WaPo 1922 story is now fixed.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “Fine Young Cannibals”

  1. I am not so certain that this is not just a simple cyclical issue. We had a 300-year ‘Little Ice Age’ that ended around 1860 where the earth’s temperature dropped approximately 3-degrees. So, the temperature has, over the past 150-years, been doing little more than catching up.

    Or has it?
    All one has to do is search, ‘Ice Age’ and you will find an uncountable number of articles and studies showing that the climate has actually cooled and that this years winter was the coldest in 10+ years.

    Further, NASA has been studying the ocean temperatures at 3,000 feet and found that the oceans temperature is actually colder by .3-degrees.

    Why is it when corporations profit – it is so terrible, but when corporations and individuals profit for a ’cause’ – it is ok? Even if the ’cause’ is highly debated and quite suspect?

    As for Al Gore – the thief is out making money off this hysteria, of course he is going to fuel the hype. He almost makes a free-market guy proud (other than the fact that he wants to add considerable cost to me living, breathing to fund this hoax (and line his pocket).

    Bottom-line –
    If GW was such a real deal, why did Gore have to stretch the truth so much and lie so much in his movie? If GW was so clear cut, you’d think that he could justify it and prove it with straight facts.

  2. The saddest part of the whole controversy is if our government had mad all the right moves starting with the Carter administration at removing us from the oil market by really researching alternative fuels this whole issue would be moot. Or maybe not. The thing is politicians in each party want and need these issues to inflame the crowds and rally them against the demon hordes living in the other’s opposing party.

  3. Congress still isn’t doing the right thing—the brutally honest and effective thing to do would tack an extra .50 on each gallon of gas, like Michigan’s John Dingell proposed. This would cut comsumption while searching for new energy venues, be it ANWR or fuel from manure (make your own joke here!).

    The price of oil is set by the global market and there is very little Congress or POTUS can do to lower prices, but that won’t stop politicians from demagoguing.

    Congress will take the easy way out and punish oil companies, rather than tell the truth about oil markets. Did you see where Congress hauled those eeeevil oil company CEOs up for a hearing so Congress would at least LOOK like they are doing something?

    Sheesh! How many times have they gone to the well with THAT bit of political theatre?

  4. Here’s a LiveScience article about a new study that indicates global warming, 8,000-6,000 years ago is mostly responsible for the demise of the woolly mammoths, although humans (such as we were) possibly delivered final blow.

    The article contained no information concerning woolly mammoth cannibalism. 😀

  5. The information keeps piling up—-the climate change fearmongers are basing their hysterics on bad or non-science.

    Have you seen Gore’s new advocacy ad? I saw it over the weekend and thought “meh”—it wasn’t so great. You’d expect better for 300 million.

    I don’t think most people consider storming Normandy beach, the civil rights movement and landing on the moon equivalent to an event that has been going on since the beginning of time, and a Rasmussen poll of the ad bears that out.

    I understand there is a new ad in works featuring Al Gore, Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson—-should be a hoot!

  6. No, to my knowledge I have not seen the ad unless it played while I was asleep in front of the TV. I am sure the Goracle is trying to figure out how to make all this play out so he can claim his rightful place on the US throne of power he was “cheated” out of.

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