Welcome Newbies, to the New and Improved Duck and Cover Reality

Originally posted on Samaritans Scalawags Scoundrels Fleecing the Sheep:

George W. Bush didn’t get it. Barack Obama doesn’t get it. In fact other than Ronald Reagan I don’t think any US POTUS has understood the Russian situation since John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.  There are mad dog leaders out there whom like to wave their dick-egos, like a swinging wrecking ball threatening your home. And worse, some of those leaders aren’t just paper tigers. Some like Vlad “the Slayer” Putin have doomsday weapon capability to back up their egotistical insanity. And you can bet that among his advisers, and possibly within his own egocentricity, there will be those whom think modern weaponry capabilities make a winnable nuclear war possible. And no doubt there are even some war hawks among nuclear nations, whose hatred for the opposition is so intense, they don’t care if a nuclear war is winnable. Of course in a nuclear weapons race another thing to…

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If True, Our President Is Insane

According to The Daily Mail and other sources, “Up To 34 Million Blank ‘Green Cards’ And Work Permits To Be Ordered Ahead Of Obama Illegal Immigrant ‘Amnesty’.”

With high unemployment generally and black unemployment sky-high, stalled wages and increased automation, what will these millions of illegals be doing to provide for themselves and their families?

Oh, wait—entitlements!

But looking on the bright side, since Mr. Examiner and I have just bought a house, at least I will able to get one of these Amnesty Workers to cook and clean for $2 an hour and Mr. Examiner will be able to get yard work done for less than that.

Back to the 1850s—slave wages are the new prosperity!

Hey, this could really be a Win-Win—at least for some.

Cheri Bustos Voting Early And Often

From the Cheri Bustos campaign twitters:

“Looking forward to kicking off early voting today in Illinois w/@UAW President Dennis Williams in Rockford, Rock Island & East Peoria”

The Least Harm Principle Of Voting

From a letter to the editor of QCOnline:

“November, election time, I dislike Republicans because I believe they are liberals, same with Democrats who I believe are socialists…So I will vote for people I dislike, who I believe will do the least damage. Living in Illinois, it’s probably impossible.”

The Flawless Falls Short

In December 2013, Bobby Schilling said this to The Galesburg Register-Mail:

“Schilling said his fundraising goal for the campaign is at $2 million dollars. Most of that, he said, comes from local supporters…’The bulk of our contributions will come from the district, which they have in the past…It’s the people you represent who you hope you’ll get the bulk of your campaign funds from’.”

Schilling also said: “We’re going to have to run really a flawless campaign.”

From Friday’s QCOnline:

“Rep. Bustos has now raised $2.7 million in the 2014 election cycle, far ahead of the roughly $1 million raised by her Republican challenger.”.

It also seems that outside money has been reduced considerably from what is was in ’12; $1.5 this cycle vs. $9.2 million in 2012. Most of the $1.5 million has been spent by anti-Schilling groups.

I was out of state by then, but it must have been scary to turn on your tv or radio in 2012!

Signs Of The End Times

There’s A Plush Ebola Toy Online That’s Already Sold Out

Independent Smiddy

From the QCOnline editorial endorsing Mike Smiddy:

“Two years ago, we endorsed Mr. Smiddy’s opponent in large part because we worried that the former Lane Evans aide was too liberal for the district and too closely tied to unions. But in the past two years, he has demonstrated a welcome pragmatism by putting the needs of the district first.”


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