Baby Boomers Rule….

because we got our sh*t together early.

“95% of children in the 1950s were potty trained by 18 months, only 10% are today”.

How About The Bill Ayers School For Creative Bomb Manufacturing And Advanced Studies In Domestic Terrorism?

Amid controversy, [Rahm] Emanuel drops plan to name school after Obama

The Myth Of Voter Fraud

Battle Swarm says that when Democrats say there’s no voter fraud, they’re lying and he has the facts to prove it:

…4 Democrat operative in Troy New York forge signatures on absentee ballots

…Massachussetts Democrat State Rep. plead guilty to voter fraud

…Three Arkansas Democrats and a police officer plead guilty to bribing voters

…In Indiana, registration and voting ballots of others

…Milwaukee person voted illegally four times

…Texas woman voted multiple times in Democrat primary

…Maryland woman cast ballot for recently deceased mother

etc. etc. Details at the link.

You’ll notice a pattern here—Democrats, who scream the loudest that voting integrity and photo IDs are racist and disenfranchise voters are the most likely to commit—voter fraud.

Surprise! Surprise!

They’re Just Like Us…

with spicier food.

“In a survey, about 11 percent of all Americans identified as libertarian…This included 11 percent of Hispanics, 12 percent of whites, and three percent of blacks.”

This Is Sure To Move Public Support To Their Cause

Daily Mail:

“No Justice, No Football”: Ferguson Demonstrators Threaten To Shut Down St. Louis Rams Game If Officer Darren Wilson Is Not Arrested

Hoot Of The Day


“But Rock Island County Democratic Party Chairman Doug House said it was ‘ridiculous’ for Mr. Bloom to suggest that politics played a role in the timing of Mr. Boyd’s resignation.”

Just as it was “ridiculous” to suggest politics played a role when Denny Jacobs resigned soon after he was re-elected and had his son appointed as state senator; just as it was “ridiculous” to suggest politics played a role when Lane Evans resigned soon after he won the primary and threw his support behind his secretary, Phil Hare; just as it was “ridiculous” to suggest politics played a role when the RICO auditor resigned and appointed a Hare relative to replace her, etc. Really, there are too many RICO Democrat examples of this “ridiculous” behavior to mention.

But the House quote was at the end of an article that was mostly about Bill Bloom’s effort to keep the Culture of Corruption theme alive and before the voters going into the coming election.

He has filed FOIA requests with Lisa Madigan’s office for all correspondence between her office and RICO SA McGehee and between McGehee and the other local RICO Democrats.

Madigan’s office has said it will release a timeline of events leading to Boyd’s resignation “in the coming days”, so we’ll see if those “days” are before November 4.

And bravo to Bloom; his agitating won’t change the outcome of Cheri’s husband being RICO sheriff until at least 2018, but by beating the drums against the RICO Corruptocrats, I’m sure he is hoping his efforts will gain his party more votes.

General Obama Reporting For Duty


“President Obama will take a hands-on approach to the United States airstrikes in Syria against the Islamic State and will personally sign off on bombing targets in the country…”


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