A Clusterfark Of Epic Proportions

Bruce Rauner, GOP candidate for Illinois governor was scheduled to speak at tonight’s Rock Island County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner until he got wind of the “inflammatory” views of another scheduled speaker, Rev. Don Johnson.

The good Reverend is a black pastor of a Rock Island Baptist church who has, unsurprisingly, extremely conservative view on social issues and is especially incensed by Barack Obama who he says homosexualized the military, whose pro-Islam positions have been the cause of his anti-Biblical actions and who, by promoting abortion is promoting infanticide. Among other opinions.

Rauner pulled out of the dinner so Bill Bloom tried appeasement by pulling out the Reverend as a speaker. Rauner still refused to appear, fearing the all-too-likely “media circus”, so in an amazingly boneheaded and dimwitted move, Bloom put the Reverend back on the speaking schedule, saying “I think Rev. Johnson is a great guy…He builds his arguments well and supports them with facts.”

Gentle readers, you could have knocked me over with a paperback copy of “Dreams Of My Father”!

Because just as predicted, the “media circus” still came to town, even if Rauner didn’t.

Playing the favorite political game of “Denounce And Reject”, RICO Dem chair Doug House “has called on Bobby Schilling and the Rock Island County Republican Party to denounce the ‘extremist views’ of the Rev. Don Johnson.”

Gee, who in the RICO GOP could have predicted this Dem reaction?

I have some sympathy for the Reverend’s views, although I don’t agree with them, but good lord people—if political parties could be sued for incompetence and malpractice, The People Vs. RICO GOP would have been on the docket long ago.

There was absolutely NO REASON for this to happen—when Rauner pulled out because of “concerns” over Rev. Johnson, the entire RICO GOP should have had “concerns” as well.

Did they really think no one would notice—in an election year, no less?

A Mid-Century Government In A 21st Century World

The Wall Street Journal compared states in The Great Lakes region—Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio and after reviewing the results asked “What’s The Matter With Illinois?”.

“If the states are laboratories of democracy, then a great comparative policy experiment is taking place in America’s Great Lakes region. Democrats in Illinois have been pursuing their blue-state model of higher taxes and union-dominated government. Neighboring states since 2010 have gone for lower taxes and union reform.”

Some of the information the WSJ gleaned is hardly breaking news to most Illinois residents; highest corporation tax, sales tax and property tax in the region; highest unemployment in the region and a couple of new-to-me eye-popping facts:

**1/3 personal income growth in Illinois in ’13 was from “transfer receipts”, i.e. food stamps, worker comp, disability, welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. These payments increased 5.2% while wages only grew 1%

**Last year $7 billion was spent on K-12 education while $7.5 billion was spent on pensions.

There is something seriously out of whack in the State O’ Illinois.

In 2010 in the Great Lakes region, voters in all but Illinois realized something had to change so they elected more reformers/Republicans. Illinois passed on change and reform that year. 2014 is a second chance to put the brakes on out-of-control mid-century blue-state model of government by electing a new governor.

But will the voters take it?

Kicking Sand In The Face Of A 90 Pound Weakling

After calling the Fair Map proposal “pure Republican Party politics” that would hurt minorities, Illinois Democrat Poobah Mike Madigan launched into a hateful and ugly diatribe against a political party that hasn’t had power for over a decade:

“Put the Republicans in charge of something, and there’s going to be an adverse effect on minorities. Look at what happened on the immigration question. Look at what happened to the support for the Obama library in Chicago…One thing about Republicans is they don’t hold back their cards. They throw their cards right on the table. They say right where they are.”

Frankly, this is sickening coming from a man who has had almost unlimited power in state government for the better part of 40 years. This is obviously out of the Obama playbook where he attacks the GOP out of one side of his mouth while whining about Party Of No out of the other.

The racial component to this is also pure Obama. There obviously couldn’t be any other reason to object to putting taxpayers on the hook for $100 million for Obama’s library except for racism. Never mind that the two things Obama does well is campaign and fundraise. Also, who could possibly object to flooding the labor market with cheap workers? Obviously not Madigan and his Dem posse.

I gather all this whipping up racial animosity is about getting minority turnout in November, but isn’t is sad that this is all the Democrats have? They can’t campaign on anything positive, because there ISN’T anything positive for them in Illinois, which has been heading downhill for at least the last decade. So instead, they launch a psychopathic campaign on hating of The Other in order to hold on to power—which even they know is clearly not deserved.

If You Like Your Illegal, You Can Keep Your Illegal

Yesterday at a meeting of the Illinois Immigrant Business Coalition, Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock came out in support of no employer checks ever for immigration status of any worker. His rationale was bizarre, to say the least:

“Without enough workers…the crops don’t get harvested, the assembly lines don’t run, and the manufacturing supply chain breaks down. Quite frankly, I think that if a man or a woman like their American job, wherever they were born, they should be able to keep that job.”

I understand why Big Business wants a flood of cheap labor, but those who are howling about income inequality need to shut up if they support amnesty for illegals, since this will lower wages.

National unemployment is 6.7 percent, yet Schock says there will be no one to run the assembly lines, etc. How does this even make sense? Only when you consider Schock represents one of the many gerrymandered districts in Illinois so he is free to say anything and bear no consequences.

This immigration issue is a perfect platform for revitalizing the GOP. As it stands now, the Democrats represent the very rich and the very poor with the middle class cut out of the loop. Amnesty hurts the middle class and if it comes down to Big Business vs. middle class, the GOP should go with the middle class.



“Money that was supposed to go toward improving murder investigations in Illinois was instead spent on banquets, hotel expenses and other frills at so-called training conferences throughout the state, a new report says.”

This sort of thing—fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer money is so common in Illinois I almost didn’t blog about it, but considering the constant cry by Democrats and their special interests to “Raise My Taxes”, I figured keeping this sort of corruption in view would be considered a public service.

So the next time Jacobs, Verschoore or Smiddy whines that if you want government services, you have to pay for them, just ask them what the hell happened to this money and if they can’t account for it, they don’t deserve more.

Full Circle

Firehoses used on Obama protesters

Gird Your Loins And Prepare For Battle

The Obama Administration’s War On Beer!

Even though there has never been any problems with breweries selling or donating their spent grain to farms for cattle feed, the FDA, which obviously has too much time on its hands, has decided to be proactive by forcing the breweries to be treated as animal feed manufactures, driving up the cost of doing business—and their beer.

If this War On Beer doesn’t rouse the public to rebel , we are hopeless as a people and a civilization.


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