October Surprise

When I first heard about the latest kerfuffle in the 17th CD race, I was mostly unimpressed and it just reinforced my opinion that this contest was An Election About Nothing.

I figured some Bustos college intern had made these unfortunate and racist remarks to the unknown caller, and Bustos would just make excuses and stonewall like she did with the 10% thing.

But no—on all counts!

1. It appears it was her district director who made these comments, not some lowly ignorant intern

2. Rather than stonewall and spin, the district director resigned immediately—whether voluntarily or forced, who knows?

3. As it turns out, the indefatigable Eric Reyes uncovered instances of Bustos making racist statements as far back as her reporter days.

Small wonder she wanted this little incident over and done ASAP!

Havesting Votes

Neil Anderson is accusing Mike “Fists O’ Fury” Jacobs of using state resources to campaign in nursing homes, which is probably true since this is where most RICo Dems do campaigning. You’ll recall that Phil Hare was making a campaign appearance at a local nursing home when he dropped the bombshell that he had read the Obamacare bill three times. So this seems to be SOP for local Dems.

Whether it is illegal or unethical, I have no opinion, but I suspect the real reason Democrats like to visit nursing homes during campaign season is so they can harvest signatures on absentee ballots from the dementia patients then immediately turn them in to Kinney so she can shove them into her Super-De-Duper Hyper Secure Vote Tabulator Storage thingee.

The Myth Of Voter Fraud RICo Style

Rock Island County Republican Voters claim voting machine ‘changed their vote”.


Via Illinois Review, since the initial reports, more than 20 voters have come forward with complaints about a vote for a GOPer being automatically switched to the Dem.

Rather than face establishment media, Karen Kinney took to facebook to denounce these claims as “lies & more lies” and questioning the motives of those making the claims by saying they are “making false allegations to suppress the vote.”


From the AP via QCOnline regarding the lawsuit filed by RICo GOP to stop opening early voting ballots, Democrat RICO SA McGehee had this to say about the controversy:

“Everyone is just on pins and needles and on edge on everything and everything as it relates to this election…We think it’s very unusual.”

Well, yes it is since previously the RICO GOP never questioned their Democrat betters and overlords who have been running county government for 47 years and they finally have a leader who will fight the corruption rather than turn a blind eye.

It’s also possible that all this agitation has to do with the last minute change in election law enacted along straight party Democrat lines which is applicable just for this election to help Democrats. What else could you call a rule where you can show up on election day, register and vote with no ID required? I call it an invitation to voter fraud but Democrats spin it as promoting more voter “rights” and “access”.

Also a bonus quote from Democrat RICo Clerk Karen Kinney whining that if she can’t break the law about opening and pre-processing ballots early, which is how its always been done, then “If we don’t do it that way, we’ll be here until Thursday or Friday.”

Since elections are the primary and arguably the most important function of the Clerk’s office, it is unseemly for Kinney crying and whining that she and her patronage crew might have to work a few days longer than they want and god forbid they should have to earn their salaries, perks and juicy pensions.

This is the attitude of a party that has been in power for too long; they are not in office to serve the public or obey the laws, the public is there to serve the government by providing the $$$$ for their entitlements.


Recreational Prevarication

When WQAD/QCTimes fact-checked the Mike Jacobs campaign ad attacking Neil Anderson, they found:

“The Jacobs campaign says [Dan] Proft has poured money into [Neil] Anderson’s races, both in 2012 and 2014. However, a review of campaign contributions from the Illinois State Board of Elections for Neil Anderson for IL 72nd District and Anderson for Illinois shows no contribution from Proft or Illinois Liberty PAC.”

Why is Jacobs being such a casual liar and making claims that are easily debunked especially since he is likely way ahead in the polls and in campaign cash? My guess is that he does it because he can and in the past he has never been subjected to any sort of rigorous scrutiny or fact checking.

Or maybe it’s just pathological.

Either way, all he has to do is win one more election before his son will be eligible to inherit the Jacobs Senate Seat and Mike can join his daddy’s lobbying business where he can really rake in the $$$$.

And it won’t make any difference if he lies or not.

Mae West Makes The Case For Bruce Rauner

“Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.”

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Pat Quinn will be in the QCs tomorrow to announce WIU plans so secret they cannot be revealed before The Great Man arrives.

This is via QCOnline, so go there for more info, but wouldn’t it be better for all of these Santa Claus $$$$ to be done at least 6 months before an election?

Smart people see this for what it is—pandering and vote buying, but to Democrat low IQ voters, it’s the pony under the Christmas tree.

Sad and pathetic, but that’s Illinois politics.

Lane Evans: God Or Merely Demi-God?

Devin Hansen has been working on a novel about Lane Evans since at least ’08 and is now soliciting $$$$ in order to complete the project. Those with too much money on their hands should go here to toss your moolah into the abyss.

For $35 you can get a copy of this project, but don’t expect an honest assessment of Evans’ life, times and accomplishments because by Hansen’s own words:

“[At age 9 I] quickly became a life-long admirer of his politics, his intelligence, his humility, and his guts. He truly was one of the last honest men in congress, and now in retirement he continues to be a symbol of perseverance and strength.”

Whatever, just don’t expect truth-telling and a hard-hitting expose of how Evans won an election by violating election law or other nasty stuff. You’ve been warned!

Go to the link for a video of Evans highlights, including a shot of him with Phil Hare. I don’t know about you, but for me, Evans’ legacy is personified in Hare—a dirty back room deal that forced a totally inappropriate congressman upon the 17th CD.


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