Reason #2959345 To Hate The Press

Bob Novak says “(a)gents of Hillary Clinton are spreading the word in Democrat circles that she has scandalous information about…Sen. Barack Obama, but has decided not to use it. The nature of the alleged scandal was not disclosed.”

If you ever needed proof that the purpose of the press was to help politicians and hurt the public, this is a classic example.

What is the “scandalous information” about Obama? Novak won’t say, since he is a tool of political insiders. Hillary put this out there in order to scare away any supporters of Obama and the press is her enabler.

If Hillary is elected POTUS, look for more of this sort of press co-option. The internet will be more important than ever in getting the truth out—-when it comes to secrecy, the Clinton’s make George  Bush look like a piker.

Politicians and the press—-working together to make us stupid, barefoot and pregnant.

Fight the machine!

UPDATE: Obama fights back! Obama says don’t Swiftboat me Hil!

UPDATE II: He said-she said. The Clinton camp says Novak is lying.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “Reason #2959345 To Hate The Press”

  1. I was reading on an Edwards blog where they have renamed CNN to the Clinton News Network. LOL. They were all angry at CNN over the last debate claiming that they had been stacking the debate for Hillary. They also made the claim that Hillary had placed shills (my word not theirs) in the audience to boo Edwards and Obama when they got tough on her. I do think CNN has become the home of the left but I do not know whether or not I would rename the station after Clinton.

  2. And Bob Novak is allowed to call himself a journalist? Definitely seems to be a line crossed somewhere in that story.

  3. Scoundrel, with Begala and Carville on the payroll, how could CNN be anything but the Clinton Network?

    Huck, whether Novak is a journalist or not is not the question here. The fact is that he has promoted Clinton smears that everyone is talking about—-including me!

    I thank the gods that Obama is fighting back—-only someone in a coma from 1992 to 2000 would want the Clintons in power.

  4. As this plays out, I’m thinking that since the Clinton camp has called Novak a liar, he should be free to name his supposed Hillary “agent”.

    Some suspect the “agent” is well-known Clinton dirty trickster, Sid Blumenthal.

    If Novak expects to maintain even a shred of credibility, he is going to have to defend himself on this, even if it means losing Clinton sources. He’s gonna have to put up or shut up on this one.

    Joe Klein, among others, says Novak should have never published this little tidbit, but I’m not sure that’s right, since I don’t know what other sourcing Novak has. But in my view the press hides too much as it is, and I think most voters are sophisticated enough to separate the wheat from the journalistic chaff.

    Not long ago there was a leaked item about some alleged scandal involving an unnamed Democrat POTUS candidate. That just sort of fell by the wayside. I expect many more of these things to surface as we come into the final stretch of Iowegian caucuses and Super-De-Duper Tuesday, especially on the Democrat side, since they are in almost a dead heat.

  5. This is a smart (dirty but smart)move by the Clinton camp. It spreads a little doubt about Obama. It keeps him on the defensive as long as she can keep the story alive. If she doesn’t have a real rotten egg it does not matter as the stink can be kept alive if needed by further leaks. Obama and Edwards sat on their duffs playing the one big happy family so long that Hillary only has to keep them ducking and weaving the rest of the way. The real power is if they play their cards right they never have to reveal the supposed secrete. And if the secret is a reality, which with politicians all have their secrets, if she manages to use it like a club without an actual telltale she looks like a party loyalist for beating him down without revealing the secret. Clinton is giving Obama a lesson in old school politicking.

  6. Woo Hoo I just read over on MDM’s blog that I am part of the great rightwing conspiracy spreading the Clinton-Obama rumor mill. (You are to, Dave linked to both of our blogs.) No doubt about it, it is a rightwing conspiracy that only the conservatives are covering. That is why I first read about it on that vast rightwing 🙄 conspiracy site called CNN.

  7. Yeah, and in my post I linked to that frothing right-wing blog, Politico.

    I’ve also seen commentary on this subject by Time Magazine reporters Joe Klein and Mark Halperin.

    And let’s get real about who is to blame for this story getting traction—-VRWC has nothing to do with it. It would have died a quiet death except for the fact that Obama challenged the Clintons on it. If he would have said nothing, the story would have died.

    Barrett needs to get out more.

    I don’t think Barrett even reads my posts. He just picks up a few key words, then tees off.

    Jeez! Yeah, go Barrett! Just stick your fingers in your ears and keep shouting LA-LA-LA-LA-LA “I CAN’T HEAR YOU” over and over. 😀

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