Non Sequitur Of The Day

From Mike Jacobs’ long time pal Rich Miller, who is a consistent cheerleader for tax increases at his blog, whining that nothing could possibly be cut from the budget that wouldn’t hurt the downtrodden, kids, old people, etc.

Ooops! It seems Illinois Mirror checked the budget line by line and discovered that Miller’s company has been sucking taxpayer $$$$ to the tune of $100K over the last three years to pay for his $500 a pop gossip sheet. Sweet!

When confronted with this information, Miller didn’t deny the numbers or getting taxpayer $$$ for his “newsletter”. Instead, he launched into this hilarious non sequitur:

“The premise is obviously false and completely misleading. Correlation does not equal causation. Period.”

Huh? What!?!

And if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.

Looks like Miller has spent too much time in the Springfield insiders insides.

The best part? Miller immediately took off for “spring break”.

Gentle readers, you can’t make this stuff up!

“Why Would Anyone Believe Them?”

So asks the spox for the Illinois GOP Senate leader, Christine Radogono:

“The only solutions Democrats seem to be offering is raising taxes…They promised that [the 67 percent income tax increase would be temporary and] it would pay the bills. They promised that it would get Illinois out of debt and balance the budget, and now they want to make the tax increase permanent with the same promises. Why would anyone believe them?”

Liar! Liar! Pants on fire! doesn’t really seem sufficient here. Mark Archibald makes the case that these local liars—Pat Verschoore and Mike Jacobs, need to be given the heave-ho because they have NO credibility.

Because they lied.

Another Violent Eliminationist GOP Campaign Ad

This time from Matt Rosendale, GOP candidate for Congress from Montana shooting down a government drone with a rifle!

So far we have a GOP candidate for Congress from Alabama pumping lead into Obamacare-literally, a GOP candidate from Iowa threatening castration to pork, and now a GOP candidate for Congress from Montana shooting down drones hovering over his property.

Anyone notice a theme here?

Deconstructing RICO Democrat Spin

I’ve already posted about the GOP side of last night’s election, but now I want to focus on the spin the Democrat Chair Doug House spewed last night via

Sez House:

“[Rock Island] County residents have shown strong support for the Democratic Party.”

Yes, they have “shown strong support” by voting with their feet; the ’10 RICO census showed a loss of 1.2% of population over the ’00 census.

“[RICO Democrats are] a more diverse party…We’re reflective of the county that we represent and that we live in.”

Obviously they aren’t “reflective” of those fleeing like rats from a sinking ship, and at least one black person on the county board doesn’t even live in the QCs—she’s going to school in Indiana. What about Hispanics, the only demographic growing in RICO? How many are “real” Hispanics, as opposed to faux Hispanics like Cheri Bustos? Where are the gay people? Where are the Asians? RICO Dems holding elective office are overwhelming old, white, male and unionists—is that REALLY diversity?

“[House] worries money may become a factor, with unions and the minimum wage under fire by wealthy Republicans [like Rauner].”

Gimme a freakin’ break here—Big Labor spends way more on political campaigns than any other entity, almost all of it going to Democrats, so playing the victim won’t work here—and House knows it. He’s just bamboozling the clueless rubes at the D/A.

The rest of us—not so much.

And the final spin:

“[Republicans] may have the money…but we have the numbers.”

They also have in place something better than money—Democrat controlled County Clerk offices which oversee elections. Illinois doesn’t have a voter suppression problem; it has a voter fraud problem, and as long as Democrats control this office, they will be free to produce fraudulent absentee ballots and other good stuff, to insure they win elections whether they win or not.

So please, don’t cry for Doug House; the RICO Dem Party has $$$$ AND the power to win elections, whether deserved or not.


Here’s the account in the D/A—Bloom by 300 votes.

It’s Tax Day And I’m So…


Headline Of The Day

‘Electile Dysfunction’: JD Winteregg Ad Warns Voters Against ‘A Boehner Lasting Longer Than 23 Years’


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