Sue The B*stards!

GOP candidate for treasurer, Rep. Tom Cross was in the QCs yesterday
and in an interview with the QCOnline editorial board, he made this interesting comment:

“Rep. Cross said that, if elected, he would not hesitate to sue the General Assembly if lawmakers fail to pass a balanced budget. The state constitution requires such a budget…’I will go to court to enforce that constitutional requirement’.”

I can’t imagine why this hasn’t been done previously except for the fact that taxpayers don’t have the clout special interests do and that the treasurer’s office has been occupied by Establishment Party politicians who like things just the way they are and are happy to bamboozle the rubes with smoke, mirrors and accounting gimmicks, then claim the budget is “balanced”.

Of course, this hasn’t been the focus of the lockstepping lemming press that wants to promote division by emphasizing Cross’s comment that he doesn’t support the service tax that Rauner is promoting, but still, he supports “everything else.”

Civil War! Chaos in the GOP! ZZZZZzzzzzzz

The hole is too deep in Illinois to dig out of only by increased taxes, but what nobody is talking about now is the deep cuts that will have to be made. Some of the cuts are pork projects like those contained in the 2015 budget and flat out fraud, like the $12.3 million in Medicaid for dead people.

I assume all this will be thrashed out if Rauner is elected—both the taxes and the cuts; if not, it will be 4 more years of higher taxes and unsustainable spending.

And a deeper hole.


Headline Of The Day

The Psychopathology of Sandra Fluke’s All-American Totalitarian Vagina

Judges 15:16

Obscure, but hilarious comment of the day from The Volokh Conspiracy via Glenn Reynolds:

“I hear that seven Hamas terrorists were killed yesterday by an IDF soldier armed only with a replica of Obama’s jawbone.”

Quick! Look Over There! Weather!!!

Yesterday was Theme Day at QCOnline, either that or they got the Obama memo about promoting “climate change”.

It seems “climate change” and “extreme” weather was going on way back in the 19th century, because on July 20, 1864, this was the news of the day:

“The mercury on Friday indicated 95 degrees above 0, and on Sunday morning 56 degrees above 0 a change of 40 degrees.”

Notice the lack of panic and calls for congress to “do something” like tax and regulate cow and horse farts.

But moving on to the 21st century, it is a whole ‘nother thing.

According to QCOnline, on Saturday state energy chair Sen. Mike “Fists O’ Fury” Jacobs congregated at the QC Bandits ballpark along with the Bandits owner, the spox from Exelon, Rep. Pat “The Weasel” Verschoore and a few “concerned” citizens—but not obvious climate denier Mike Smiddy—to demand “Let’s just get Congress talking about the issue.” Because, according to Jacobs “a study is needed to determine ‘what’s causing the weirdness in our weather.’” “Weirdness” being a scientific term he picked up from his daddy who lobbys for Exelon.

How lame. Really. Back in ’08 when Democrats controlled both the White House and all of Congress, Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat locksteppers pushed through the famous “Cap and Tax” bill that would have saved us from climate destruction. Unfortunately for them (including the doomed Hare), the Senate, also with a filibuster proof majority, declined to take up the bill, deciding it was more important to get re-elected than to save the planet.

Because as they soon realized, as long as India and China were spewing bad stuff in the air, their doomed bill would not change a damned thing as far as global warming was concerned. Although it would give them an opportunity for more smug self-righteous prancing and preening. Which evidently wasn’t enough.

At least Dan Lee seems to have some grasp on reality which evades Jacobs, his lobbyist daddy, his daddy’s Exelon client, Pat Verschoore and the Bandits guy:

“The bottom line in all this is that the political processes are not going to solve global warming. That’s why it must begin with us in the lifestyle decisions that we make.”

Which brings me to the “lifestyle decisions” that global warming alarmists like Obama and Al Gore make—which is they behave like there is NO problem.

Until people like Gore and Obama decide to behave in a way that indicates they take “climate change” seriously, I see absolute no reason for the rest of us to sacrifice—anything.

The Wozinator

The Woz has come out strong against lame duck tax increases and other post-election shenanigans by enthusiastically backing a bill by House Minority Leader Jim Durkin that would require General Assembly business to end by Election Day and only allow special sessions under certain strict circumstances. It would also move up Inauguration Day to the second Wednesday in December, all in hopes of bringing more accountability to government.

Don’t know if Neil Anderson backs this bill or not. From what I can tell, his campaign seems to center around the fact that people should vote for him because he isn’t a Democrat.

Or something.

In further Woz news, SJR reports:

“National Republican legislative groups say eliminating Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan’s Democratic super majority is among the top goals in the 2014 election, and are pledging financial assistance and other help to local party members…there are up to 7 House seats that the Republicans hope to pick up…including seats currently held by state Democrat Reps….Mike Smiddy of Hillsdale.”

The thinking here is that if Rauner wins, it will be easier to move legislation through the General Assembly if Madigan’s super majority is smashed—and power to ‘em!

But there is no flight from reality among ILGOP leadership, as Jim Durkin points out:

“It’s going to be difficult…We’ve got to get out there and work for it.”

Photo-Op Bobby

From Bobby Schilling’s Facebook:

“Earlier this week I was able to meet with local doctors and discuss a wide variety of issues including solutions to make healthcare reform work better for both doctors and patients.”

Oh, come on Bobby, stop being such a tease! WHAT solutions were discussed? If the doctors didn’t want to be identified with their solutions you could have omitted their numerous photos.

What harm would it do to relay what they had suggested? Wouldn’t that open up their reform ideas for debate and discussion?

Why, yes it would

But as Schilling played it, this became just another mindless photo-op—like what he constantly criticizes Cheri Bustos about.

Schilling had a chance to expand the information available to the voters of the 17th CD, but instead decided to take the low road and the safe photo-op route.

Pathetic. Like Bustos, Schilling never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to educate the electorate.

Como Se Dice NIMBY En Espanol?

The illegal immigration issue seems to be creating a civil war of sorts, even in far away northern places like the QCs:

On the one hand, this headline recently appeared on QCOnline:

Local Groups Look For Ways To Aid Wave Of Illegal Immigrant Children

But then Illinois Review reports:

“In response to the federal government’s lack of immigration law enforcement, citizens throughout the nation are staging protests this weekend to support those who are fighting illegal immigration.”

Included in the 5 scheduled protests in Illinois is one on Saturday, July 19 at the 27th St. overpass from 10:00-2:00.

So there’s your choice—protest or aid.


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