‘Cause When The Feeling’s Right I’m Gonna Run All Night, I’m Gonna Run To You

Regular readers know I’ve been all over the map about the POTUS thing. From Richardson, to Huckabee to Ron Paul—and everybody in between.

As I mentioned previously, last Tuesday I did the early voting thing.

For POTUS, I voted for Obama and his delegates, most of whom I loathe because they are Politburo insiders.

My decision to vote for Obama was in no way intellectually driven; it was entirely visceral.

I began to form my pro-Obama opinion some time in December. I still have no coherent narrative as to why I chose him, but here are some links to articles which reflect my thinking/feeling:

1. A Bush news conference in December where Bush was asked what he would look for in the next POTUS.  He said he would want to know what principles the candidate would stand on, in good times and bad, and who they would rely on for unvarnished advice.

2. This blog post by Callimachus about choosing a POTUS by his/her ability to grow in office. Sez Cal: “Obama, however, impresses me as having enormous will and capability to learn on the job, to soak it up and use experience to make himself better at it.”

3. A Lawrence Lindsey op-ed about the three things we should consider when choosing a POTUS:

a) Has the candidate faced a crises or overcome a major setback in his or her life?

b) Has the candidate had a variety of life experiences—not just politics?

c) Can the candidate tell the difference between a foreign enemy and a political opponent?

4. Many conservatives believe they can work with Obama even though his politics are liberal.

5. With the presidency, character and self-knowledge matter more than experience.

6. The Reagan Diaries. This book gave me insight into the day-to-day life of a POTUS, and from this book I learned that all sorts of problems will be thrown at a POTUS, not all with a three-point white paper solution. A POTUS needs a core belief system in order to be effective.

Finally, the Clintons are the masters of the politics of personal destruction, and if Obama can survive the Clinton Smear Machine, he can survive anything!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “‘Cause When The Feeling’s Right I’m Gonna Run All Night, I’m Gonna Run To You”


    I watched Edwards speach pulling out of the race. He stated that he spoke to both Hillary and Obama and they both agreed “that they will make ending poverty and economic inequality central to their Presidency.”


    1. Do Democrats really think that they can ‘end poverty’? The US has spent something in the neighborhood of $15-TRILLION since the ‘War on Poverty’ actually began – and poverty HAS GOTTEN WORSE!

    Poverty is terrible, but it is nothing that government can control. Even in total Socialism and Communism, poverty, actually in far greater percentages than in the US, exists.

    2. ‘Economic Inequality’ – are the Dem’s actually saying that everyone should make $32,500.00 per year – no matter what they do? (that would be economic equality). I am considering opening a business – why would I do this if there is no ultimate economic reward?

    Funny that these words and these thoughts come from John Edwards who has a house over 10,000 square feet, that has a bowling alley and servants! Is he not the poster-child for hypocricy?

  2. This “ending poverty and income inequality” rhetoric is code for income redistribution.

    We had our flirtation with socialism back in the 60s (Great Society, War On Poverty, etc) and before that, the 30s (New Deal, etc.), and it didn’t work out well, but that doesn’t mean the Democrats won’t keep trying the same thing over and over, hoping for a different outcome—or at least attempt to appease the masses (proletariat?).

    This is why I pray the GOP takes back Congress—God help us all if Democrats end up in control of all levers of power in DC.

  3. I don’t understand what the Dem’s think that the phrase, “THE AMERICAN DREAM’ really means.

    It means, that anyone from any background can fight and struggle and become a great success (whatever they might define that as).

    What will become of the phrase if Edwards, Obama or Hillary can actually make, “ending economic inequality” a reality…

    THE AMERICAN DREAM – that anyone, from any background, regardless of work ethic or intelligence, regardless of risk or effort, can amount to ‘not much’ but can pay the bills, live in a heated apartment (just like everyone else’) and eat macaroni-and-cheese,like everyone else (of course, other than politicians – and attorney’s like Edwards). Oh, what a wonderful world it will be!

    Come on – even the follow-the-leader Democrats in the QC have got to see this as the joke that it is, no?

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